Progress and optimism in challenging times

Independence Day 2012 by Dr the Hon Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Fellow Vincentians, at home and in the diaspora, it is with tremendous pride and happiness that I deliver this Independence message. On October 27, 2012, St Vincent and the Grenadines celebrates the 33rd Anniversary of National Independence. Independence is indeed symbolic because it reminds us of the magnificence of our sovereignty and the freedom which we enjoy in a constitutionally-grounded democratic society. Independence for us as a struggling people means the promise of hope for a better future, a future guided by the teachings of the church in our development of morality, peace and justice.

Our distinguished heroes, from His Excellency, Paramount Carib Chief, Joseph Chatoyer, to our nation’s founding father Robert Milton Cato, have delivered and the legacy of our ancestors has enriched and ennobled generations of Vincentians.

Our outstanding statesmen, including George Augustus Mc Intosh, Ebenezer Theodore Joshua, Sir James Mitchell, and Sir Vincent Beache, have all crafted a magnificent path in our nation’s history. They stand out as beacons in our nation’s annals for their involvement, commitment, contribution and service.

Our blessed nation has also benefited from the enormous contribution of other outstanding sons and daughters in all spheres of life. Many of them have left us for the great beyond, but they continue to live on in our memories. Dr Earl Kirby, Dr Gideon Cordice, Mr Frank Mason, our late community and church leaders and public servants, doctors, farmers, fisherfolk and business professionals. We will continue to lift them up in our prayers.

Fellow Vincentians, the policies of the government embody the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers, and our nation’s comprehensive development plan embraces reforms in all spheres and prioritises the enhancement of the human condition. Indeed, the transformation of the national economy touches every facet of life and production. This 33rd anniversary of Independence of St Vincent and the Grenadines, however, comes at a time when our nation is feeling the backlash of the global recession.

Additionally, several other ills which hinder human development continue to plague our citizens in the form of breakdown in families, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, disrespect for authority and property, obstructionist messages from talk radio, consumerism, intolerance, ill discipline, all of which are unacceptable.

Importantly, these recurring challenges have placed tremendous strain on the social services and the church.

Despite the setbacks, our nation is full of hope and optimism, the unbridled enthusiasm of our citizens at home and in the diaspora, the creative potential of our youth, the numerous opportunities created for our people through the education revolution, the advances in science and information technology in the production and social apparatus, the confidence in the national and citizen security initiatives, the excitement and creativity shown in the thrust to provide world class competitive air and maritime transport systems, all serve to encourage us to continue to fashion St Vincent and the Grenadines into a nation in which its citizens will have boundless pride.

This year, Almighty God has been good to us, with the abundance of rainfall to fortify our crops, a fairly calm hurricane season, the wherewithal to assist parents in sending children back to school; a plan to stimulate employment with increased activity at the Argyle international airport, and in the housing sector. The tourism sector has received several accolades abroad and with the new thrust in agriculture our farmers are reinvigorated to fight the diseases which infect their crops.

As we reach another great historic milestone, let us continue to be inspired by those who have used little to achieve much, and in the words of scripture “be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God”, Philippians chapter 4, verse 6.

In these turbulent economic times, let us strive for peace in our nation, and for the common good. Let us all be our brothers’ keepers. Let us return to our strong religious values to guide our thoughts, ideas, convictions, concepts, and code of conduct which will help us to respond to all sorts of circumstances; continue to value self, family and nation.

In closing, I urge the citizens of this nation, whether in the public sector, private enterprise or self-employed, here at home and in the diaspora, to work diligently and smartly, strive for high ideals, value your contribution to nation building by working individually and collectively.

Our nation is small, but we can have big dreams and achieve much greatness. On this Independence Day, continue to have strong faith in God, love of one another and in the words of Phillipians, chapter 4, verse 8:

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

May God bless our nation!

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3 thoughts on “Progress and optimism in challenging times

  1. I must congratulate the PM for his eloquent and comprehensive message.I must also congratulate him for his effort towards an international airport since I believe that every independent country should have one.In addition,I want to elaborate a bit on parts of the PM speech: “disrespect for authority and property,obstructional message from radio talk snow and illdiscipline.” In addition, the quotation from phillipians chap4, verse 8. These are significant remarks made by the PM,they are necessary as well as important to our society at large. However,they should be equally evaluated across parishes towns and villages. This is to say that no one should be an exception to the RULE, in other words “Leaders and Preachers must be keepers and just talkers”. In a nutshell the laws were made for all men and not just ‘some men’ were made for the laws.

