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Shame on ‘King Dotish’, ‘Home Boy’, ‘Naughty By Nature’ and the NDP [OPINION]

By Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

Carnival is an important part of our Vincy culture. We play pan and mas and sing calypso with pride. Lately, carnival is connected to tourism. Carnival is big money and great entertainment for locals and visitors alike.

So tell me why the NDP wants to kill every good thing happening for SVG?

The Nasty Dutty Party (NDP) oppose the Education Revolution, the International Airport, the progressive Foreign Policy of the ULP and every other plan/programme of the Ralph Gonsalves government.

During the 2010 elections, the NDP promised to pass legislation to support the private sector. But today, their every action is to break the back of the private sector and chase off foreign investors in a most vulgar and undiplomatic way.

But back to Carnival and specifically to the South Leeward Carnival.

Why was the opening of a constituency put to clash with events for the South Leeward Carnival? And why did King Dotish have to lie about the facts surrounding this dotish (senseless) action of the Party Chairman, party President and South Leeward representative?

I will be surprised if a five-year old buys King Dotish’s lies, caught on tape as he addressed the so-called office opening.

Carnival has no party and its only colours are the those that we put into costumes to help create the splendour. So why then is the NDP playing politics with our carnival?

I forgive Naughty By Nature for his stupidity. I pity King Dotish a.k.a. King Liar. But how can one forgive Senator Linton Lewis, who, less than a month ago promised Vincentians that he will serve to make a difference. Where is the service to the people of SVG and where is your difference in all of this? And please, my friend, I do not want to hear “I was not aware”, “I never heard”.

This is shameful behaviour. The Chairman, the President and area representative should each immediately apologise to the people of South Leeward, the CDC and the people of SVG. A public apology should also come from the NDP.

How long oh Lord how long?

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29 thoughts on “Shame on ‘King Dotish’, ‘Home Boy’, ‘Naughty By Nature’ and the NDP [OPINION]

  1. Mr Chance: I am disappointed in this post. Is it really necessary to address political parties and individuals by calling them names? Is this the best we can do? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but can we consider expressing ourselves in a more positive manner? We cannot build a country by destroying others who happen to have a different viewpoint to us.
    I have often stated that you are the best journalist in this country (even if you are physically outside the country). I say this because in my opinion, you present the facts and allow us readers to decide on the “truth”. This is your blog and clearly your decision on what goes in. The opinion expressed above by Mr Williams is not consistent with the usually quality of your blog.

    Posted by Stephen Joachim | June 21, 2012, 08:53
    • Yes, Stephen, the headline of this article is both surprising and disappointing.

      Posted by Jeannine James | June 21, 2012, 13:06
    • @ Stephen i totally agree with you. On countless occasions i have read posts by one “Peter” who referres to the Prime Minister of this country as ” donkey” and “Mule” and other such degradng names. have you seen any of those?

      Posted by proud vincy | June 23, 2012, 19:54
  2. More big man talking commess. All these guys do it talk about nothing. Shut … up and fix the economy, nobody wants to hear about riverside commess.

    Posted by blane | June 21, 2012, 10:02
  3. WADE KOJO WILLIAMS Sr. is a bitter wicked very nasty old man. He has spent many years calling decent people nasty names, all of which Williams is unfit to wash the feet of.
    A Marxist and blinkered supporter of the SVG Marxist regime. He is disliked by most members of his family and all sides of the citizenship of SVG, he calls these people dreadful names to try and get some support for his Marxist task master.

    Many believe he receives a stipend from the ULP hierarchy to continually spin political nonsense, and to repeat and expand the lies and innuendoes of the Gonsalves regime.

    He calls Arnhim Eustace ‘King Dotish’, Eustace is a brilliant economist and honest man of unblemished character. What he has said about Eustace on a number of websites leaves him clearly open to being sued, because its untrue. He knows what he writes is untrue, its written out of pure spite, malice and the furtherence of Marxism in SVG..

    With regards to the airport, which WILLIAMS wrote elsewhere about, Eustace has never said he didn’t want the airport. What Eustace has always done as an economist is question where the money will come from and what debt we will be left with.

    In parliament Eustace asked to see agreements regarding the airport. Gonsalves told Eustace “if I ask to see the deeds of your home, you going to show me”.

    Gonsalves told us a number of untruths, that in time have proven to be dreadful lies.

