Eustace objects to government’s ‘hands-off approach’ to Buccament Resort

A view of the five-star Buccament Bay Resort. Reports says workers at the resorts are being paid on an inconsistent basis (Internet photo)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace on Monday called on the government to look into the operations at the EC$400 million Buccament Bay Resort amidst reports that some workers there are not being paid regularly.

Eustace further said that persons trying to recapture their investments at the resort or seeking compensation for work done have filed several lawsuits in local and foreign courts.

His comments came one week after Works Minister Sen. Julian Francis said on radio that the development must be protected from persons who want to undermine it.

“The way Buccament operates their business down there, they have quantity surveyors. When they give out contracts to these sub-contractors, there is a value placed, and, like everything else in the construction industry, you get paid in stages.

“… If the quantity surveyor does the assessment for the second phase and you have not completed the second phase, you don’t get the extra 25 per cent. You will get a 10 per cent, 15 per cent, depending on the percentage of the work done. That is norm in the construction industry,” Francis said, according to Searchlight newspaper.

The publication further reported the senator as saying that when this situation occurs, some of the contractors reduce staff or do not give them full payment, promising to pay when they themselves are paid.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in response to a call in Parliament by opposition legislator St. Clair Leacock for a ministerial statement on the resort, told lawmakers on Thursday that he had discussions with resort owners “and a number of issues where raised”

He said the fact-finding talks also related to the non-payment of workers at the five-star facility.

Gonsalves, who is also a lawyer, said that there are legal mechanisms “to address certain matters including, institutionally too, workers who may have challenges.

“There is the Labour Department, which is a first port of call, which is the institution to carry out investigations and to provide the necessary advice in addition to whatever other advise is required,” he said.

Leacock had told lawmakers that “… there isn’t a Vincentian who is unaware of what is happening right here on the ground at Buccama Bay with Harlequin, where, for over ten months, people can’t be paid … and there is a potential for a business to belly up, leading to violence at that worksite”.

Eustace said Monday that all investments here should be protected and objected to Francis’ blaming local contractors for the non-payment of wages.

“… very little is said about what is owed to the local contractors themselves so they can pay their workers. And I think that should not have been done,” Eustace said on his weekly radio programme.

He said that last week there were seven or eight cases in local courts in relation to the resort and other court matters are pending.

“So something is amiss. So one cannot simply pass on the blame to local contractors,” he said, adding, “There are people there who are trying to get back the money they invested in the project.”

Eustace, an economist, said that the situation has implications for the nation’s reputation and foreign investment here.

“… we have to be aware of this. … you cannot have investors coming here and not paying their bills. … the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines cannot afford to have a situation in which local persons are so adversely affected and they are not able to look after their families because they are waiting to get their money,” he said.

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace (File photo).

He said that the situation is “a very, very serious matter indeed and the government cannot take a hands-off approach … especially as it pertains to the local workers and surely even for those who have invested from overseas because government can’t be seen to just washing or keeping its hands away from it.

“They have to be able to comment and say something about these matters and give some guidance on the matters. They, too, should be speaking with the developers to make sure people feel at ease and relaxed, because they must know whether their investment is safe.

“If you say nothing, then you leave it for people to speculate as to government’ intention.

“So I do not agree with what is being said by a lot of people that that ain’t the government’s business. It is the government’s business. It is all of our business here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an investment of that size and scale and so on, we have to ensure that it goes well and we do what we can to facilitate it, whether by tax concessions or other concession but the investors themselves must be held accountable for things that are not going well.

“… Of course, I know what limitations there are but the matter must be dealt with … We should be right in there trying to ensure that they get their just reward, the workers of this country and the contractors of this country, in the same way that we would want those people who have invested to get something for the investment they have put in. Nobody is quarrelling about that. But you can’t expect to make profits and workers are not paid. It is just not acceptable and should be dealt with effectively,” Eustace said.