    Next the words from Phil,ch4,ver8 are so powerful and sufficient to remind vincentians that”Who have ears to hear let them hear and who have eyes to see let them see. An old saying:”Only those who in the frying pan fell most of the heat”.

    Happy independence SVG and may God continue to bless our beautiful islands and the poorer ones who are desperately struggling.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | October 27, 2012, 20:24

    The Teachers Agreement, which GONSALVES signed, he new it was unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable.

    Here are some surprising writings from a Catholic website that I visited.

    “The word of any Marxist is worthless and not to be depended on. Make no contract with any Marxist, for their signature signifies nothing“.

    “Show me a Marxist and I’ll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. The Ends Justify The Means is their only guide for life“.

    “All Marxists are liars. Marxists have to be liars; being a liar is virtually a definitive characteristic of being a Marxist. Lying is a requirement of being a Marxist. The ultimate goal of the Marxist is to move all of society toward or into Communism; that “worthy” goal is the supposedly noble “End” that justifies, in the mind of the Marxist, any “Means” at all that may be applied to achieve it“.

    “It is not possible to be a real Marxist and not be a liar. You cannot betray someone unless you lie to him to have him believe you would not betray him. The whole purpose of the plan involves betrayal on a massive scale“.

    “Marxism is a dressed-up Machiavellian plan to use deceit and treachery to assume a throne or a dictatorship. Anything that requires deceit and treachery, meaning betrayal of friends and allies, requires lying“.


    1/ Ottley Hall, SIMON ANDERSON claims to have all the information about the $200 million for the OTTLEY HALL PROJECT that is only worth $16 million, he knows who embezzled or stole $184 million. Why hasn’t GONSALVES called him to the enquiry?

    2/ why did 5 separate women accuse Gonsalves of sex crimes, at least one was a charge of rape. WHY?

    3/ Where did the US$1 million in cash come from that was carried to the NCB in an old bag.

    4/ Where did the US$s cash come from that leading ULP and family members shared out and some deposited.

    5/ Where did the wealth come from that a member of parliament now has in the way of several houses, several cars, several women, several children. The from rags to riches in 11 years.

    6/ Why did Gonsalves give a Diplomatic Passport to a man called Morgan, who was not a diplomat, never worked for the government or any government owned organization, the man was caught at London airport using that very same diplomatic passport whilst carrying a kilo of cocaine.

    7/ GONSALVES has said on several occasions that he is here to finish the work of MAURICE BISHOP, well according to public records in Grenada and Maryland USA, Bishop gave instructions that people should be sent to Cuba and Russia to learn how to keep two sets of books, to cook the books to enable him to commit fraud against the IMF and WORLD BANK. Has Gonsalves specifically excluded this part of Bishops work?

    8/ Who in the ULP government had a house built by the Buccament Bay people not far from Harmony Hall.

    9/ Why did GONSALVES sign a contract with the Teachers Union, fully well knowing it was unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable. Then told the teachers it was the best contract the ever had, why?

    10/ Why did GONSALVES approve the employment of three policemen who had been convicted of serious crimes, convictions upheld at appeal. Why?

    11/ Why has Saint Vincent got a bank account in Havana Cuba, where countries like Iran put money in? and who monitors and audits that account?

    12/ How much each were the TEREX trucks at the Argyle airport, and who is responsible for that deal?

    13/ Is it true that VINLEC has been supplying diesel fuel to the airport without payment to date. Has such action caused expensive electricity prices to be excessively expensive to the SVG consumers? are the VINLEC consumers paying for the fuel used at the airport?

    14/ What was the procedure and reason that David Ames of Harlequin got SVG citizenship, and how did he qualify?

    15/ Can anyone explain how the 30% pay awards promised by GONSALVES prior to the 2001 election, is now with inflation a minus 30% pay award?