    1/ The airport will be funded by a group of countries which he described as a coalition of the willing.
    At that time there was no coalition of the willing, there were no contracts with any country.
    It has since turned out that the three countries that he named as willing, have turned out to be unwilling.

    2/ Gonsalves told us that when the airport is finished it would have cost SVG and the citizens nothing.
    That turned out to be an enormous lie of the greatest magnitude.
    So far building the airport has all but bankrupt SVG, causing the divestment of the NCB bank and Food City the government owned super market.

    The country is in more debt than ever recorded, approaching 2 billion dollars, our children’s great grand children will still be paying this back in 100 years time.

    3/ Gonsalves told us that Venezuela were paying for the plant and machinery required for the project.
    That was untrue, they may of paid for some of the equipment, the majority was paid for by SVG via the airport company.

    4/ Gonsalves told us that Venezuela were paying the Cubans wages for those Cubans employed at the airport.
    That has turned out to be untrue. SVG have been paying the wages, now approaching 15 million dollars.

    Between SVG skilled and unskilled workers, Vincentians in the Diaspora, and regional experts, we have the capability to build an airport, without the Cubans.

    Initially we were led to believe that the Cubans would cost us nothing to employ, that they would be cheap and any wage cost would be paid for by Venezuela.

    The Cubans are employed by Gonsalves for politically ideological reasons.

    It turns out that the Cubans are paid weekly 3 times more than Vincentians, and only a handful of Vincentians are employed mainly in demeaning positions..
    Venezuela have not paid the Cuban wages and are unwilling to pay their wages. There is no evidence written or spoken by the Venezuelans that they ever agreed to pay the Cubans wages.

    Money paid by SVG to the Cubans helps the Cuban economy not ours. If we were paying Vincentians the amount approaching $400,000 a month which is what we are paying the Cubans, all that money would circulate in the SVG economy, it would help our traders and shop keepers, even create employment for other Vincentians.

    Then to fund the airport Gonsalves hit on the idea of selling our UN votes to states which most people would describe as crap. Iran, Libya [under Gadhaffi], and all sorts of countries that have human rights issues, like Syria etc. How it works is that they give a few million dollars, we then vote in their favor at the UN, whenever they are being sanctioned by the UN, we vote for, or with, of abstain, whatever helps them at the time. There are UN voting records available for public scrutiny, have a look for yourselves.

    Some of these states murder and slaughter their own citizens, Iran for instance persecute, murder, rape, torture and imprison their citizens for being Christians, and in many cases they have executed Christians who refuse to give up their faith. Have a look on the internet, its well recorded. And we support them for money for the airport.
    That is why some are saying the airport is now cursed, a name being used ‘The Christian Blood Airport’ [CBA] at Argyle. Well if investors know of these happenings and don’t care, do nothing, give money, then it must follow that the may also be cursed.

    What Williams has written above is pure Marxist crap, designed in his mind to do maximum harm to NDP, NDP MPS, Senators and anyone he can bad mouth and liable.

    Yet wearing his cloke of Marxist hitman it is obvious that he is just a very nasty spiteful, wicked turd.

    WILLIAMS is employed to try and alter the truth, alter history and support evil.


    WILLIAMS If you want something positive to do with your time, ask VINCYPOWA to take you cottaging.
    You deserve each other.

    Posted by Peter | June 21, 2012, 10:40
    • @Peter….you talking about Wade calling people names when you are the master of name calling?…………Have you forgotten all the names that you have called the Prime Minister and his son and anyone who dares say a kind word about the ULP…….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

      Posted by proud vincy | June 23, 2012, 20:00
    • I do not condone wrong , but Peter I read you comments all the time. You have been very disrespectful to many persons particularly, the PRIME MINISTER OF THIS COUNTRY. You call HIM all sorts of names as well. iT SEEMS WRONG FOR OTHERS TO CALL MR EUSTACE NAMES, BUT IT IS RIGHT WHEN YOU CALL DR. RALPH GONSALVES WHATEVER YOU’RE ACCUSTOMED TO CALL HIM. Do some introspection PETER, before you talk about others.

      Posted by progressive woman | June 23, 2012, 23:24
  4. I say something to you but like it na stick, you need to pay for your mouth time for u too act as a big man, I don’t believe people don’t want progress but there is away u do things, you have to give an account to the Nation of what you doing, you spoke about the intl’ Airport where is the report to the Nation about how monies spending this is not the prime minister own u catch?

