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Controversy as ‘Bad John’ calypsonian goes ‘Brave’

Calypsonian Alvin “Zion I” Dennie as he performed “Bad John Calypsonian” during the National Calypso Monarch Finals in 2009.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – The state-owned National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has explained its decision not to air a calypso that a Carnival Development Corporation Development (CDC) official says will have to be vetted by a lawyer now that it has been selected for the National Calypso Monarch Semi-finals.

A discussion about Alvin “Zion I” Dennie’s “Brave” developed after NBC announcers spoke over the lyrics of the song during the station’s live coverage of the Preliminary Judging of On Tour Calypso Tent last Thursday.

Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) activist and musician Bryan Alexander, in a Facebook post, criticised the NBC and described commentators Maxian Harry, Bernard Joseph, and Aubrey Burgin as “little puppets of MASSA”.

“… the simpletons refused to mention who the MC was, just because it was E.G. Lynch of NDP fame, they went on stage and took in all the Calypsonians except for Zion I, who they did not even mention was coming on stage,” Alexander said in his post on the social networking website.

Prime Minister Gonsalves has successfully sued Lynch for defamation in relation to comments he made on the NDP’s weekday “New Times” radio programme, which he hosted for 11 years before developing eye problems last year.

“How … backward can you guys at 705 get? Ah mean this is SVG, the Station supposed to belong to all of us, what you all hope to get out of being a foot stool of MASSA?” Alexander further wrote.

“Stop dividing the … Country, we all are one, stop the … ‘stupidness’, stop being used, stand up for what is right, you all look and sound like jacka…s, you all are stiffing the … culture, SVG is last in everything because of you all … backward behaviour, you all would cause strife in this Country…” the post further said.

But NBC General Manager Corletha Ollivierre told I-Witness News by email on Monday that the song “was placed on hold until we obtain a legal opinion so it can be cleared for airplay.

“This is standard procedure at the station with any calypsos with which we need to be scrupulously certain as we cannot expose the Corporation to litigation — we must be responsible,” Ollivierre wrote in response to and I-Witness News request for comment.

“Because it is on hold, the announcers spoke over the lyrics while the song was being aired during the preliminaries. The CDC vets calypsos only at the semi-final stage, therefore the Corporation has sole responsibility to ensure legal clearance of all materials aired prior to the semi-final stage,” the executive further said.

“This is a responsibility of all media houses and not just for calypsos but with respect to any material submitted for publication on air. I suppose that the spotlight will be on NBC as the national station which has traditionally given a platform for and voice to the nation’s calypsonians,” wrote Ollivierre, an experienced media practitioner.

Anthony Dennie, the CDC’s coordinator of shows and co-host of “Morning Scoop” on the ruling Unity Labour Party’s Star FM, spoke to the issue during the programme Monday morning.

“… the calypso in question, I heard it. I was there at the park. … And boy some hard-hitting lyrics; name-calling and certainly, it was a hair-raiser so to speak indeed. A no-holds-barred kind of calypso and it’s like is this guy serious? And I agree with NBC Radio. You can’t put yourself in a position where you open yourself to legal battles and lawsuits and anything of that nature,” Dennie said.

In the 4 minutes, 40 seconds calypso, the “Bad Man Calypsonian” singer who was first runner-up three years ago, sang about the murder of “Jackson”, thieving down of “NCB”, Cubans eating out “food city”, thieves from the government seemingly banking money in St. Lucia, and, among other things, the use of drug money to run “campaign”.

And while the calypsonian did mention some names in his rendition, in many instances he referred to the subjects of his commentaries as “them”, “who”, and “Yo” (you).

“Man, if this song mean me grave, I brave. Ah say brave. Is so I brave. Man I brave. E (the) Rasta man brave,” he sang in the chorus.

Dennie, in his comments on Monday, further said media houses to ensure that what they are “replicating is factual, it is not defamatory.

“CDC takes the same stance when it comes to vetting calypso. There is a contract — calypsonians and soca artistes should not take a position where they, quite naturally, bring in lyrics that defames anyone,” the CDC official further said.