    16/ Why did the police shoot a harmless homeless man in the legs? was he carrying a gun? did he have a cutlass? did he throw sticks or stones? did he say something nasty? After having to high powered top brass meeting, they have now decided to charge the victim. Is that because they may have to reinstate even more criminal policemen if they are convicted of some artificially lower crime than attempted murder?

    tell us who made these utterings and statements
    a/was it the POPE
    b/was it OBAMA
    c/ was it GONSALVES

    1/ To the Media; they are Chattering nabobs
    2/ All Vincentians are from the Chattering class
    3/ Wash “ yo foot” before you come to my Palace
    4/ The Women of Mespo know their men are thieves and they’ll never say
    5/ Mr. Eustace is useless
    6/ Mr. Eustace will always remain a servant [slave]
    7/ People like Mr. Eustace can be bought for a dime a dozen
    8/ SVG People are untutored
    9/ SVG People are unlearned
    10/ SVG People are uncultured
    11/ Dinkie Balcombe is nothing
    12/ Members of the NDP is a minority rump
    13/ NDP members are asses
    14/ SVG people are voting cattle
    15/ Mr. Eustace is doltish
    16/ Mr. Eustace suffers from foot in mouth disease
    17/ PM push up his middle finger to all Vincentians
    18/ Vincentians are terrorists
    19/ The shaker Religion usually over eat, Rounce will ride them but they would wake up and say they get a vision.
    20/ Vincentians are the lowest common denominator
    21/ Son Mitchell a Windbag.
    22/ Vincentians are malignant
    23/ Only if you are a potogee, you can get funds
    24/ Mr. Eustace is a roast breadfruit
    25/ Patel Mathews is a yam boy
    26/ Junior Bacchus is an Idiot boy
    27/ Keith Joseph is a refugee
    28/ All Mr. Eustace creative juices are dried up
    29/ Bush will not see Eustace in the night he is too black
    30/ Bassy Alexander is a stinking dirty dog
    31/ Nurses and Doctors at the Hospital are thieves
    32/ The once noble Farmers [the Rastas] in the hills are vagabonds
    33/ To the Civil Servants he said they wanted to come to the trough, (Pigs eat in troughs).
    34/ All NDP people are backward
    35/ Eustace is a Jackass in a Lion Skin
    36/ Anesia is a dry head Girl
    37/ Anesia is a Donkey
    38/ Vincy PPL can’t read, they use reading material to wrap up Fish.
    39/ Vynnette Federicks is a snotty nose Gel
    40/ The Officials at the Ministry of Education are clueless and superfluous
    41/ Vynnette Fredericks is a Gad Fly.
    42/ No one would read the NEWS NEWSPAPER it is a rag only fit to wrap up FISH.
    43/ Doctor Frazer is a lazy lack luster man.
    44/ Anesia Baptiste is in a CULT.
    45/ Dougie Defreitas never bother the examiners, he walks with pliers in pocket daily.
    46/ Mr. Eustace is a Servant [slave], he would never be a Leader.
    47/ Mr. Eustace is not in the class of my Woman.
    48/ Vincentians read up stuff on the WWW and feel they know, they are all clueless.
    49/ All who voted NO in the Referendum are backward and dunce.
    50/ Castro is the greatest man to walk the face of the Earth [insult to Lord Jesus].
    51/ Vincent Beache is a coconut Bat.
    52/ “Milton Cato the worst Oppressor”
    53/ “Milton Cato a Sucrofile”
    54/ “PR Campbell a Cocobay”
    55/ “Renwick Rose is not fit to be a Leader of anything”
    56/ “Vincent Beache is just an Electrician”
    57/ “Hendricks Alexander is the Worst Speaker of the House ever in SVG”
    58/ “Vincent Beache, dirty beach”
    59/ “Matthew Thomas is a dirty stinking dog”.
    60/ “Barbados’ two main parties are so similar that differences will have to be
    manufactured to keep the party faithful happy.”
    61/ “Chastanet talks a lot of rubbish when it comes to regional air transport.”
    62/ Alan Chastanet is among “a species of brown people in the Caribbean with
    money” who are “not loyal to anybody”.
    63/ The Chastanet‘s are “Castries mulattos”, who believe they are “oracles” and represent a “break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean.”
    64/ “you cannot use general economic theories” with countries such as SVG
    65/ “Margaret Hughes Ferrari s cynical in her view that so-called Western nations
    used the human rights issue selectively.”
    66/ “Show me a liar and I will show you a thief”
    67/ “I tell lies sometimes”
    68 / “shouting across the Caribbean waters is not leadership”
    69/ “even opposition supporters love and adore me”
    70/ “a statesman is a dead politician”
    71/ “snotty nose Vynette Frederick”
    72/ “she went away a girl and came back a tomboy”
    73/ “I wasn’t the one who threatened to make the country ungovernable after the
    1998 general elections”
    74/ “Some of the public servants in the agricultural sector dropped the ball on the
    issue of black sigatoka and should have ordered the materials earlier”
    75/ “those who accuse me of racism are like roast breadfruit, black outside white inside”
    76/ “I am the Blackest Prime Minister St Vincent ever had”
    77/ “blackness is a philosophy not a colour”
    78/ “black Democrats are brainwashed”
    79/ “You cannot please people by doing what they want”
    80/ “Do you really think Chastanet cares about poor black people”
    81/ “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with Bull Sh..t”
    82/ “no one else can run SVG”
    83/ “I have given you the truth and there it is as always”
    84/ “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”
    85/ “Cornibert said, people completely misinterpret an earlier communication’
    86/ “we have to lift our quality and on an on-going basis”
    87/ “an old lady tell me to take off departure tax for Bequia”
    88/ the IMF is schizophrenic.
    89/ Argyle Airport “ the folly many people utter, completely reflective of their inability to engage in independent thought and action,”
    90/ Argyle Airport “the same bogus nationalists who parrot these inanities, they are the ones who are among the most backwards, colonised and un-emancipated minds in the country”
    91/ Vynnette Frederick is not now a spring chicken
    92/ About Vynnette Frederick: wen she talking the impression yo’ get is like – yo’ know like if a mango drop before it ripe and it force ripe?”
    93/ About Vynnette Frederick: “they say she is a tomboy.”
    94/ “Ah mean, Bayliss would be a very unfortunate fellow if he send a daughter to
    study law, and came back and get a son, … a tomboy,”
    95/ “You know, I don’t want to say anything against Vynnette but I have said
    elsewhere in the constituency, there are three types of mangoes: ripe mango, green mango and fluxy mango. You take your choice.”
    96/ “We not ready yet”