    You need to answer this question: who is NDP, ULP and green party, who make up all these parties?

    Posted by prince | June 21, 2012, 10:48
  5. PETER, I CHUCKLED when you said Eustace is a “BRILLIANT ECONOMIST.”

    I am SUGGESTING that you take TIME OUT from this BLOG, because I think the STRESS is GETTING to you.

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 21, 2012, 14:34
  6. People of St.Vincent I was invited to Visit Bequia for talks that would benefit our nation,I travelled to Barbados, from barbados I travelled to London,I arrived at heathrow intl then proceeded to Taiwan,from Taiwan I landed in Los Angeles intl,from there I wet on to St.Lucia,and from St.Lucia finally to Bequia where I had official meetings with the pm of bequia,he told me I was the best prime minister in the region,even after travelling all the way around the world they had heard of me..I was not able to get funds for the international airport,but instead I was able to obtain scholarships for our people.We will be sending off our first batch of students to bequia later this year…do you think Arnhim Eustace could have done that

    Posted by Joe | June 21, 2012, 16:30
    • COMMUNIST ‘Comrade’ – – – The SVG NATIONAL BIRD.

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 22, 2012, 23:04
    • JOE, not even that RIDICULOUSNESS that you mentioned could have been accomplished by Arnhim Eustace, because he is SIMPLY INCOMPETENT..

      Arnhim Eustace is the same man who as Minister of FINANCE gave away over 19 million dollars of our taxpayers money to foreign banks, and was going to give them another 40 million dollars, all for the FAILED Ottley Hall project which was only valued at 5 to 10 million dollars.

      This is the same Arnhim Eustace, after he was SELECTED by James Mitchell to run the country for six months, made a FOREIGNER by the name of Mongol Singh take with him double mortgages on the very first MAJOR PROJECT (COLONIAL HOMES at DIAMOND), which was a TOTAL FAILURE, he handled as the then PRIME MINISTER of of this BLESSED NATION.

      Thanks to the WISE VOTERS of SVG, he only SERVED for SIX MONTHS as PRIMEMINISTER, else what a DISASTER this PLACE would have been BACK then much less now.

      I will say it again, Eustace is not FIT to MANAGE a MAUBY SHOP much less GOVERN a COUNTRY in these TIMES.

      Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 23, 2012, 00:24
  7. I don’t agree that you should open your news service to this kind of partisan political opinion, it does not enhance it in any way. Let these opinions be confined to the comments section where they belong. Nobody from either side of the political spectrum should be allowed to ride on your credibility like this. Please continue to take the high road Kenton.

    Posted by Supa | June 22, 2012, 01:30
    • SUPA – – – SUPERB ! I totally AGREE. Don’t dignify RUBBISH and political ignorance as a professional journalistic article/colum, EVEN IF BY UNINVITED PAROCHIAL GUEST.

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 22, 2012, 23:08
  8. Why are people wasting time responding to KOJO WILLIAMS. This guy is an A**HOLE.

    Posted by AHA | June 22, 2012, 11:05
  9. VINCYPOWA, so you should chuckle, tell the people about no cocaine on Venezuelan fishing boat, four dead, tell the people about that.

    Your an obnoxious piece of human garbage, keep spinning your Marxist crap, no one believes a word that you speak or write. Just like Gonsalves you are a liar.

    Posted by Peter | June 22, 2012, 16:45
  10. JOE, a very amusing piece, problem is that dunce people like VINCYPOWA and JASON will not get it.

    Posted by Peter | June 22, 2012, 16:47
  11. Peter, I had to look twice to really make sure the word is brilliant that you calling Eustace, boy that word belong next to Ralph not Eustace. You talking about Wado calling NDP Reps names, how about you calling the Prime Mininter a Donkey, look into your plate before telling others their food not worth eating.

    Posted by D.G.A.F | June 22, 2012, 19:01
    • D.G.A.F peter is polite,you never hear him say raperman,or how a person so dotish they lose a bank,a place where people put money into, or how so much nepotism going on a pm cousin,son, and tanty nen nen getting big govt jobs..the fact is if you started calling the pm names it would never end,because there’s a level of incompetence that defies belief,there aren’t words enough in the english language to cover the sheer stupidity,and imbecility of the ULP

      Posted by Jahu | June 22, 2012, 21:06
    • D.G.A.F., I am yet to see that EDITORIAL PIECE BY PETER. Where IS it ?! Did the inimitable PETER really have an OP ED article with such a sickening TITLE ? COMMIE ‘Gunny’s help getting ever more substandard these days. No sense of distinction or common sense ? You still can’t see the difference ? Sad for you, and the Communist comrade. DESPERATION plus POLITICAL IGNORANCE equal POLITICAL DISASTER.
      ‘Gunny, the political followership and cadres are deteriorating remarkably.

