‘Guerrilla war’ commentator, NICE Radio ordered to pay Gonsalves $166,625

Matthew Thomas (Photo:

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent — “Stay Awake”, the talk show previously broadcast on NICE Radio, went to bed on Jan. 30. However, the programmes has left the radio station and Matthew Thomas, one of its former hosts, a bill of EC$166,625.

Thomas had said last November that if Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves collects any money from NICE Radio for previous defamation judgements, a “guerrilla war” would break out in this country.

Thomas, a pharmacist might as well start gathering his soldier as the High Court, in a Feb. 10 judgement, ordered him and BDS Ltd., owners of NICE Radio, to pay Gonsalves EC$155,000 in aggravated damages, EC$11,625 cost, and interest of 5 per cent until the monies are paid.

The ruling stems from a defamation case Gonsalves brought against the defendants.

According to the ruling, Thomas, on Jan. 29, 2007, made certain statements about Gonsalves having untoward intentions toward Junior Bacchus, co-host of Stay Awake. He also accused Gonsalves of using the Office of the Prime Minister to facilitate illegal activities.

Thomas, in his defence, denied that the words Gonsalves complained of could bear the meaning ascribed to them. He further said that they constituted fair comments and expressions of opinion in good faith with out malice, upon matters of public interest.

NICE Radio, in its defence said that the words Gonsalves complained of were not understood to bear or were capable of bearing any of the defamatory meaning Gonsalves alleged and were published on an occasion of qualified privilege.

On Nov. 16, 2009, the court struck out both defences, ruling that they had no reasonable chance of success, were incurably bad, wholly unsustainable, without merit and were an abuse of the process of the court.

Gonsalves, in his claim for damages, said he had been “gravely injured in his reputation and as a barrister at law and solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court as well as Prime Minister … and has been brought into public scandal, contempt and ridicule and has suffered loss and damage.”

In assessing the gravity of the slander, Master V. Georgis Taylor-Alexander said he was “satisfied that where the defamatory words touches the claimant’s integrity, professional reputation, honour, loyalty, and the core attributes of his personality the more serious it is likely to be.”

The judge also noted that Gonsalves had complained that BDS Ltd. has irresponsibly permitted its radio station to be used by the opposition New Democratic Party and other political opponents “to systematically attack his reputation with slanderous slurs and falsehoods and to paint him with the broad brush of criminality notwithstanding letters of warning and/or judgement”.

The judge also ruled that the statements were false and gravely injurious and “go to the core of the claimant’s credibility and reputation as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and were calculated to smear and undermine him in the eyes of the ordinary members of society”.

Thomas’ “guerrilla war” comment came as be spoke on a case in which the court ordered Eduardo “E.G.” Lynch, former host of the New Democratic Party’s “New Times” on NICE Radio to pay damages to Gonsalves.

Prime Minister and Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

Lynch had made defamatory statements about Gonsalves and financing for members of his family on a trip to Rome.

“Well, I am using this forum tonight to send a message to Ralph Gonsalves. Ralph, I am quite emotional about this; understand me. As a matter of fact, I have told my wife this. I told her ‘Make up your mind that Matthew Thomas would be imprisoned or assassinated’,” Thomas said in November during “Stay Awake”.

“You know, it comes a time when you have to do things, whether you are willing or not. … But, let me tell you this, any day you get a cent from Dougie or anybody on your behalf from the court, a guerrilla war would be started in this country,” Thomas said.

“You charge me tonight; have me arrested for exciting the public. You put me in jail I will lead the guerrilla war from jail. You assassinate me, the seed would have already been sown. Take warning,” Thomas further stated.

The Director of Public Prosecution was said to have been examining Thomas’ statement but no charges have been brought against him to date.

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50 thoughts on “‘Guerrilla war’ commentator, NICE Radio ordered to pay Gonsalves $166,625

  1. guess talk aint so cheat after all…..I heard the the PM said that any monies collected would be donated to charity and that is great.

    Posted by Marsha D | February 15, 2012, 06:55
  2. correction….cheap not cheat

    Posted by Marsha D | February 15, 2012, 06:55
  3. Do what you know best SVG Jesus, your day would come.

    Posted by Vexalways | February 15, 2012, 07:33
  4. Does Gonsalves deserve such a huge awarded amount, is he still a person with a good name and a person who deserves such a sum for a defamatory remark or remarks made against him?

    Isn’t Gonsalves a known and self confessed liar?

    Is it true he has had several sexual charges brought against him, never been to court to answer any of the charges?

    Didn’t he take action to change certain electorial laws retrospectivly so as he and others will not be prosecuted under the laws present at that time?

    Didn’t he take the country of SVG into an association with ALBA without the general permission or consultation of the people? Dosn’t that align us with a group of Marxist lunatics?

    Has he not begged money from foreign states as aid for the Argyle airport and other projects when those states are persecutors of Christians, murdering, executing them and generally persecuting them, only because they are Christians? Hasn’t he allowed SVG to vote with or for those states at the UN, in return for such payments?
    Does this bring SVG into disripute and alike it to a begger and prostitute state?