“And if NBC Radio 705 felt it fit that this particular song is not fit for airwaves, it may be defamatory and it may be bringing certain things in a manner that we don’t think are the right messages, then, in all fairness, they have a right not to air it.

“And to call people — seasoned media people — puppets and simpletons, you know, please, I don’t think we have to go down the road in situations like this. It is not the first time that something like this has happened. It has happened in the past, it has happened under past administrations.”

But Dennie said that his comments were not intended to target Zion I.

“This is in no way to target the particular calypsonian about that. Because I mean Zion I has sent tunes here that we have played on Star [FM] and certainly, of course, we will continue to do so if it doesn’t in anyway is defamatory or puts the station in any position where it is opened up to law suits. We will play it if that is not the case,” Dennie said.

“The 22 semi-finalists are to be announced and the question is, if this particular calypsonian makes the cut, the final 22, what happens from a CDC standpoint?” he said hours before the CDC release the names of the 22 semi-finalists, which includes Zion I.

“Well, I can say to listeners, and I think it is important that I mention it. CDC, whenever there are any questionable lyrics, do seek legal advice. There have been cases in the past where we would have asked calypsonians and artiste to change … particular lyrics in their songs so that it doesn’t in any way defame or bring any sort of disrepute to us the Carnival Development Corporation. And, in this particular situation, I can see us seeking legal advice if this particular calypsonian makes the final 22,” he said.

Zion I, who was second with his rendition “Sing Leh We Hear”, which swiped at Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his ULP administration.

It mentioned the rape accusation against Gonsalves earlier that year, police brutality, an unelected government officials “who have the biggest [position]”, and a one-man funeral.

The song ended with a mock arrest, during which two actors, dressed as police officers from the Rapid Response Unit — commonly called the “Black Squad” — accosted the calypsonian, slapped him and told him to sing about that, before taking him offstage.

The dramatization was of a situation in 2008 in which calypsonians Grantley “I-Pa” Constance said a member of the Black Squad had slapped him and told him to write a calypso about that.

In his second song, “Bad John Calypso”, Zion I, dressed like a prisoner with a handcuff dangling from one wrist, sang a witty calypso in which he said if he did not win the competition people would have to go to the emergency room for treatment. He said we was also going to close down the post office and turn it into a brothel and bring his “friend from Iran” to rig the next general elections.

The artiste, who claimed that he was fired from his job because of the songs, spoke on an NDP platform in Green Hill during the campaign for the 2010 elections.

“Ralph Gonsalves gi me a little wuk. Me sing ah song. Me ah calypsonian. Me sing ah song and de song bring money for me. Ralph Gonsalves dem going gi me $11,000? So if me sing a song and say ‘Dey say de PM had a narrow escape/He was almost charge for rape.’ Oh God ah money me a look fah; and dat dey mash up the place… ” he said in dialect at the NDP campaign event, quoting his song “Sing Leh We Hear”.

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27 thoughts on “Controversy as ‘Bad John’ calypsonian goes ‘Brave’

  1. Going Brave indeed…They go ban it, dem bald heads go ban it.

    Posted by Enigma | June 12, 2012, 08:01
  2. Ok, here’s my take on this Calypso fiasco. I can understand both sides of the issue, especially based on political affiliations BUT as a radio station that has to answer to the populace, NBC is responsible for the content it airs. Maybe they need to reassess the way they go about dealing with sanctioning songs that does not border on bias. Instead of talking rudely over a song and making listeners wonder what is going on, they could have made a preceding announcement that the upcoming song was awaiting clearance and would not be aired. On that note, defamatory songs, especially with people’s names mentioned, have no place on the public airwaves. SVG does not need added fuel for their flames of discontentment.

    Now the question is, would the radio station have afforded the same common courtesy to a calypso that bashed the opposition, or would they have aired it?