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 22, 2012, 23:17
  12. Wade “Kojo” Williams so patriotic he lives overseas l.o.l Wade what do you think about the politics of Bangladesh? Which political party do you support? What do you think of the politics of mars who will win the martian election l.o.l
    You seem to have a lot of strong views about places where you don’t live,did you claim refugee staus as many Vincentians seem to be doing when fleeing/defecting?

    Posted by Joe | June 22, 2012, 20:54
  13. DGAF, you cannot compare EUSTACE with GONSALVES.

    To start with EUSTACE has never been accused of rape, of sex crimes against 5 different women. In fact GONSALVES was actually charged with rape, until the DPP disallowed the charge to stand, GONSALVES has never faced the court.

    As you and the World know, GONSALVES is a known serial liar. That is enough for me to reject GONSALVES, as it should be for any decent person.

    GONSALVES has put blood money into the airport, money from states like IRAN who execute there Christians, for being Christians. The airport is cursed by his taking money tainted with the blood of Christians.

    There are still almost a hundred land owners at Argyle who have not been paid for their confiscated land.

    The only claim to brilliance by GONSALVES should be telling lies, and he is not good at that because we all know when he tells lies, at least most of us do.

    Posted by Peter | June 23, 2012, 07:59
  14. Wade too much names so I give you the name HOME BOY .I realize how you feel being miles away and monitoring your beautiful St Vincent..I think being away so long is causing too much venom.Mr Ames is enjoying our beautiful sunshine as a Vincentian not a visitor. I personally would like to meet you, maybe when the Intl Airport is finished please take a flight. you cannot alway be right with yourcomments being so far away HOME BOY

    Posted by nolly prosque | June 23, 2012, 09:49

    Posted by no-nonsense | June 23, 2012, 17:11
  16. Hey JOE, there are more PATRIOTIC VINCENTIANS LIVING ABROAD than there are LIVING at HOME.

    I hope that HELPS U a BIT.

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 25, 2012, 18:26
  17. PETER, the only known “SERIAL LIAR” is ARNHIM EUSTACE, with you running a close second.

    While you have made UNFOUNDED CLAIMS about Dr. GONSALVES, because you CANNOT PROVIDE any FACTUAL EVIDENCE to SUPPORT your DELUSIONS, we cannot say the same for Eustace.

    Eustace is the same fella who said he LIED to his SUPPORTERS and the NATION when he said that the so-called MARCH on POVERTY was actually a march to DEMONSTRATE to the then TAIWANESE PRESIDENT the STRENGTH of the NDP, because he did not want TAIWAN to GIVE MONIES to the GOVERNMENT of SVG to HELP to BUILD the INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

    This is the same man who OPPOSED the BUILDING of the INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at ARGYLE for MANY YEARS, even called it a PHANTOM PROJECT, then the week before the general elections held a news conference to read from a script given to him by SCL that his PARTY SUPPORTS the AIRPORT and would complete it when they win the elections. Lucky for this NATION, that NEVER HAPPENED.

    Eustace is the same man who said that the MONIES he has gotten to open and maintain a CONSTITUENCY OFFICE in EAST KINGSTOWN, close to 250,000.00 over 12 years, have been given to needy persons in his constituency. Now he has made the claim that he is renting space within his party’s office building as his constituency office.

    Eustace is the same man heard on a radio station saying that the CDC and the South Leeward Carnival Association purposely planned to have its beauty pageant the same day that Nigel Stephenson was opening his constituency office.

    Arnhim Eustace is the same man who bought crown lands in the Grenadines at below market price while he was an elected remember of parliament.
    That said; just to show that PETER is just a DIABOLICAL LIAR, I DARE him to PRODUCE 50 names from the 100 persons that he has claimed were not paid for their, as he puts it, CONFISCATED land.

    PETER, I guess you believe that if you REPEAT a LIE often enough it will eventually become truth. However, the only person those lies have become truth to is you.


    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 25, 2012, 23:38
  18. VINCYPOWA, tell us about this, I have asked you to comment on five occasions.