    Can such a man be worth more than $20 or even the price of a bag of fertilizer?

    Isn’t it obscene for a court to award such a large sum to this man?

    Is the amount awarded a fair cost of loss to Gonsalves or is it a punishment by the courts?

    Are the courts biased in favour of Gonsalves?

    You the people be the judge.

    Posted by Peter | February 15, 2012, 07:39
  5. The PM always like to boast that we have press freedom, but any time someone exercise their previlage to express themselves he sues. strange thing is that the only person who wins judgement is the PM. On the other hand when someone takes winable actions agains the priminister he hides behind the iron hand of the DPP or he uses his parlimentary tower to change the laws of the land to protect him and his psycophans from the arms of the law. It is time than the people of our blessed country rise up against this rife directorship.

    Posted by junko | February 15, 2012, 08:30
    • “Lick Boots”, that’s what the DPP is…the Nation knows that. As for the Judge who made that ruling, is there something in it for him? Is there freedom of speech in my beloved country or is it once it does not involve the current PM? Is he so financially strapped? The ruler of any democratic country should be able to take any kind of criticism…is his skin so thin that he has to resort to dictator-like leadership to get along? Why are his ministers going along with him, are they “lick boots” too? Mr. Charles, if your christian beliefs are strong, be upright and come out from under it.

      Posted by KJRAJ | February 15, 2012, 14:08
  6. Well is Guerilla or Monkey war now?

    Posted by John | February 15, 2012, 08:38
  7. You may not know it Junko but your post is full of libel…. if you are a strong believer of your charges, then declare your identity……

    Posted by Elson Crick | February 15, 2012, 09:47
    • Crick, relax and go learn how to read the almanac…. Did ralph give you permission to speak, you boot licker????

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 15, 2012, 14:56
    • Yes Mr Crick continue singing for your supper. Get up off your ugliness and go find a realk job

      Posted by junko | February 15, 2012, 17:37
    • Elson, he doesn’t have to declare his identity. Remembered the ‘Quo Vadis’ issue in The Vincentian newspaper back under the NDP government? Let them continue their lies, that’s the only thing they can do!!!! INTELLIGENT Vincentians are reading!!!

      Posted by no-nonsense | February 15, 2012, 18:35
  8. And yet the policewoman haven’t been sued as yet!!!!! Even though they claimed that the NDP was behind the rape allegations, this woman for some reason have not been sued…….. Go on with your bad self ralphie!!!!

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 15, 2012, 10:17
  9. We do have freedom of speach but that does not mean you should slander a person. The court is there for anyone who wants to avail themselves of it. If anyone says that am a drug dealer or say anything about me in public that I this is definately not true I will certaily drag their asses to court. If I win judgement against them, dont blame me, blame their mouths. If the PM said anythnig publicly against anyone and they want to sue him, the court is there for them to do so. So haters stop hating the man. Some people talk too damn much and this crap needs to stop. Good for you PM. Sue all ah them who want to talk things they cant prove. Who vex bathe

    Posted by Arthur | February 15, 2012, 10:52
    • What about if they call you a pedophile from a political platform? Is that something you can go to court over – in SVG, mind you? What about if you were a female and they refer to you as a man? I don’t know. I’m just asking. Are these cases that can be taken to the courts in SVG?

      Posted by Bagga | February 15, 2012, 17:54
  10. Kenton could you not have gotten a better picture of Mathew. He looks poorly and pitiful . I sorta feel sorry for him just looking at the picture.

    Posted by pretty | February 15, 2012, 11:34
  11. Kenton, Peter’s comment about SVG taking money from countries that kill Christians makes me question myself… Wasnt it the so-called Christain President Bush of America the one who sent troops that killed thousands of people in Iraq under the guise of searching for weapons of mass destruction that they knew all along wasnt there? Was he called a lunatic? Peter is it more wise to allign with a so-called Christain-lunatic instead? How would that make things any different? THINK THINK THINK! Hundreds of students go to Cuba to study and other non-traditional countries give us what? Does that make us communist or bad? Come on guys – How many Vincy or regional students get scholarships from the USA?

    Posted by Jude | February 15, 2012, 11:40
  12. Peter I hope you get sued next. As to junko freedom of press means truthful words not rumours and untrue malicious verbal or written attacks! Seems like your name is really a description of you and your mentality.