    Posted by Enigma | June 12, 2012, 08:14
  3. We in svg done see anyhow ndp gets into office ppl like bryan,margaret ,leacock and cummings will think and feel they could do and say anything..I mean to be fair I know. Xion I suffered a lot at d hangs of ralph but 4 he as an artiste to sing this kind of song 2 d public with all kinds of accusations that he and a lot of ppl not sure about is not only irresponsible but leaves much to b desired n 4 bryan 2 cum and just start cussing out d men giving their opinion on a song whether they have their biases or not only shows that these ppl wud do and say anything in d name of politics.
    not 2 stray from d topic but one cannot help but want 2 get rid of Ralph seeing d state of d economy n d way d comrade n his ppl have been acting toward vincentians but my thing is ndp and men like bryan are not trying 2. Be better but they are showing that they r worst because the way they think is if u support Ralph u must b stupid,a boot licker of massa or something wrong wid u n this is not democracy. Because d ndp has done similar wrongs n yet ppl voted 4 them n nothing is wrong with that .they criticize svg tv,seven o five n others. But they will neva criticize niceradio for only airing ndp ministers in parliament but they love democracy soo n when d pm criticize d news n shelly they claim he wanna stifle press freedom when they in turn do d same because they think enough news isn’t been broad casted about d opposition who hardly makes news..ah mean one can only see with these patterns that they only want things their way n that’s it.
    How can one forget when anesia was sent home by the government that same bryan n margaret among them were on fb crying victimization,they neva once said well maybe she should have resigned if she wanted 2b such a strong critic of d government she works 4 but they instead went on a rampage 2 wage war against Ralph 4 wanting 2 stifle free speech n democracy n now d same ppl are saying that she should have resigned in a similar situation regarding their own party. N are going on 2 say that d same anesia is ungrateful n getting on too much against eustace when is he gave her senator against all odds.. ah mean d same with when shefflon criticized gommery daniel who helped him get a scholarship they said bcause gommery help sheflon he thinks that gives Shefflon wrong 2 criticize him but now when anesia and shefflon do d same 2 ndp they say. She should have resigned n was wrong in what she did..
    They must realize that vincies are no longer stupid n are following their writings and pattern and can analyze that they are one sided and hypocritical and would not wanna give ndp a chance because of their behavior now much less 2 government so I strongly say no 2 bryan alexander bullying ways n his conniving rantings about wanting a better svg because its been proven he cannot separate conscience from politics so when they write this and that wheel and come again because no one is stupid

    Posted by theodore | June 12, 2012, 11:07
  4. NBC is supposed to be the nation’s station,the one station that culd play songs that are anti gove and anti opposition,although nobody listens to NBC and Nice Radio is the #2 radio station in svg in terms of popularity…it doesn’t really matter whether they play a sog or not,but it would be nice if they did

    Posted by Joe | June 12, 2012, 11:33
    • its not a matter of being nation’s radio n because of that u should play 4. Nation 2 hear but its a matter of being responsible and u heard d manager say that it has been d policy ever since not 2 play these kinds of songs but as we xpect ,everyone chooses 2 bring in their political biases.i heard d same bryan sAid some time ago that d government has infiltrated carnival n has d judges around its feet..if it was so men like patches n Zioni wud have neva seen d light of day in semis much less to final so bryan is just trying to stifle ppls freedom because they say things he disagrees witn but they must realise its democracy like he has to lambase d government,call hangs kings name on fb n said he neva meant hans but still has d audacity to say he post 1oo percent truthjs..pls giv me a break..u cant always have thing ur way bryan..the same way u feel free to disagree with sony banks n run down skinny songs in d name of politics is same way u need 2 give max n.d others u think r ulp a chance to democratically say what they see wrong ,after all they didnt libel or slander d mans characharacter as u tried 2 do hans so just accept ppls choices n stop playing politics with every damn thing ..we are not stupid we know that’s what u are doing

      Posted by theodore | June 12, 2012, 19:28
  5. NBC is supposed to be the nation’s station,the one station that culd play songs that are anti govt and anti opposition,although nobody listens to NBC and Nice Radio is the #2 radio station in svg in terms of popularity…it doesn’t really matter whether they(NBC) play a song or not,but it would be nice if they did

    Posted by Joe | June 12, 2012, 11:34
  6. Kenton could you please post the words of the song for those unfamiliar with the song,is it the song with the line “Adultery seems to be the main philosophy”…”yo people and they picknee eat out the ncb”….”you can’t go back canada since you tackle the policewoman”? I had no idea it was an anti Ralph song,Ralph isn’t a rugby/football player so how could he tackle a policewoman?… NCB needs to pu this song on 705 news because it reports on everything they can’t report on,because they’re not “Brave”

    Posted by Jahu | June 12, 2012, 12:00
  7. Calypso has traditionaly been a measure measuring stick to expose discontent and wrong doing in politics and society. If the songs featured EUSTACE or NDP, Gonsalves would be rubbing his hands and jumping up and down with delight.