    You the readers be the judge, did these utterances come from the mouth of a man described as honorable.
    Is this the behavior of an honorable man or a dishonorable moron.
    Will this kind of behavior bring repute to SVG or disrepute?
    Will this kind of behavior encourage SVG’s youth to be of good character?


    Posted by Peter | October 29, 2012, 20:53
  3. I consider the judgment awarded to RALPH E. GONSALVES against NICE RADIO is a disgrace and an amount that is nothing less than a travesty of decency, truth and justice.

    How can anything said against GONSALVES be worth $250,000 the man in my eyes is worth no more than a bag of donkey dung. Why do I say that? because he was accused and charged with rape by a woman police officer. He denied that charge, yet never sued this woman for bringing his name into disrepute. He was accused and charged by a Canadian human rights lawyer of sexual molestation. He also denied that charge, yet never sued this woman for bringing his name into disrepute. He was accused by several other women of sexual assault, yet never sued any of these woman for bringing his name into disrepute. If what they said was untrue they brought at least a hundred times more damage to GONSALVES good name and standing in VINCENTIAN society.

    GONSALVES is a man who brings himself into disrepute by being a self confessed LIAR …

    I consider GONSALVES a dirty mouthed liar who utters obscenities about all and sundry yet not a one of them sue him.

    GONSALVES said in parliament “ I SOME TIMES tell lies” he also said “ SHOW ME A LIAR AND I WILL SHOW YOU A THIEF”, he also said in parliament “I ONLY DO OBEAH FOR THE LORD”, we all know you can’t do OBEAH for God, but you can for LORD SATAN. In my eyes that make GONSALVES a DEVIL worshipper.

    Now how can GONSALVES good name be worth more than a bag of DONKEY DUNG.


    Posted by Peter | October 31, 2012, 13:36

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