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19 thoughts on “Eustace objects to government’s ‘hands-off approach’ to Buccament Resort

  1. Investment in Real Estate world-wide is on the decline. Properties that were listed some years ago for 1/2 million are worth less that 1/4 million. This is the picture being painted and displayed in the several countries. I expect it’s the same khaki pants in SVG. The world’s economy is in trouble and investments are taking a beating and that could be the reason why Buccama Bay Resort is having problems.
    It’s only fair that somebody, anybody come forward and let the investors, workers and other parties involved in the process know what’s happening. The remarks by Ralph and Francis has no merit and show they have no idea what’s happening. Ralph said he spoke to some people, but talk is cheap and he’s not saying what issues were discussed. If there are cases before the courts against the management of the resort then those area serious issues.
    You can be sure investors will shy away from SVG. Someone mentioned that no new factories or other business entities were started or built in SVG for several years running. That’s not good because there will be no jobs for the youths coming into the work force, in a few months. Banana once the cash crop for many farmers is on life support. It got there from neglect. This government took its eyes off the ball and destroyed the livelihood of all SVG nationals. The government is at a stand-still, the economy is at a stand-still and so is the entire nation.

    Posted by pvpalmer | June 5, 2012, 02:02
  2. Didn’t the international media say that the WIFE of one of the PRINCIPALS is taking him to the cleaners? Or, are they merely smartly SHIFTING THEIR ASSETS AROUND in order to foil creditors or regulating authorities?

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 5, 2012, 08:46
  3. PVPALMER, first off, it is the NDP under the James Mitchell and Arnhim Eustace GOVERNMENT that KILLED BANANA. All you have to do is look at the HANSARD during the time of the NDP reign. In fact, look at the hansard when Eustace gave his first and only budget speech as Prime Minister in 2000.

    i believe Banana was in DEBT in excess of over 30 million dollars under the then NDP government, during a time when they had SURPLUSES in their FISCAL ACCOUNTS.

    In other words, it was Arnhim Eustace and the then NDP government who took their eyes off the ball when it came to bananas.

    Moreover, it is this ULP government who has been working HARD to REVIVE the Banana industry. I believe this government has already spent over a hundred million dollars trying to revive the industry since it took office in 2001.

    On the banana issue, i will leave you with a few quotes from then WIBDECO’s Chairman, Arnhim Eustace. He said these new procedures (procedures to help the Windward Island bananas) are the only way for the industry to take back its market share in the United Kingdom. “We are trying to get this industry to not just survive, but to prosper in an environment that is increasingly difficult and competitive.”

    “The Windwards therefore need to sell more of their fruit at top quality level, and this requires an improvement in their overall quality.” To further highlight the point, he said that for the first twenty weeks of this year, the quality score for Windward Island bananas were at the bottom of the scale. Dominica’s export remains relatively small since the hurricane last year, but its fruit quality scores are averaging in the mid- eighties. However, due to the small quantity, the overall score for the Windward Islands remains low.

    “In week 20, Dominica’s score was 85 percent. As a result of this performance, Dominica was getting up to 8 pence per pound more for its fruit than the other islands. “For the week ending May 25, the Windward Islands’ fruit price of 640 pounds sterling per tonne continued because of the overall low quality of its fruit. This price was less than Jamaica’s by 20 pounds sterling, Belize’s by 60 pounds sterling, and Cameroon’s and the Ivory Coast’s by 100 pounds sterling.

    “It must be recognised by all involved in the banana industry that the market is consumer- driven. It is not sufficient to simply produce bananas – we must produce what the market or consumer wants. The produce must be of the highest quality and it must arrive without scars, crown rot or latex staining. The market, not the farmer decides what will be sold.”

    As you can see, even as CHAIRMAN of WIBDECO, the banana industry was SUFFERING under Arnhim Eustace leadership, and of course during the reign of the REIGN of the NDP under James Mitchell’s leadership.

    That said; this ULP GOVERNMENT is not at a STANDSTILL, because if was, then there would not have been any NO INCOME, LOW and MIDDLE INCOME HOUSES; there would not have been any JETPORT; there would be NO EDUCATION REVOLUTION; there would not have been over 27 REHABILITATED CLINICS and NEW POLY CLINICS; there would not have been 7 BRAND NEW SCHOOLS; There would not have been 5 BRAND NEW POLICE STATIONS; there would not have been FREE LAPTOPS for SCHOOL CHILDREN; there would not have been a NATIONAL LIBRARY; there would not have been the PAN FOR CRIME programme; There would not have been a REVIVAL of PANORAMA and CARNIVAL; there would not have been a Y.E.S programme; there would not have been a POLICY that allowed VINCENTIANS to get 100% MORTGAGE LOAN; there would not have been a 100% STUDENT LOAN programme for POOR PEOPLE children; there would not have been an a STATE of the ART MRI machine at the Milton Cato Hospital; there would not have been an increase of the welfare stipend for the poor and disadvantage people of $60.00 under the then NDP (before it was $50.00 for some 16 years under the NDP…they only increased the stipend to $60.00 because of the 1998 election) to $220.00 under the ULP; there would not have been a Rabacca Bridge; there would not have been a sea defense in Layou; there would not been severance pay for estate workers; there would not have been an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT being built at Argyle, there would not have been sales in crown land to POOR PEOPLE at below market prices, etc.

