PM says he’d have to sell all to sue BBC; ULP intends to defend him

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, Feb. 19, IWN – It seems that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves will not sue the BBC over an allegation that an investor came to his office with a container of money and left without it.

Gonsalves said two BBC journalists told him on Sunday that they had three witnesses who were prepared to testify that Buccament Bay Resort investor, Dave Ames went to the Office of the Prime Minister and left there a container of money.

Gonsalves said the Unity Labour Party (ULP), which he heads, intends to defend his integrity in the face of the allegation levelled by Paul Kenyon and another BBC journalist in the process of making a programme about Ames and his investments.

Gonsalves accused the BBC journalist of accosting him on an airplane in Barbados on Sunday.

“But, the subtext [is], this is a small country, they are the mighty BBC, they can do what they want and if they say anything, Ralph Gonsalves is going to find that he has to get a lot of money to sue us in England,” Gonsalves said on the ULP’s Star Radio on Monday.

“How he will have to sell all his house, all the property which he owns, with some lands which he just bought from my father’s estate,” Gonsalves said of himself.

“I will have to sell everything I own in order to sue them. Because, they’re big and powerful, and who am I? The prime minister of a small country, so they can go and sully your name without … one iota of justification,” said Gonsalves, who has been Prime Minister since 2001.

Gonsalves said “anybody who tells them (the BBC) anything would have had some kind of self-serving reason to perjure themselves.

“If they have any beef with Ames, have it with Ames. Don’t have it with me. I am no less a prime minister than Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or David Cameron,” he said, referring to past and current British prime ministers.

“I am the prime minister of an independent nation called St. Vincent and the Grenadines and I am entitled to be treated with the same respect which you accord to those prime ministers in England, in the United Kingdom,” he further said.

Paul Kenyon,  a journalist who works for the BBC.

Paul Kenyon, a journalist who works for the BBC.

“And if you have evidence of a serious allegation, bring the evidence. Don’t come and shout at me on a plane.

“And they are doing that for the purpose of sensationalism. They, themselves, must reasonably suspect that the allegation that they are making is false. Because they must know that anyone who tells them that will be some interest in wounding Ames in the UK.

“And anybody who believes that allegation has an interest in wounding Ralph. You notice how their diverging interests converge, both there in England and at home,” Gonsalves further said, adding that he was looking forward to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s comments on the matter.

Eustace was interviewed by the BBC journalists and on Monday, accused Gonsalves of being “a liar”.

“Where could I get information of his accepting anything? I am saying that Gonsalves is a liar when it come to that,” Eustace said on “New Times”, a daily radio programme sponsored by his New Democratic Party.

“… I said nothing like that,” Eustace said of his interview with the British journalists.

ULP intends to defend PM

Meanwhile, Gonsalves said the ULP intends to defend him.

“The ULP intends to defend the integrity of the political leader and Prime Minister, Ralph Gonsalves.

“Because they know when I tell them that what is being said with this allegation is a lie, it is false; they know it too. They know how I function.

The ULP supportes at an election rally in 2010.

The ULP supportes at an election rally in 2010.

“The public servants who are dealing with, interfacing with … all the issues with developers and Dave Ames would be able to speak to it. Sam Commissiong (lawyer for the Buccament Bay Resort) can speak to that.

“In other words, I am calling names of people to show the professionalism with which I dealt with these investors and continue to deal with them,” Gonsalves said.

Kenyon told I-Witness News he was in St. Vincent working on an episode of “Panorama”, which the BBC bills as a current affairs programme that features interviews and investigative reports on a wide variety of subjects.

“[There are] concerns about the operation of Harlequin and British investors have put millions and millions of pounds sterling into the company and they want to see what the result is…

“The main thrust of the programme is about Harlequin and the resorts they have around the Caribbean. And, as you know, your prime minister has been quite friendly with David Ames for a period of time. Your prime minister has been reasonably on good terms and has had a good relationship with David Ames for a while, so there were questions surrounding that,” Kenyon further said.

When Gonsalves was accused of sexual assault a few years ago, thousands of supporters of his ULP turned out at a rally to show support for him.