    Posted by Peter | June 12, 2012, 12:52

    DEY SAY IS HOW I-MAN “over-think”.

    Truth to say, ME ‘NAVEN BE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SUCH A THING AS “over-think”. Dem commie scholars . . .

    I told you that HUDSON cowardly, shamefully, CUT OFF THE MIKE on Cousin MIKEY OLLIVIERRE, “Lord Have Mercy” – – – and THE STATE OF EMERGENCY, and THAT they were seeking for some nebulous LENINIST “pretext” to BAN or DESTROY CARNIVAL – – – BECAUSE THEY TERRIBLY AFRAID AH WE VINCY KAISOS. We nah suppose to protest the existing atrocious situation in any way at all, at all. No way !


    Look how they responded to our 2009 SVG REFERENDUM SOVEREIGN DECISION. You think that they would behave any better to the TRUTHS AS CHANTED BY WE CULTURAL ARTISTES?


    Their only ‘culture’ now, is COMMUNIST controlled ‘culture’ of KIM-LIKE PERSONALITY CULT. COMMJNIST CULT.



    That is the one statement that I could never see myself REPEATING verbatim from PETER.


    The specious rationalizations are but poor, opportunistic EXCUSES, based on narrow political bias, “wink – wink”, SECURING OF DEY POLITICALLY DEPENDENT “BREADFRUIT TREE”.

    Enigma offers some sober procedure. The PM has plainly said, recently, and I respect him for that, that IF you were to accuse him of being a thief, THEN of course HE WOULD SUE YOU. But, I am still to see any such-like errors in ZION-I’s kaiso “I – Brave !” He smartly crafts his song, in a “dangerously” tantalizing way, without actually committing himself in any offensive way. He obviously had his masterful song thoroughly vetted, beforehand, to guage against any possible slander, libel, or character-assasination charges.

    If the calypsonians, or any other commentators, circumspectly refer to rape ALLEGATIONS or ACCUSATIONS, not necessarily any unclear ‘charges’, I feel that they would NOT have violated any operative laws. You CANNOT SAY BLUNTLY THAT A PERSON COMMIT ANY ILLEGAL ACT WITHOUT YOU HAVING ADEQUATE COURT-ROOM ADMISSABLE SOLID EVIDENCE. To make any such claim, in any conceivable case of possible illegal acts or grievous wrong-doing, then, WOULD BE DEFINITELY MALICIOUS AND AN EGGREGIOUS OFFENSE. Temper your remarks, or calypsoes, my brethren.

    Do not falsely or maliciously accuse ANYONE, great or small.

    It just is not proper or mannerly. Or, FAIR. It may even be a case for a retributive, though not advised, bust-mouth, which could be more hurtful than some judicial sanctions. SO, for peace, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR LYRICS.

    I composed the SVG Black-BOX some years ago, and a certain RADICAL party squelched it, AS IT MENTIONED UN-NAMED POLITICAL CANDIDATES SHARING OUT BRIBE MONIES ON O’BRIEN’S VALLEY BRIDGE, U.S. $20.00. The party tell the singer to NOT sing the song. I fully well knew it violate NO LAW, and was quite legally permissible. Prior to writing the song, I wasn’t quite sure WHICH party was the offending one, here. My informers could be giving me wrong information to descredit their rival party. Should I then conclude that the political party debarring that song was the guilty one? I certainly induces one to SCRATCH the head.

    Go back to legal counsel, again, and look at the song, again. Then, let the man fairly present his calypso. Do not let POLITICAL BIAS, BIGOTRY, and PREJUDICE cheat ZION-I of this competitive chance. Do not fake a permission or hands-off gambit, then unceremoniously, cynically, collude or conspire to throw him out at the later stages. Let the Rasta sing. We up to dem trick, dey, aready.