    Posted by Jason | February 15, 2012, 12:27
  13. It’s definitely too much money for some bull shite talk. Gonsalves has not loose his reputation for one moment over somebody saying he use Govt money to supply his family trip. How come he didn’t sue anybody for questioning where the hell did Julian Francis get one million US$$ from to deposit in a SVG bank. But instead,Govsalves properly defended the US million dollar deposit on the radio with some sort of lying alabi defense. Why the Commissioner did not investigate Ralph and Julian Francis on the Million dollar, because Ralph would have fired him immediately. Why the director of Prosecution did not put a charge against them for money laundering, because Ralph will fire him too. Ralph talk about his reputation has been hurt, Ralph already hurt his own reputation himself,by letting his name broadcast over the caribbean and North America and Europe “as being accused for rape”. Besides talks on the streets say that many women complaint about going to Ralph Office for help and how he asking for sex in exchange for help. I saw a woman on a video claiming she has been sexually intimidated or provoked by Gonsalves. Why did Ralph,the Prosecutor, the commissioner and the same damm crooked judge charge Quepasa for money laundering. Isn’t one million US money laundering when you can’t give an educated account for it. How most people in SVG are so damm backward that they will believe that Gonsalves were getting a fifty,a twenty or a ten US as gifts. How how long will that take to reach a million? How did Julian make the deposit? Was it by $100 or by $5,$10 and $20. Sometimes I want to wonder why Vincentians are so damm foolish and backwards in the caribbean. I am a vincy but I aint damm backwards for sure.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 15, 2012, 13:45
  14. Peter I definitely have to agree with you sometimes, the the only thing I cautioned you about your use of words.If a country or nation has to be true democratic then what is ‘good for the goose should be good for the gander’ and since because of the ‘power of a govt’ ‘equality and justice’ cannot prevail for ‘ALL’ but only for ‘SOME’ then that country or nation is not fully democratic. My conclusion is that SVG is currently not under full democratic Governance. Who wants to think differently that’s their business,however this is my observation.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 15, 2012, 14:28
  15. Hey! Belson Creek, keep taking the money boy’o, hope your karma dosn’t catch you up sooner than you expect.

    Hey! Junko, you have annoyed the Crick in the neck, I see he is looking out for Gonsalves, he is a top man colaborator.

    Hey! Marsha, I would like evidence of that when he claims to of done so, I am not holding my breath on that. First it may be one of his lies, you know he is a liar?

    Hey! Arthur, would a begger in Kingstown be awarded that amount? to get that amount do you not have to deserve it? Do you not have to show your damage according to your standing in society?

    Hey! Jude, how does the rest of the song go?

    Hey! Vincy in Bad Shape, when Gonsalves was being continually rejected in the early days, people posted all sorts of stuff in the newspapers about him, he never sued anyone. Now he believes he is all powerful he sues out of site.
    He needs to remember that he will meet the same people on the way down as he met on the way up.

    Jason your a first class jerk, why not answer some of the questions that I wrote with facts that disprove them. Then I will revue what you write. Silly Billy.



    Posted by Peter | February 15, 2012, 18:45
  16. why is it that case against the pm is always been thrown out and that he always winning his

    Posted by twisted | February 15, 2012, 20:45
  17. @Prof-Da-Silva is it possible for you to stay on a particular topic and deal with it?…….Matthew said many untruths about Gonsales in public……Ralph took him to court……The judge ruled that Matthew was wrong so to do….THE JUDGE awarded Ralph damages……story done…..tek it up with the damn judge nah and stop bitching about every little thing….

    Posted by Arthur | February 15, 2012, 21:36
  18. Arthur tell me if I write this to some body and will makes sense” John Doe is it possible for you to stay on a particular topic and deal with it? I don’t know what hell is that, you need to explain. Yes when ever Vincentian decide to give me that power I will send some of these dirty judges back to their country. What some of them can’t do in their country they doing in in SVG. Was it untruth when the woman on video claim Gonsalves a female sex preditor or woman sex intimidator? It’s on video,one of your ULP member post it on the eye- witnessnews. So if it not true, how come Ralph aint sue her too. Isn’t this about Gonsalves character? Did he sue the police woman who falsely accused him of rape. It was bigger than Matthew affairs, Ralph name was on the international media(from Stviincent to North America and Europe) as a rapist Prime minister, wasn’t that his character too.So is this what you call “bitching about every little thing”.When you folks can’t face reality you get angry and post gabbage shite on web. I can just imagine how some of you folks swear for your children, no wonder why the youths are out of control. Women walking the street claim that when they go to Gonsalves office to look for job he made sexual gestures at them but they are afraid to challenge the man because of his power and authority. ARTHUR I challenge you to go to court now with a matter that some body scandel you or any person you know and see how much you will get. Ralph should be the last man to sue some body for ” bitching about every little thing”,because he and Julian Francis use their power and authority to get away with many things.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 16, 2012, 00:20
    • When the rape aligation was made against Ralph, he called press conference (by the way they are all press lectures) he told the nation what he thinks we should know, he always does, am asking crick whey did he not answer questions, did he have something to hide, or wasa he afrain of an ovious question that day. Did you have sex with that woman, and was it concentual. Or should he rather that Bill Clinton define the term ‘SEX’ for him.