    What this government has done since the GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN, which began in 2008, to keep our country afloat, is HIGHLY COMMENDABLE.

    When so-called FIRST WORLD NATIONS are going BANKRUPT or their ECONOMIES have been CRIPPLED by this global economic meltdown, this BLESSED NATION of ours is still MAINTAINING…thanks to the EXCELLENT STEWARDSHIP of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his government.

    The THOUGHT of the NDP governing this nation during these TIMES is just too FRIGHTENING. So again, i THANK the WISE PEOPLE of SVG for REELECTING this PROGRESSIVE ULP GOVERNMENT, under the VISIONARY and HARD WORKING LEADERSHIP of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (a LEADER that people in the REGION wish they had to GOVERN their COUNTRY, because he is SIMPLY the BEST) to govern this BLESSED LAND of ours called St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | June 5, 2012, 14:32
    • Good VINCYPOWER, “Intelligent Vincentians” will agree with you that the GOVERNMENT is not at a STANDSTILL. The only STANDSTILL we had was that period 1984-2000:- we were “LOST-IN-SPACE”!!!

      Posted by no-nonsense | June 6, 2012, 20:57
  4. Gonsalves failed in his duty as PM and Finance Minister. Had he done proper research and due diligence on Dave Ames he would of discovered he was a twice bankrupt nobody. He had no experience in the resort or hotel business, this was his first venture and he had absolutely no money whatsoever at the time.
    Employed at one time as gofer and dish rag for Southend United Football Club in Essex England, and later a double glazing window salesman.

    Gonsalves has no business experience and should not be making these ultimate business decisions. This project will eventually bring tragic results for SVG. I believe the best thing is for the project to go broke and for it to be taken up by a professional firm of resort operators, making sure that any new owner the ULP are not trying to put finger in the pie.

    The problem SVG will have is all the investors that will lose their deposits, investments and rights and interest in the property. They will never forget that SVG is a bad place to invest.

    I believe that this will turn out to be a monstrous Ponzi Scheme.

    Direct employees and contractors alike, suppliers of plant and machinery, these are the types of people who are not being paid.

    Hundreds of investors have been trying to get their money back.

    ULP member/s of Government have been free loading at the resort.

    a/ Gonsalves should never of allowed this man to take such a scheme from the government
    b/ Gonsalves has allowed the nonpayment crap to go on for years, he should of stopped it long ago
    c/ Leading ULP has been freeloading on food for years, and has had a house built by some section of Buccament Resort or workers and contractors thereof, not far from Harmony Hall.
    d/ Gonsalves wife got a contract at the Resort for a substantial amount of money shortly after Gonsalves did the deal with Ames and consortium.
    with them.
    e/ Gonsalves has allowed the Resort to act and carry out acts which are unconstitutional.
    f/ Gonsalves allows the Resort to use national police to enforce their no payment policies.
    G/ Gonsalves allows Buccament villagers to suffer at the hands of the Resort.

    Gonsalves always wants to handle everything himself, that is except blame, when it goes wrong he jumps on a plane and heads out for a week or so.

    I believe that Dave Ames Harlequin conglomeration of company’s will prove to be a world wide Ponzi scheme running into Multi Millions even Billions of dollars. People like Gonsalves are helping perpetuate the ripping off of thousands of investors.
    Harlequin are selling muliple projects World wide, St.Vincent is the only one that is being built, there is over a billion dollars taken in deposits world wide. A company owned by Mrs Ames and her son has received 45 million pounds in so called commissions.

    Workers, contractors and suppliers in SVG are not being paid.

    Which Senator had a house built by Harlequin via one of its past contractors?

    Why is Francis at Buccament on a daily if not weekly basis, if not at the resort certainly hanging around locally?

    Who is the ULP who collects free food from Buccament? who is on the take?