    WHO are you guys trying to HOODWINK? As presently configured, ZION-I’s “I – BRAVE” comfortably passes legal muster. He could make sure that, subsequently, he exercises more, NOT LESS, caution. But, he is “Good to Go.”

    The only conceivable motives for DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ZION-I, here, is for narrow POLITICALLY PARTISAN, PAROCHIAL REASONS, where the lessor mortals are left to STEW IN THEIR OWN FAT, direction–less, in the thin likelihood that THEY MAY OFFEND THE POLITICAL POWERS THAT BE.

    In such an eventuality, as banning the song, or otherwise politically SUPPRESSING IT, the tin-pot DICTATORS coud always wash their hands of responsibility and JOIN IN BLAMING THE directionless minions – – – WHILE MEANWHILE ACHIEVING THEIR SUPPRESSION, BANNING, AIMS BY THESE ROUND-ABOUT DEVICES.

    Colleague D MAN AGE belted “DEY GO BAN IT !”

    Truly, DIS SOCIETY – – – inclusive of CDC and NBC – – – NEEDS A SPECTACLES.

    ZION-I, as MAN, RASTA – – – YUH BRAVE.

    SING LEY WE HEAR, brethren.

    QUIET, let me hear the RASTAMAN ZION-I sing

    ” I – BRAVE !”

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 12, 2012, 13:20
  9. I never heard Ralph’s name spoken one time in the song, it seems like a case of who the cap fits. If you listen to the song he could be singing about a dream he had, or something else, because like i said, the man didn’t call any names.

    Posted by blane | June 12, 2012, 15:33
  10. Can yo post the lyrics, please?

    Posted by justice | June 12, 2012, 15:35
  11. Kenton, I am not a lawyer,but if CDC looking 4 a legal opinion before playing it,maybe u should get a legal opinion before posting the lyrics too. Defamation is defamation.

    Posted by Safia | June 12, 2012, 16:37
    • SAFIA, man ‘fraid ah some some-uh ? WHY the FRANTIC PANIC ?

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 13, 2012, 15:07


    By the way, the best song in the Semi-finals…is by BROTHER EBONY…clever writing, melody on point and the musical composition is vintage….gone clear to the FINALS!

    Posted by Saadiss | June 12, 2012, 22:26
  13. Thank you for your opinion Steve Huggins.
    But guess what? That is your “opinion.” The CDC and NBC waiting for an “opinion” too. A legal opinion on defamation. Seems reasonable. Y the excitement? The song is close to the line. U say it don’t cross the line. Fine, u may b right. If it doesn’t cross the line, it should play. But other ppl worried that it cross the line, legally. What’s wrong with getting a legal opinion? U goin help CDC and NBC pay the lawsuit for playing a defamatory song? Chups.

    Who discriminating against the Ras? Didn’t he get thru to the semi finals already this year? Didn’t he sing in front of the whole of park and come 2nd last year?? If this is how Marxist Ralph silence ppl, he ain’t very good at it, lol.

    Posted by Karma | June 13, 2012, 10:45
    • GIVE THE PARTICULAR LINE, or lines, THAT CROSS THE LINE – – – with adequate truncated editing, of course. We would refer to the original, for ourselves.

      For example, SAADISS satirically mentions the one on them CUBANS DONE EAT OUT FOOD CITY. “Over the ”line’, KARMA”? What says the POLITICALLY preferred “legal” ‘OPINION’ ? Any others ? Let us have them.

      We don’t need the parochial, politically biassed, partisan PERMISSION of some shyster prejudiced lawyer to know that the ZION – I song, entitled ” I – Brave ! ” is NOT LIBELLOUS or SLANDEROUS. We have ears, too.

      Ironically, one prominent lawyer recently publicly stated that the RICH ARE MORE LIKELY TO STEAL THAN THE POOR. Interestingly, it MY OPINION – – – and the Comrade’s, too – – – that LAWYERS ARE AMONG THE VERY RICH IN SVG. Was that honoured BARRISTER actually TELLING US IN SVG that LAWYERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO STEAL than the poor ?!!!

      What accounts for the long-standing phenomenon that THE SVG PEOPLE, without fail, CONTINUALLY VOTE LAWYERS AS THE LEAST LIKED OCCUPATION in SVG ?