      Posted by junko | February 16, 2012, 08:43
  19. @ Prof-da-silva did Ralph tell the judge how much to award him?…maybe he does not deserve that much who know…but he fact is the judge is the one who give that amount… take it up with the judge…My freind recently got married and it lasted for one year…they did not have any kids…Myy freind had his house car, etc….in the divorce settlement, the wiife got everything and he had to start from scratch again…Did she deserve it all?….my point is you are bitching about how much the PM got after suing someing…..if you are dissattified with the amount take it up with the person who awarded him that…and as for suing the others like the police etc I dont know why he did not sue them… thinking he has the right to sue or not?…..does he not have the choice to decide who he wants to sue regaardless..?….is that not how freedom goes…you tell me Pro

    Posted by Arthur | February 16, 2012, 08:26
  20. As a young man growing i really need to stop an examine the sort of advice and direction i get from my so called educated elders.

    We live in a democratic society where our courts decide who is guilty or not guilty. In the criminal court the DPP decides which cases are of merit and if it passes this test the case is argued in the courts by both sides, in some cases a jury gets involved (Please correct me if i am wrong). If a case is discontinued by the DPP the accuser has all rights to seek Judicial review. In a civil matter again the arguments are heard from both sides of the fence and the learned Judges then cast judgement.

    What strikes me is that whenever the DPP, Police, Magistrate, Judges (right up to the appeals court) past any judgement in favour of the government they are corrupt. But whenever they do so in favour of any opposition ohh they are a god sent. This just proves how hypocritical some of us are. Some of the fundamental teachings of Law are:

    1. A man is innocent until proven guilty.
    2. Its not what you know is what you can prove. Hence the reason why hear-say can not hold up in court or else everyone would have been in jail.

    A writer above asked “why is it that case against the pm is always been thrown out and that he always winning his”, the answer is clear. Before anyone proceed to bring any civil matter against anyone they have to be absolutely sure that the charge can hold up in the court of law and they have all the relevant EVIDENCE need to support their claim. That is what the Ralph Gonsalves team have doing and they are very good at it. If Kay and Nicole aint that good then you all need to hire better lawyers.

    You one sided people in hear need to grow up.

    Posted by John | February 16, 2012, 09:09
    • John must address the issue of the cases brought against the cabinet members. Leaders with integriy will no boldfacedly change the laws of the land because they are on the receiving end of the law.

      Posted by junko | February 16, 2012, 13:13
      • Junko i am not sure what you are tying to say here. But ill try to address. The cases brought against the cabinet ministers including the PM were found to be frivolous and vexatious THE END.

        The proposed changes to the law as was stated by the PM and also by Parnell Campbell Q.C was not retroactive so it could not affect the cases which were already laid.

        So come from a different angle.

        Posted by John | February 17, 2012, 09:40
  21. My DECEITFUL and NUTTYPROFESSOR, not only do you appear to be a SIMPLETON, but it seems like you do not UNDERSTAND nor APPRECIATE the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD POLITICS and that of BAD POLITICS.

    It would have been BAD POLITICS and a POOR DECISION if Dr. Gonsalves had sued the woman, and so he WISELY moved on, because it was in his BEST INTEREST to do so and that of his government, GOOD POLITICS.

    That said; let these court decisions, and right fully so, handed down by these JUDGES be a LESSON to those who THINK IT IS OK to MALICIOUSLY SLANDER the GOOD CHARACTER of others without being LIABLE for PAYING for their LYING MOUTHS.

    The lesson in these cases should be, U MUST PAY FOR YOUR LYING MOUTH when you WILFULLY TRY to SLANDER others.

    In closing, I want you to say with me, FOUR TERM PAPA.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 16, 2012, 10:30
    • Is it good politics or bad politics to clear your name in the court of law against someone who, more than anyoneelse has made the worst of all slander against you? Address that vincy power

      Posted by junko | February 16, 2012, 14:28
    • I just have to laugh at you powa and the rest of the ulp slaves….. during the elections, on your platform, there were several references made about ndp candidates being child molesters and how they should not contest elections. Prominent members of the ulp stated on radio that they know who the victims are and they have instructed them to go to the police. But the man who was accused of rape, you all held a rape rally for him. You can talk about good and bad politics all you want, because thats what you’ve been feed to say, and we know anything that comes out of the mouths of any ulp supporters, was said first by king ralph….
      The simple fact is, if the police woman was lying, why not make her pay for her lying mouth??? And you Powa also stated that it was the ndp who set up the woman to make these claims.
      Accusing someone of rape???? Talk about slandering someone’s good character!!! one would think that a person would want to put these vicious rumours to rest. TAKE THE STAND KING RALPH, DEFEND YOURSELF, I DARE YOU!!!!

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 16, 2012, 14:42
      • VINCY IN BAD SHIT, every time I see your name, I get a BETTER APPRECIATION for it, because you have this TENDENCY to SPEAK a lot of SHIT.

        First off, I am not a ULP SLAVE.

        If anything, I am STEADFAST SUPPORTER for the BETTERMENT of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And since I am STEADFAST in my SUPPORT for the BETTERMENT of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I have to DETERMINE which PARTY and which LEADER are BEST POSITIONED to make what I support a REALITY.

        Well, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT which party and LEADER who are most capable. It is the ULP and Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, hands down.