    In 2009, the IADC purchased, from its own resources, 25 pieces of heavy equipment costing EC $12 million, namely: 17 Articulated Trucks; 2 Motors Scrapers; 2 Bulldozers (1 – D8 and 1 – D9); one Caterpillar 345 Excavator; one Caterpillar 330 Excavator, with Hydraulic Hammer; one Wagon Drill; and one Kobelco Crane.

    There is something seriously wrong with this cost [EC$12million]. Its about double what it should be.

    For instance the Terex Articulated trucks are ex British Military and were sold in the UK by UK government appointed agents for 1 £35,000 buy several for £32,000 each, or buy over 10 for $28,000 each.

    A fantastic buy with only 500 to 1000 hours usage, which makes them of almost new condition.

    The trucks at the airport originated from this source, I know because I checked at the time they were purchased posing as another buyer.

    Whichever of the UK government agents you chose to buy from the prices were the same and were set prices, I enquired by three agents.

    The cost of these trucks should be less than EC$2million.

    The other seven pieces of used equipment should not of cost more than EC$5million, and that’s on the high side.


    Did IADC buy this equipment off its own bat, if so who was responsible for arranging and orchestrating the deals?

    Did an SVG government officer and department arrange and conduct the purchase of this equipment?

    Was a Vincentian company or individual or firm involved in these transactions?

    Was any overseas Vincentian individual or company involved in these transactions?

    Was an SVG senator involved in these transactions?

    Was payment made directly to the vending owners or agents or was the purchase made through third party dealers or agents?

    I have official quotations on hand!

    Posted by Peter | June 26, 2012, 18:54
  19. VINCYPOWA, how many times are you going to produce the same old lies, everyone knows they are lies, even yourself. I have never found Eustace to be a liar. Not like you and Gonsalves who knowingly tell lies. It is possible that people unknowingly tell an untruth, mislead by others or just mistaken.
    Gonsalves told parliament that he never said “hunt them down until the exist no more” that was a downright lie to parliament, and the citizenship. Gonsalves also signs his name to agreements fully well knowing that they are untrue, unenforceable and unconstitutional, like for instance the teachers agreement. Gonsalves also told us he sometimes tells lies. He also told us “show me a liar and I will show you a thief”. As a self confessed liar, what other evidence do you need.

    The great thing is there is lots of evidence of Gonsalves being a liar, written and spoken. Even recorded in parliament and written into history.
    All your lies about Eustace would land you in court, if you didn’t hide behind a false identity.
    Eustace never opposed the international airport, what he opposed was starting the project without funding or contracts in place.
    He was right because the airport has bankrupted SVG and brought a curse upon our nation.
    The SCL crap about them writing scripts is an invention by Gonsalves and repeated by dishonest people like you.
    Whatever Eustace did with his constituency allowance must of been completely legal, because Gonsalves would of put the boot in and had the police visiting Eustace. I am sure that 380 dollars a week never paid for much, and Eustace would of added many time, more than that to run such an important constituency.
    I would not doubt that CDC and the South Leeward Carnival Association purposely planned to have its beauty pageant the same day that Nigel Stephenson was opening his constituency office.
    Eustace brought Crown Lands at the price set by the government valuation officer, the same price as many others paid. He has always been transparent about the transaction. Your suggestion is scurrilous to say the least.

    As for people at the airport who are still owed for their land. I know most of them, I would not expose them to the spite, and will not call their names. Several of the owners live in Luton. Gonsalves wrote a report in 2011 saying about a 100 parcels of land remain unpaid for. The airport company admit that they owe about 60 land owners for their land. So where is the untruth, it lays squarely with you
    VINCYPOWA, just to show what a diabolical liar you are, prove that I am wrong and publish the evidence.
    The land was taken compulsorily, it was gazetted, it has been taken and not paid for, in my book it has been confiscated.

    Gonsalves also says he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop, one of the Caribbean’s dead Marxist scum bags.

    Posted by Peter | June 26, 2012, 18:54
  20. VINCYPOWA, seeing as you are a know all know nothing ULP/GONSALVES collaborator, someone who quotes as from knowledge from the inner workings of the MARXIST REGIME, you tell us where the US$1 million in cash came from? where did the US$s come from that was in the big share out among ULP family and friends?

    You tell us that, you know all know nothing !!!!!!!!

    Posted by Peter | June 27, 2012, 09:40

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