    Read what Francis says on front page continued on page 22 of 1st June Searchlight. “The Buccament Bay development is a child of the ULP administration and must be protected from all those who want to bring it down”. On Star radio he said “after hearing so many negatives about the project, I decided to visit the resort to see for himself what is going on” What on earth is he trying to fool us for, he virtually lives there, he knows every intimate detail of the resort. He even instructs the Black Squad when they are required at the resort to quell the wrath of people who have not been paid.

    He goes on to say in the Searchlight “ the Developers have invested $EC400 million into the project“, that is untrue they have invested nothing, the money invested to date is money taken from individual investors, it is their money. Dave Ames came to SVG pretty well broke, and was a two time bankrupt in the UK. He has claimed to be opening projects all over the World, Buccament is the only one half completed, all investors from all the so called projects all over the world, have had their investment co-mingled with Buccament investors monies without there express permission.

    Francis goes on to explain how Harlequin have been paying the contractors, and that it is the contractors who fail to pay people. That is of course a load of horse shit, people working at the resort are paid late, and in some cases have not been paid for three months. Contractors like Dinky Balcome and Patrick Ferrari have been owed money for up to 12 months. Francis goes on to explain how quantity surveyors cannot approve payment to contractors because they have not completed sections of their work. More misleading crap to fool the readers.
    The Quantity Surveyors can hold up contractors payment indefinitely if required to do so by Harlequin, it’s a legal way of bilking the contractors.
    There are scores of contractors owed money, they just cannot get paid.

    Francis says the Argyle Airport and the Buccament project are linked, because one cannot work without the other.
    We all know that Gonsalves promised Buccament that the International airport would open a couple of years ago, running true to form, Gonsalves lied to Harlequin, he told them what he thought they wanted to hear.

    Francis claims that all this bad talk about the resort is coming from NICE RADIO, its not, its coming from the people that are owed money.
    Just take a look at

    What we all know is that Francis and Gonsalves are both liars. Francis told us that the airport was being paid for by someone else, that it would cost us nothing, and when its finished the would be no debt left. That was a massive lie. They didn’t even know at the time where funding for the airport was coming from.

    The Francis took US$1 million cash to the bank in a bag and asked for it to be changed into EC dollars, leaving it with the bank , the bank later called him and asked him to collect the US currency, they didn’t change it.
    Whether it is the same money or not, all sorts of ULP hierarchy and their family started to take small and large amounts to the bank.



    Posted by Peter | June 5, 2012, 20:55
  5. PETER, if that site is your CREDIBLE SOURCE then you’re even more STUPID than I thought.

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 6, 2012, 00:26


    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 6, 2012, 00:35
    • VINCY POWER, these IDIOTS will continue with their crap, no matter what anyone says to them. They are ‘PAID OPERATIVES” of the SCL and NDP, you read these comments, check the frequency and you will get the message!!! INTELLIGENT VINCENTIANS ARE READING!!!!!
      Hope they will ‘really’ SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE!!

      Posted by no-nonsense | June 6, 2012, 21:19
  7. Who was the interior decorator again?I’m sure she got paid l.o.l

    Posted by Joe | June 6, 2012, 07:49
  8. Excellent information Peter. I have been following Harlequin at It has taken quite a few turns over the course of the thread. By the way the £45 million only represents deposits for the 2011/ 2012 tax year. Joe the appointment as Interior Designer was given to Gonsalves’ wife. Unlike the other poor schmucks, yes no doubt she was paid and handsomely. Regardless of whether she was any good as an interior designer I’m sure Harlequin got great value from the appointment ;-(

    Posted by Richard Greenland | June 6, 2012, 16:30
  9. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    VINCYPOWA, there are a number things in what I wrote that you will not find on the website.

    My information comes from a more direct source. Although I must say having read the splurge on the website, I can confirm that there are a lot of things on there that are true, and a number of items that I cannot confirm, but would believe the possibility of them being correct. There is also a lot which I know about which is not on the site.

    Unlike you VINCYPOWA I don’t tell lies and I don’t guess authenticity of information. You can only spew out what you are instructed to spew out by Gonsalves and his hoppo. You can only repeat his lies and filth.

    If you remember I warned everyone about William Wise, that Millenium Bank was a Ponzi scheme, tell us VINCYPOWA, what you said about that. Now you have been proved an idiot, supporting Gonsalves must be a well paid job, because no one would tell all the lies that you have told over the years without substantial remuneration.