        The PROBLEM with you and the other DETRACTORS of Dr. Gonsalves and his GOVERNMENT is quite SIMPLE; you never talk about the ISSUES, like the VISION, PROGRAMS, PLANS, POLICIES and LEADERSHIP needed to TRANSFORMED this NATION POSITIVELY and PROGRESSIVELY as we MOVE FORWARD.

        Your arguments and those of other fanatics of the NDP tend to be what is heard in a RUM SHOP.

        It is of a COMMESSY and OLD TALK nature and pattern.

        That said; being accused of something does not mean that the something is true. If you cannot provide EVIDENCE to substantiate your claim, then it boils down to a he say, she say case.

        The DPP requested the accuser to give statement to the police during their investigations and none was given. Moreover, the accuser’s lawyers also failed to provide any information of the charges against Dr Gonsalves.

        Even with those FACTS before your EYES, you and the rest of the DESPERADO SUPPORTERS of the INEPT and LEADERLESS NDP wanted, and still do, Dr. Gonsalves to go to court to answer charges that were DISMISSED against him.

        Moreover, the HIGH COURT and the OECS APPEALS COURT agreed with decision to discontinue the case.

        In fact, the accuser dismissed her “NDP lawyers” when they took it to the FAMILY COURT. The accuser then discontinued the case against Dr. Gonsalves.

        The accuser has moved on, but it seems like you and the rest of the NDP CLOWNS are still stuck in a time that the NATION has LEFT behind.

        You and the rest of the FANATICAL SUPPORTERS are a bunch of DELUSIONAL JOKERS.

        That said; you claimed that I am only repeating what Dr. Gonsalves has stated, which of course is false, but here you are REPEATING the NONSENSE MANTRA of the NDP, “rape rally.”


        That said; no one attended a “RAPE RALLY.” Vincentians attended an event in SUPPORT of the PRIME MINISTER of this BLESSED NATION, because they too BELIEVED that he did COMMIT this alleged heinous act that he was accused of doing, which was DISMISSED by the DPP because of LACK of EVIDENCE.


        The ACCUSER, the ACCUSED, the DPP OFFICE, the HIGH COURT, the OECS COURT of APPEAL and the NATION, the NATION have put this CASE to REST, but you and the other FANATICAL SUPPORTERS of the BACKWARD NDP seem to have a problem doing the same.

        I wonder why.

        It is time to MOVE on, DUDE.

        That said; my statement of GOOD and BAD POLITICS is an ORIGINAL THOUGHT…one that is PREGNANT with COMMONSENSE.

        In other words, my ORIGINAL THOUGHT has nothing to do with what Dr. Gonsalves has previously stated.

        Posted by vincypowa | February 17, 2012, 11:53
    • It is very simple Powa, if the PM is hell bent on getting at anyone who defames his good name, why not the lady? It cannot get any worst that accused rape. Why didn’t the woman pay for her lying mouth? She wilfully try tried to slander his name, so why not let her pay for her mouth.

      Powa you really should relax a bit, all the crap that you speak is all from the mouth of ralph and thats a known fact.
      you said that if eustace win he will take the country to the IMF….. where is the country now?
      you said if eustace win he will freeze wages….. where are our wages now?

      you have watched this government destroyed our agriculture and just like ralph said, you came with the silliness that its was a civil servant who allowed it to happen
      Town board, no pay, irrigation, no pay, census, no pay, field workers, no pay, and you sit there silent waiting on ralph to give his excuse so you can copy every word that he said.
      Poor relief, weeks late and you can’t open your mouth….. yet you love poor people. Wait wait, who famously used those words??? oh yeah ralph!!!!
      Ralph said in 2001 that vincy people were paying too much for light…. he would reduce it. it has gone up twice since he’s in office and you sat there like Storm, can’t say a word.
      I mean its a shame the ralph have you guys like this, its laughable.
      its on tape on record: ralph said the crime was way out of control in 2001 and he lays the blame squarely at the feet of the government because they are supposed to control crime, now that the shoe is on the other foot, you are now singing a different song when it comes to crime.

      you are sad bro, truly sad. All you guys can do is repeat everything that comes out of the mouth of ralph. Its a shame. you are not even capable of putting two and two together.
      Go back and read from the 2001 manifesto of the ULP, look at the things the highlighted about svg and what they planned to do about these issues and tell me what have they done.

      the Same ralph, who is now planning to honour Milton Cato, had the worst things to say about the man back in 1982, he even refused to go the a ceremonial laying of a wreath on cato’s grave, but now he wants to honour him… a man he cussed and call all manner of names.

      like i said off the top: if you are hell bent on making people pay for defaming your good name, why not the police woman

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 18, 2012, 22:01
      • VINCY IN BAD SHAPE, yes, it is SIMPLE. However, it would not have been a WISE decision to do so, because it would have been a distraction that he and his government could not afford to get bogged in. The country would have been at a standstill.

