Vincy Mas 2013

Calypsonians and CDC reach deal on increased appearance fees

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 10, IWN – Calypsonians and the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) have reached a deal on appearance fees ahead of Vincy Mas 2013.

“There was an agreement. I was not at that meeting but I was told that there was an agreement,” Dennis Ambrose, chair of the CDC told I-Witness News last week.

Calypsonians were claiming that the CDC did not implement the appearance fees it approved two years ago.

“It was brought to the table and I think that the CDC agreed to have it implemented,” Ambrose further told I-Witness News.




2 thoughts on “Calypsonians and CDC reach deal on increased appearance fees

  1. Ggg

    Posted by B Douglas | March 10, 2013, 15:33
  2. I hope with this increase in fees, that the Calypsonians INCREASE THE QUALITY OF THEIR PRODUCT,cause the calypsoes of recent past were mediocre at best.

    I think the Calypsonians should take a page out of the MISS SVG SHOW, BY GIVING THEMSELVES AN EARLY START TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER…Our calypso season starts to late;hindering the quality of the calypsoes during semi’s and finals. And why is it that the Calypsoninas seem RELUCTANT OR AFRAID TO SING POLITICAL COMMENTARY?…for the past couple of years now, there seem to a be conscious effort to stay clear of political social commentaries in the calypso art form…only the rabid party acolytes are willing to sing something remotely political ala Abijah and Zion-I…And while I understand, the political atmosphere in Vincyland and some folks could go overboard in their does not have to defame or otherwise be blatantly disrespectful to the Government or the Opposition in singing a social and political commentary.It seems our Calypsonians have lost the skill of lyrical composition…SO REFRESHING WAS EBONY’S NOTHING AT ALL.

    With all the nonsense taking place in SVG, I think there is an abundance of material to sing about…but given that a high percentage of said nonsense, stems from political shenanigans both from the Ruling and the Opposition party…I hope Vincy Calypsonians will find their cujones, step up to the plate and swing for the fences. AND WHO HE HUT HE HUT!!.

    Posted by Teacherfang (@Llijame) | March 10, 2013, 15:55

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