      It must be my personal karma, but KARMA – – – I fully APPRECIATE your opinion.

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 13, 2012, 15:27
  14. The pro mitchell and anti mitchell songs were played on NBC,back then there was one station and if NBC wasn’t unbiased when it came to calypso/social commentary we would never have heard them..but nowadays they have to sing fo dey supper

    Posted by Jahu | June 13, 2012, 13:43
  15. My Question are these: Has any calypso that was social commentary ever been banned or not played during a competition under NDP governance? Who was it that said that I will never banned a calypso? How many calypso in this country that were sung by artistes, which were based on speculation hear-say and personal interpretation of facts, whether political or otherwise? This is what social commentary in calypso is about. In Trinidad, calypsonians sing almost anything in the name of the art form. I never hear calypso banned in Trinidad because the song speaks to matters that are politically topical even though they mis-represent fact or attck politicians. The accuracy in these songs are never questioned because it is an art form.
    Comedians in the US say almost anything in the name of entainment. For example, I heard Chris Rock said that it was George Bush that Killed Micheal Jackson. People laughed because that is what such comments were made to do. I never heard George Bush making a fuss about that. Those of you who all of a sudden want to make this into an issue of legalism are dishonest. Plain and straight. I do not want to hear any body blogging me back and say I am rude. I dont care one hute. All yo to darm hypocrite in this country. I am just sick of all this postering and pratronizing discourse trying to demonized a calypsosian because he puts into songs issues which are already ventilated in public. I am putting it to all yo’ if this calypso was about NDP the same people who saying to ban the song would have be clapping.
    Look, in the election I heard people on Star FM saying that Nature was a child molester. The man try to put a case against ULP. Wha Happen? Ralph, pon the advise of the A**hole Lawyer from Domnica go in parliment and pass laws to protect themselves. All yo say that is genius. Now a calypsoian sing on things we all dun know and discuss already and all you want the man song banned. Way yo call that? I call that HYPOCRACY! plain and straight.

    Posted by AHA | June 13, 2012, 16:54
  16. Play that song in your car as you drive through kingstown…if yo brave lol

    Posted by Joe | June 13, 2012, 17:43
  17. Me again! Who is going to bring charges against Zion I? Where in the song did Zion I defame anyone? He never called anybody’s name. LISTEN TO THE SONG AND TELL ME WHO IS GOING TO BRING CHARGES. Allyo think that this scare tatics and all yo efforts to put duck tape over people’s mouths, when it comes to talking/singing against the fart that is going on in we face..allyo think that gwine always work. People are near breaking point in this country. But, all yo ha allyo arrogant heads too so far up allyo backside, Allyo cant tell the difference between rights and sh*t.
    That aside:

    You see the problem is this: All ah we know who and what ZION I is talking to but he never called names. So who is going to bring the charges? I ask. Just recently, There was the case with VInee. Where ralph made statements which she interpreted to mean that Ralph was insunating that she was a lesbian. How did she come to that conclusion? Ralph said she was female…. but came back a boy… she was a Tomboy..,.etc. Now the case was thrown out because ASSTOFAN an them say that Ralph did not say exactly that she was a lesbian, albeit plenty people know that is what he was implying. No Sh*t. So, even though he did not say…. “Vinee was a lesbian” everybody, including them ULP people know what he was implying. So if that was the right decision, how all yo gwine prove that ZION I was talking to someone specifically if he did not refer to someone specifically….albeit we all know what and who he is talking about. You, see if All you put case pon ZION I and allyo win.. then we will know that the justice system in SVG only serve the people in powa. Then all hell should break loose in this ya country. But who is the “Allyo” who gwine put ZION I in courts for singing a song with no name or mentioned.

    Except where the song mentioned the rape allegation against the PM, no names were mentioned. In the case of the reference to the rape charge, What happen? is this new? Is it false? Is it defamatory to say some one was charge for rape when it is factual that someone was charged for rape?? Maybe it is embarrasing, but how you gwine win ZION I pon that one? That was the only reference to someone in particularly in the song.