        Moreover, it would not have been a POLITICAL WISE DECISION for the PRIME MINISTER of this country to sue this woman. It isn’t rocket science to figure this out…all it takes is some COMMONSENSE. However, it seems COMMONSENSE isn’t so COMMON these days or some people are not BLESSED with much of it.

        That said; if all that I have said came from the mouth of Dr. Gonsalves, why don’t you tell me when he mentioned the BAD POLITICS/GOOD POLITICS rational that I put forth?

        I stated that, if Mr. Eustace was the PM today, the country would have been a TOTAL MESS, especially during this global economic downturn and the natural disasters that this blessed nation endured over the past 2 to 3 years. Moreover, if Mr. Eustace was the PM, the public sector workforce would have been reduced dramatically, because he has said on many occasions that the workforce is too big. So yes, many people who were working would have been UNEMPLOYED under an NDP government.

        Furthermore, if Eustace was the PM, the stipend to help poor people would have DECREASED dramatically. The INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at Argyle would have come to a HALT under Eustace. The EDUCATION REVOLUTION would have been DISCONTINUED. The PetroCaribe and the ALBA deals that have HELPED this nation TREMENDOUSLY would have ENDED. Eustace, since he is obsessed with BALANCING the BUDGET, would have taken DRACONIAN STEPS to get this done. Everything that I have mentioned, and more, would have taken place if Eustace was the PM. In other words, this country would have been a BASKETCASE under Eustace and the NDP.

        As for agriculture, this government has done more to advance the agriculture industry moreso than the NDP under Mitchell and Eustace. If you want I can give you a laundry list of agriculture industries that practically died under the NDP which the ULP had to revive.

        That said; isn’t it a FACT that persons responsible for handling the process of sending a document to the Director of Finance for monies to be release to purchase the chemical for the Black Sigatoka disease did not do so and that the document was found in one of their drawers? If true, it means that these individuals or individual was obviously playing politics with their job.

        Dr. Gonsalves did not have to tell me anything about this, because it was a KNOWN FACT, which was FIRST announced by Minister Daniels at a public meeting in his constituency. So again, you’re WRONG.

        As for who has not gotten paid, we know that civil servants get pay on time. We know Eustace and the other NDP Ministers get pay on time. We also know that bureaucratic red tape or incompetence on the part of civil servants have led to delays in payments of other workers in the workforce. Is this something new? This used to happen under the then NDP government as well.

        That said; I want you to tell Daniel Cummings to pay up the monies that he owes the government entity (over two hundred thousand dollars) since you’re so concern about people getting paid. Tell the private sector to pay the 21+ million dollars in taxes that it owes the government. This will go a long way in helping the government to carry out some of its work without delays.

        That said; it seems like you do not have a CLUE about the NATURE of COMPETITIVE POLITICS. A rival in competitive politics doesn’t translate to not supporting that rival for NATIONAL HERO, if he or she has the credentials for such status. It is that INABILITY in you and other FANATICAL NDPITES to GRASP something so FUNDAMENTALLY simple why you guys will always be RIGID in how you look at politics and other issues in SVG.

        I will end by saying this; there is NO GOVERNMENT in the HISTORY of this NATION’S INDEPENDENCE that has DONE MORE to MOVE this NATION PROGRESSIVELY FORWARD than the ULP under the LEADERSHIP of Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves.

        Anytime you want to make the COMPARISON of ACCOMPLISHMENTS between the NDP in its 17 YEARS in OFFICE and that of the ULP in their 11 YEARS in OFFICE, just let me know.
        See you around BUB.

        Posted by vincypowa | February 19, 2012, 13:58
  22. John many men claim to be innocent but are as guilty as hell. If such men control the police and judiciary then it is doubtful they will ever get prosecuted for anything. They will also get favorable results when suing someone.

    I hope you are over the age of sixteen, if not don’t join the big boys discussions, you are out of your depth and talk the retoric that our Marxist regime want to promote, but your not mature enough to put forward a proper case in opposition, unconvincing crap.

    Remember we live here and know the truth, I admire the Prof, he see’s and says the way it is, thats what gets all you Marxist scum scurying about and running up tour own ar.’s…

    Posted by Peter | February 16, 2012, 13:10
    • Sorry to burst your bubble Peter but i am way over 16 and i can dance in any crowd with my peers hence the reason my employers pay me big bucks as a consultant to do work all over the caribbean so i dont hink i am out of my depth young man.

      my points above just dictate how one sided and hypocritical you are. Wasnt Hans King sued and judgement handed down against him? If i am wrong i stand corrected.

      Every single day you on this forum with one line Marxist this and Marxist that ah mean give it a break. I wont even call you a broken clock because atleast a broken clock is right twice a day but you are never.

      Courts are designed to prove ones innocence or guilt so let the courts do their work and stop blabbering every day like a wing nut.

      There is an old saying (i hope i get it correctly) that “if Baracuda jump out the sea and tell you shark have teeth then is true”, i dont subscribe to that. Unless baracuda can give me the evidence to prove that shark have teeth as far as i am concerned Shark nah hav no teeth.