    VINCYPOWA, as for your other blog to PALMER. Everyone knows that the banana industry was on the wane. No one has ever disputed that. What we are saying is that Gonsalves finally totally killed the banana by failing to fund the spraying against black sigatoka. He is to blame for the death of the smaller but working banana industry.
    No one took there eye off the ball, the EU bowed to the US and stopped the exclusivity of our bananas in the UK and Europe.
    The way you try and embroider the situation people may just believe your lies and interpretation of what actually happened.

    The ULP have not worked hard to revive the banana that is another direct lie. Donkey Dung Gonsalves yard boy Francis the Philistine [ remember those names that you helped me apply] said that the day of the banana was over and he also told us that it was now the time of tourism [that was eight years ago]. Francis the Philistine, like yourself never makes statements without Donkey Dung Gonsalves approval.

    The government robbed the banana farmers when they took over the association and its property. The tricked the farmers, and stole from them.

    The government has not spent a 100 million, that is another lie. The EU have put money into agricultural schemes to try and help the banana farmers. That’s not government money. The government have managed to waste and abort whatever schemes they handled. Which ever government was in power would of been granted these funds.

    VINCYPOWA, quoting this “WIBDECO’s Chairman, Arnhim Eustace. He said these new procedures (procedures to help the Windward Island bananas) are the only way for the industry to take back its market share in the United Kingdom. “We are trying to get this industry to not just survive, but to prosper in an environment that is increasingly difficult and competitive.”
    Only proves that Eustace was on the ball, not as you said took his eye off the ball.

    VINCYPOWA, like Donkey Dung Gonsalves you are little more than a turd, your cottaging and snurging activities tell just how much of one you are.

    The current failure of the farmers to produce exportable fruit is due to damage by black sciatica, and the black sciatica is out of control because Gonsalves failed to fund the Ministry of Agriculture to buy the chemicals need to spray the banana trees, they were in many cases not sprayed at all. This amounts to criminal behavior on the part of the government.

    Trees affected by the disease bare fruit, that can be packed green for shipping, and within a few days the bananas ripen prematurely. You cannot blame the farmers for that. The ministry should ban the export of bananas during the sigatoka crisis.

    There have been no ‘low income’ or ‘no income’ houses built by the ULP government. The houses they have built can only be afforded by people with a well paid job. And even then a number have been abandoned, repossessed because the repayments are so great. People were encouraged to take mortgages and loans from NCB which they couldn’t afford.

    A number of replacement ‘no income’ houses were built and paid for by the Mustique Company, subsequent to flooding and hurricane crisis. Gonsalves like the liar that he is took the credit for these houses saying it was a government project, it was not.

    When you mention the jet port, are you talking about the airport at Canauan, built under the rule of the NDP. Runway extended to take larger jets a couple of years ago and paid for mainly by the Italian resort owner. Then closed because the government failed to maintain landing lights etc, and several small airlines banned night flights and one cancelled all flights to the airport. How on earth can we manage an airport at Argyle, when we can’t even manage and maintain this tiny jet port. it’s a real fiasco.
    Then to cap it all you repeat the lies of Gonsalves that the jet port was built by this ULP government, that is just another enormous lie

    There were more clinics in the late 1800’s early 1900’s than today. Those clinics were better maintained, cleaner, better staffed and equipped for the time than they are today.
    The hospitals and clinics are as of today still without medicines, drugs, dressings. The new MRI scan machine broke down a month ago, because the installers have not been paid, they won’t come and fix it. There is sewage leaking into the central sterilization room where instruments and equipment is sterilized, that is closed and all operations except emergencies cancelled. There is currently no air-conditioning in the hospital because the firm that provides service has not been paid.
    There are no tests available for ladies, pap smears or mammograms, what a disgrace.
    You can be almost sure if your hospitalized in SVG, your as good as dead.
    Gonsalves goes’ to Barbados and such places for treatment, the Vincentian people cannot afford such luxuries.
    The new unit being built in Gonsalves constituency at Georgetown is two years behind schedule and there are trees growing out of parts of the unfinished building. This unit is being built at the closet possible point to a dormant but potentially active volcano. A more stupid place could never of been chosen. All to do with Gonsalves politics, and his sheer stupidity and ignorance.

    The new police stations were paid for by others not the SVG government, funding would have been available whoever was in power. More lies.

    The so called lap tops, which are in fact notebooks, were paid for by others not the SVG government, funding would have been available whoever was in power. More lies.