Gonsalves has successfully sued Nice Radio and some talk show hosts for statements made about him.

But, he has repeatedly said that he has not sue legitimate journalists but will relentlessly pursue, in the law courts, entities that oppose him politically.


8 thoughts on “PM says he’d have to sell all to sue BBC; ULP intends to defend him

  1. These are my opinions, I am sure many of you will agree with them, some who have their heads up his bum will not agree.

    Gonsalves is very choosey about who he sues. He sued Nice Radio, I believe for two reasons, 1/ he knew they were weak. b/ he hoped to be able to close them down and get rid of a thorn in his side.

    Everyone has noticed and many have commented about how Gonsalves failed to sue women who accused him of sexual assault and rape, according to Colin Williams the DPP there were five accusations of a sexual matter.

    He failed to sue the NYDP, he said he would, then knew he couldn’t win them because of his sons very silly behaviour. They were also too strong and too powerful for him. I firmly believe that like most cowards, he likes his prey to be weak.

    He say he will not sue the BBC, we must wait and see why, see how that pans out, see what evidence they bring.

    Now he threatens us with his red rat brigade of followers, the rape rally rabble.

    “But, he has repeatedly said that he has not sued legitimate journalists but will relentlessly pursue, in the law courts, entities that oppose him politically”. Isn’t that evidence enough to show that Gonsalves will do anything to stay in power, by using his law courts, in his domain.

    Posted by peterbinose | February 19, 2013, 06:54
  2. Gimme a break. He won’t sue BBC because he’s afraid that the witnesses would be called to the stands. It always funny to watch this man, running around with his head chop off and believe that no one is noticing the little cons that he tries to pull. Sue Them Gunzy Sue them, because time and time again you have shown us that you are only bad in Vincy and nowhere else. We are still waiting for the result from the shame Camillo put us through in New York.

    Posted by saneblane | February 19, 2013, 09:53
  3. SANEBLANE, what shame Camillo put Vincentians through in New York, the one you CREATED in your MIND?

    The only shame I see is your CLAIM that Camillo put us through SHAME.

    Peter, your NONSENSE TALK has been PROVEN over the YEARS to be NONSENSE talk, so there is no REAL NEED to ADDRESS your TRIPE.

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | February 19, 2013, 11:30
  4. VINCYPOWER, I am somewhat surprised that you have stopped attacking the truth. Instead you try and put the shoulder on newcomer SANEBLANE.

    Folks this man is a paid collaborator who will argue black is white or white is black, if it will protect Gonsalves and the ULP from being hurt by the truth.

    Posted by peterbinose | February 20, 2013, 12:35
    • I am not really new I am the same Blane that has been here and I know Vincypowa and his nonsense very well. And Camillo made us shame because a man in his high station, don’t even have the common sense to provide proper identification to prove who he is. I can go on about it, but it would just be wasted on you Vincypowa. The BBC will show you how his father, Dr. Ralph, is making us shame […]

      Posted by saneblane | February 20, 2013, 23:32
  5. VINCYPOWA, maybe CAMILLO didn’t embarrass you by his lack of respect and his lack of Diplomatic etiquette, I consider the man in this matter a buffoon. He should go back to managing that dreadful magazine with picture of a man smoking …………… on the cover.

    Posted by peterbinose | February 20, 2013, 19:33
  6. I have a copy

    Posted by peterbinose | February 21, 2013, 08:29
  7. Gonsalves every moment on the plane and on the tarmac was captured on film. The PMs utterances and reactions will be part of the final progamme, I hope he didn’t stutter.

    Isn’t it amazing, Gonsalves travels around SVG where he says everyone loves him, with sometimes up to 20 police officers and body guards, remember this is where he is loved and respected by the people. Yet travels all over the world with sometimes 1 bodyguard or even none. He obviously feels much safer when he’s not in SVG, just like some of us feel much safer when he’s not in SVG.

    Even the palace guard must feel at ease, to know he’s not creeping around the garden at 4 am in the morning, like the early bird looking at his worm.

    Posted by peterbinose | February 21, 2013, 09:39

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