    No one was identified by name in relation to the other matters raised in the song. Allyo know that all yo cant win ZION I legally except the court get its direction form the man in POWA!…. OR……. ASSTOFAN, the A**hole from Domnica, gwine tell allyo to go to parliment to make laws to ensure allyo win. Barring that, how allyo gine win ZION I? I dont put that pass the A**hole lawyer, but I dont believe that our judicial is that currupt yet! So there has to be another motive here. Is the CDC going to ban the song because it defames who it believes it defames without the song identifying who it is allegible defaming? It this decision going to be based on CDC’s perception and interpretation of the song? If so, the CDC will have to justify such a decision by identifying who the song defames. The problem is that the song does not identify anyone, nor does it defames anyone who is specifically identified in the song. This is very interested. We shall watch the development of this bassa! bassa! Ley me see wha you political bastards gwine do with this one.

    Posted by AHA | June 13, 2012, 18:22
    • AHA, fine post. Incisive thinking. I prefer the term “ACCUSED OF”, or ALLEGED, though – – – instead of the “…charged…”.

      HOW come that NONE of the RADIO Stations, which HAVE BEEN PLAYING THIS SONG “I – Brave” by ZION-I, or, CDC, have BEEN CHARGED with LIBEL, SLANDER, OR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, by anyone, for so doing?

      The song has been getting airplay and been on the platform stages FOR A CONSIDERABLE TIME NOW and yet no charges, or even WARNING LAWYER LETTERS have so far been known to have seen the light of day.

      The minions, hacks, and acolytes FEEL that THEY THINK THAT THE PERSONALITY CULTIST THINK THAT the Calypso song is offensive. This kaiso don’t praise or exult him, and IS RAGINGLY POPULAR, so that MUST NOT BE in the puny, puny minds of the CONNOUSIEURS OF POLITICAL PATRONAGE, GRAFT, CORRUPTION, LARGESSE, AND BOBOL.

      SING the kaiso LEY WE HEAR YUH SING, mi brother ZION – I.

      ” I – BRAVE !”

      Ah so.

      AH SO me brave.

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 16, 2012, 23:47
  18. I think you should all try and be diplomatic about this matter, take notice of how I am always diplomatic. Unlike the Gonsalves boy who is undiplomatic.

    Posted by Peter | June 15, 2012, 21:02
    • How ON EARTH could we have an UNDIPLOMATIC ‘diplomat’, PETER ?

      Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 16, 2012, 23:49
  19. IT MUST BE A KIND A KARMA, but the PM has once again, thrown his PAROCHIAL PARTISANS under the opportunistic ‘bus. My sympathy with the VP crowd, et al.

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 29, 2012, 19:28
  20. SEEMS TO ME that the PM’s “OPINION” in this particular case is CONSONANT WITH MINE. Imagine that, the avowed Marxist-leninist and I are agreed on such a controversial matter. At least openly. Where was he when we had the BIABOU MELTDOWN ? Ah mean to say, he didn’t pass on the MESSAGE, or party line to his parochial, soical ladder climbers, and partisan party henchmen in the Police force ? And, why didn’t he give adequate notice and direction to VINCY POWA, and his other ‘SQUEALER’ ELEMENTS a la “ANIMAL FARM” – – – such as the ZOMBIE mouth-pieces in the foreign-headed CDC and on the politically compromised NBC – 705 ?

    The ultra left PM left his APOLOGIST MINIONS HIGH AND DRY on this one. And, they shameless pick up themselves, dust themselves off, wipe dey foreheads, wipe dey mouths – – – and continue apologising for his LENINIST EXCESSES as if nothing happened.

    Is this what really happen when yuh sell your very soul to another mortal man to be his SLAVE AND “USELESS IDIOTS” [check the Catholic analysts] ?

    SQUEALERS ! Wey ‘Napoleleon’ say ?


    And, we are human zombies, drones, AUTOMATONS.


    Just “useless idiots” PARROTS and AUTOMATIC REPEATER MACHINES of what the RED Maasa says.

    Mindless ZOMBIES. Here comes the TON-TON MACOUTES !!!

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | July 1, 2012, 16:04
  21. I – BRAVE, Zion-I.

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | July 3, 2012, 17:27


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