    The new library was years behind schedule and is still without more than a few books, all tattered and torn.. The ceiling have been leaking water and the floors are disgustingly filthy because the cleaners have no proper equipment to clean and buff the floors. The whole place is a disgrace.

    The Pan Against Crime has not shown any reduction in crime. Crimes under this government has increased, murders, rapes are out of control. People being robbed in their own homes at gun point.
    VINCYPOWA, you and Gonsalves are dishonest turds.
    Forget about students loans and tell the people about how this government owe millions to Universities and regularly embarrass students who are sometimes locked out of study groups.

    Yes there would have been a sea defense at Layou, that was paid for by others not the SVG government, funding would have been available whoever was in power. More lies.

    Sales of Crown Land at bargain prices only took place in areas where Gonsalves was trying to buy votes.

    The global melt down began before 2008, Gonsalves lied to us on a continual basis about our financial position. Borrowing money and putting us in debt that we just will never be able to repay. His actions have cost us the NCB bank, the Government Super Market, and most of the family silver in the way of selling land which should have been reserved for our children and their children.

    SVG is Bankrupt we are paying no one, whilst taking more and more from the NIS to stay afloat.
    The government owe millions to traders, contractors, caterers, truckers, hardware suppliers etc. They have owed some of these for as long as three years.

    Many peoples wages are paid weeks and months late, by the government.

    The Argyle airport was started without appropriate studies and we are still unsure that it will be licensed for international airline company’s to use.
    Money has been taken from Iran in return for our support at the UN, they are executing Christians for being Christians, that why there is a curse on the airport for the use of Christian blood money. Gonsalves and his son recently abstained from a vote in the UN against Syria following the recent massacre when 40 children were shot in the head., that abstention favored and helped Syria.
    We were told that when the airport was finished it would have been paid for by an association of the willing, and when it is finished it would of cost us nothing and no debt would be left for us. That was a massive lie, our children’s children’s children will be paying for the airport a hundred years hence.

    Gonsalves and his lies have bankrupt the country, and you VINCYPOWA support the Marxist scum bag. Spouting and repeating the lies of Donkey Dung Gonsalves


    Posted by Peter | June 6, 2012, 21:21
  10. The pm should come out and praise David Aimes as a good manager like they praised morgan for being a good manager,he should praise william wise too

    Posted by Joe | June 6, 2012, 21:34
  11. my blog of June 6 contains an error created by my computer when it autmaticly corrected an un recognised word

    One is what the banana trees suffer with, the other is an illness, which VINCYPOWA suffers with, besides being senile.

    Posted by Peter | June 8, 2012, 08:00
  12. So Kenton wants to EDIT posts now. SMH

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | June 9, 2012, 17:54
  13. After READING the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW of Mr. Ames by the Searchlight newspaper, I just have to SHAKE MY HEAD at the IDIOTS on this BLOG and those within the NDP who CLAIM to want the BEST for SVG.

    You people are only PROVING that you have NO LOVE of COUNTRY or want to see our BLESSED NATION MOVE FORWARD.

    Everything that comes from you people are NEGATIVE and with no INTENTION of TRYING to make SENSE out of NONSENSE.

    I REMEMBER telling PETER…uhm…these are the comments I expressed to him

    “PETER, if that site is your CREDIBLE SOURCE then you is even more STUPID than I thought.”

    POSTED BY VINCYPOWA | JUNE 6, 2012, 00:26



    I SUGGEST that everyone READ the article in the Searchlight newspaper. It will show once again how IGNORANT you people are.

    That said; I have never encountered such a NEGATIVE person the likes of Peter. I thought no one could beat SAADISS in this regard, but Peter has him BEATEN by more than a mile.

    Frankly, he is HELPING the ULP without realizing it, because NO ONE is GOING to take a person seriously who just DROWNS himself in NEGATIVISM.

    I am SUGGESTING that the SUPPORTERS of the NDP WISE UP with their PROPAGANDA and NEGATIVISM. Show us that you can actually engage in CONSTRUCTIVE and ENLIGHTENED DEBATES, irrespective of the FACT that there are those who might or will DISAGREE with your VIEWS.

    Frankly, I do not understand how Kenton Chance, who is suppose to be a journalist of worth, would on a daily IRRESPONSIBLY post these DESTRUCTIVE articles, because they can only REFLECT NEGATIVELY on his BLESSED HOMELAND, in a TIME when we should be ENCOURAGING INVESTORS to come to SVG to INVEST in her DEVELOPMENT.