      Posted by John | February 17, 2012, 09:48
  23. Hey Kenton, how is LINSANITY FEVER in Taiwan?

    Posted by vincypowa | February 16, 2012, 13:53
  24. Arthur I understand what you said perfectly.But here are some things in life you may have probably never realised:
    1. Justice is not always fair. 2. Some times the wrong man goes to jail. This may on happen before in SVG, you should know better that me in that area. But there are people who in Big countries went to jail innocently by Judges and even by Jury decision, and you better don’t say that isn’t true because it happens all the time.
    3.Even if the the Radio guys could or couldn’t prove their case, I still believe Gonsalves is in a position as a former attorney for about 26ys, a long time parliamentary representative and now the Leader of the Nation. Who can be more powerful than Gonsalves in SVG at this present moment ! so all this power can be a direct influence over the Court(and that include judges and jury.)
    4.You keep saying take it up with the Judge. Yes if I was on the Cabinet I would take up many things in Parliament. May be one of these days when I make up my mine to spend more time where I love so much.
    Arthur I am not saying they were right to Slander Gonsalves. However,it’s does make too much of a difference now. The result from this case will not make one thing better for Gonsalves in terms of his reputation. Believed me as I speak here now and after,Gonsalves reputation has already been ruin. So like I say it’s up to him too sue as many people as he can now to try and regain his reputaion,but I think it’s too late.
    Arthur do you believe in grand parents teaching that” If your were not there your name wouldn’t call”. This may not be true in every instances but many times grandpatrents were so correct”. Hope I meet with you one of these days Arthur.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 16, 2012, 15:10
  25. Vincy Powa I am not giving the people credit for slandering Gonsalves. I feel that regardless to who Gonsalves sue now, it doesn’t make a different because people who once look up to Gonsalves before as their leader now have a change of opinon due to all these sex scandal, US$ million deposit, NB sell out, NIS money down,Treasure money down and for what ever reason people seem not to trust Julian Francis. I firmly believed Gonsalves has lost his reputation from since that policewoman scandal. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you. I am not speaking from a solo or small group point of view, but I am speaking from a local, national and international perspective.Powa boy this not opinion this is fact. And I don’t have any thing personal against Ralph,I am here to talk facts and that what I am doing.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 16, 2012, 15:29
  26. Oh! Arthur, I forgot to mentione that the husband and wife Court award example you give me is not a good example because:
    In most devorced courts women always get the benefit of the doubt whether ‘children or no children’. There are serveral reasons for that,but I am not going to give you the reasons because I will like you to do your own research on that.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 16, 2012, 19:14
  27. Junko, CLEAR your NAME when the CASE has been DISCONTINUED/DROPPED/DISMISSED because of LACK of EVIDENCE?

    Why don’t you CITE a SIMILAR CASE where the ACCUSED went to COURT to CLEAR his NAME after the CASE was DISMISSED by the DPP or PROSECUTOR for LACK of EVIDENCE.

    Make sure you do not take forever with the evidence.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 17, 2012, 01:47
  28. @ Prot-da.silva I understand that you are not a fan of Gonsalves so of course your proposed agruments will be against him and that is fine…After all. this is a very democratic country and u r allowed to say what you think. See what am saying is that NO ONE is allowed to say outright untruths about anyone . If they do then they have to be prepered to face the consqquences and that is what happened in the case of Matthew. Listen i know Gonsalves is not a saint. I know he has his faults and i think one of them is that he has an eye sof the ladies, just like so many other men in high places….. That does not make him a horrible leader. Solomon( hope tthat is the right Bible name), had a thousand wives and was one of the best leaders of his day and a man after God’s own heart. I honesty dont think Gonsalved RAPED the lady. I happen to know the lady and know some intricate aspects of the case; I do however believe he had ” something” with her but it was consentual and not rape.Only Gonsalves knows why he did not bother to sue her. But we have to be more respondible in what we say about othes. NO matter how bad a person is they still have feeling and even tho they will take some lies told against them you cant be upset if they dont want to let all go…just my opinion

    Posted by Arthur | February 17, 2012, 07:13
  29. Arthur this is a very unintelligent remarks you made” Pro-Dasilva I understand that you are not a fan of Gonsalves”. That’s your opinion but it’s not a fact because I never once told you that I am an NDP or ULP fan. NEXT YOU WILL TELL ME THAT I AM A RALPH HATER, LIKE TWO idiots before whom I had to cautioned. Not because a man choose to be real,logical and stay within the scope of common sense you will start giving the man names. If you want to be a greatleader you have to accept others ideas and phylosophy,regardless to if you want to put them in efect. You said it’s a democratic Nation and Ralph sues whom he wants to sue, so it’s the same thing on the othe end of the scale, a man is entitled to his opinion and should not be stigmatised or labelled and that is what you just did, labelled me as a non Gonsalves Fan which is the same thing as a Gonsalve Foe. This is poor thought perception and you owe me an apology. I advise you to read up all the posts on the CWSA hike up in Price and you will find what I had to say about Gonsalves.
    Next you talk about King Soloman yes he had 150 wives not 150 Conqubines (keepers.)So read up some more on King Soloman. I never tell you that Ralph is a horribler leader, that your opinion. All I said that his name is already stained. I didn’t stain it so don’t blame me. Ask Gonalves why peole stained his name. Besides,the people in SVG who can’t pay their rent, bills, morgage and can’t get their pension will decide if Ralph is a horible leader. Are you able to get your above mentioned expenses taken care of? So you decide the character of your PM. I noticed they could have sworn you in for Judge on the case because you have already make your summmmy.I see why you are so offensive of my ‘unbias and equal’ point of view. I hope you recognized what ‘Prof’ stand for and I am not a damm fool with you. Your comments are not convincing. Try again when you have something intelligent and with commonsense to say. You sound like another Party Idol!!!.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 17, 2012, 12:25
  30. Arthur tipo error Correction: the word is ‘summary’

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 17, 2012, 12:38
  31. Arthur stop talking crap, nothing that you have said will stand the test. You are a jerk, have you ever heard the term a ‘J Arthur’ , that is riming slang for wonker, or wanker, or something like that.

    I ask this question, how many of you readers know a lady or girl that has been accosted or even attacked by Gonsalves in his office at the financial centre?

    If anyone can honestly say they do, that makes him a horrible leader and an extremely horrible human being.

    Gonsalves problem is that he is a categorical liar. Whatever he says cannot be believed. In his own words “show me a liar and I will show you a thief.

    Posted by Peter | February 17, 2012, 20:18
  32. @ Prof, seems like am getting under your skin? Why get so worked up by someone as unintelligent as I?…LMAO..All my bills are paid and I am living large my good man. Your stupid ramblings make you sound like you are either drunk or on drugs so get your act together and come again.Am off to a party…LMAO

    Posted by Arthur | February 18, 2012, 21:19
  33. @ Prof, wait i just realised you said I owe you an apology….LOLOLOLOLOLOL…MAKE ME….lol

    Posted by Arthur | February 18, 2012, 21:23
  34. To all the Ralph Haters/ Gadflies, we voted ah PRIME MINISTER not a POPE, and he is doing ah GREAT JOB as Prime Minister, we know that it is not perfect!!!!
    Some of you who were once supporters, like Matthew, Junior, Otto, El, Peter and the others were not satisfied with what you get, you wanted more, greedy bunch of losers, so all you can do now is to pull down the Comrade and SVG on a whole. GO GET AH LIFE- Cassandras!!!! lol…lol…lol…

    Posted by no-nonsense | February 19, 2012, 12:09
  35. Yes, Arthur again you are making unintelligent remarks that I previously advise you:”I am either drunk or on Dugs”.You shouldn’t even think about mentioning you stupid owl sounds”Lolololo”.Just a word of advise when responding to educated people stop using those OWl languages its sound like you are from a primitive world. Arthur we are in the 21century. There was a reason for me to keep responding to your post because I knew that some point in time I will catch you into my trap- My expert human designed psychological and philosophical trap. Just the same way I have caught boys like VincyPowa into me trap. There is absolutely nothing I indicated for you to think that I am getting up set or angry with your posts. ALL I PRESENTED TO YOU ARE STRAIGHT UP FACT BASE ON WHAT YOU WRITE. It’s just the small minded thinking I encounted with a lot of you folks that have you making those suggestion. How can a man drunk and on drugs can ADVISE YOU ON THE FOLLOWING:
    1.YOUR UNINTELLIGENT AND POOR REMARKS (Which is a fact because it came from your mouth)
    2.Your faulty knowledge in comparing King Soloman and your King Gonsalves.(which is a fact because you wrote it)
    3.OPTIONS to consider when determining the character of your own PM (ex)a horible leader
    And I am so happy for your’living large’.Yes I ‘know and understand’ some people making it ‘big time’ while some people struggling to buy food,pay rent, morgage and bills. That is why I leave it to you to decide if your PM is a horible leader or not. But please don’t tell me your decision on your PM leadership,I think I already knew since you are’living large’. May God help those who have and those who don’t have;and may God help Leaders like Gonsalves to help those who don’t have,so that they will be able to provide ‘Good Governance and leadership’ to ALL. It’s the way of democracy, PAL
    Have a wonderful day Arthur.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 19, 2012, 17:33
  36. Diaspora, you must remember this is not the old Labour Party that you parents belonged to. This is a Marxist party or organisation cloaked in the name Unity Labour Party, because as a Marxist party no one voted for them. So they bought into the old labour party to give the Marxist scum bags credibility. They hijacked the name Labour. That is why you find it difficult to get to grips with the disgusting behaviour, and rhetoric that they post here.

    Don’t make the mistake of believing this is a real Labour party, it isn’t.

    Vote Unity Liars Party and have a Marxist scum bag as a neighbour.

    Posted by Peter | February 26, 2012, 17:30

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