    The VAST MAJORITY of these ARTICLES coming from the NDP have PROVEN to be no more than NEGATIVE PROPAGANDA.

    We can go through every single article relating to what the NDP has to say about whatever the issue and they PROVE that 90% of them are just PROPAGANDA drowned in NEGATIVISM, LIES and half-truths.

    The NDP is ALLERGIC to the words TRUTH and FACTS, and there is no CURE or VACCINE for the CHRONIC ILLNESS that the MEMBERS of this DESTRUCTIVE PARTY are SUFFERING from.

    Of course, they have a JOURNALIST in Kenton Chance who lives and goes to school all the way in TAIWAN. However, he keeps POSTING their PROPAGANDA on the INTERNET as if he is OBLIVIOUS to the REPERCUSSIONS that the NEGATIVISM could have on St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a SMALL ISLAND STATE in the CARIBBEAN, with no NATURAL RESOURCES than its PEOPLE.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | June 12, 2012, 13:10
    • Idiocy again, did you even research the company Harliquin??. What is wrong with your head, you listen to the very same people who are involved in the scheme and you believe them. Do you think Mr. Ames is going to come out and confess to anything and say “yes officer lock me up now, we are running a ponzi scheme.

      Every single thing you say is against the NDP, did Eustace bang your wife or something?? Get over yourself this is not about you, this is about the people in Vincy that are suffering so a few people can live big life and spending our money like it’s their own.

      go to

      You would see investors that say the company defrauded them, post new insightful information weekly.

      Posted by blane | June 12, 2012, 19:22
  14. VincyPowa, frankly I think that you are frowardly passing your place with the proprietor-editor.
    But, in we free enterprise, representative democracy, constitutional monarchy, freedom of thought, and nationalist independence values we are assured that you can continue to be froward. We are NOT like you.


    We want ever more free expression of viewpoints, opinions, and personal preferences.



    Wha’ appen, man? The kitchen getting TOO HEATED ?



    You have my well-meant sympathies, my Vincy bro – – – no matter you are misguided and bigoted.

    Yet, I urge you to continue. There is so, so, very much that you could learn still from PETER and the rest of this I – WITNESS NEWS Vincentian Posse. Then with continued practice, you will certainly get ‘better’.

    Is like when the night before the actual General Elections, when the canvassers of ULP specially asked me to be present at an emergency meeting that they had called to seriously review the behaviour and poor performance of their candidate. To a man, they expressed TOTAL DISGUST WITH THE POOR CHOICE OF CANDIDATE, AND THE NEAR COMPLETE POLITICAL IDIOCY OF THE CANDIDATE.

    They had decided to PUBLICLY BOYCOTT THE FOOLISH ULP CANDIDATE. But, they wanted my opinion on the matter, still.

    I urged upon them, that no matter the errors and shortcomings of the candidate, or, their degree of eggregiouslness, THEY MUST BRAVELY STICK IT OUT UNTIL WELL AFTER THE GENERAL ELECTION POLLS THE VERY NEXT DAY. Then, if they still so wished, they could fulfill their hearts’ wishes of condemning the political fool.

    I fervently beseeched them to please not let the rival NDP, or the peoples of BARBADOS or the remainder of the EASTERN CARIBBEAN wake up that next morning and hear such a nationally humiliating news about SVG, and our VINCY NATIONAL POLITICS. I told them that, no matter how the rival NDP was perceived as, I was absolutely certian that they, too, WOULD NOT WANT TO HEAR SUCH A SHAMEFUL THING, themselves. I felt sure that the NDP, no matter what the subjective conditions, WOULD RATHER A REAL FIGHT – – – and a victory by default.

    My earnest, nationalist, pleading with the brethren, and their amicable though reluctant acceptance of it, served to persuade the most intractable brethren who had already made a firm decision on IMMEDIATE BOYCOTT, AND PUBLIC SHAMING OF THE FOOLISH CANDIDATE. The momentous CRISIS was thankfully averted.

    And, you, VP, continually falsely accuse this yah man of “hating” your human pagan idol ?

    Even when the COPYCAT hated to see me around, when I was incessantly beseeched by these very active ULP members and virtually FORCEABLY ‘DRAGGED’ TO THEIR SESSIONS.

    I wouldn’t secretly tell my hearers or companions “Comrades, he could be dangerous” – – – should I see the COPYCAT COMMUNIST approaching, again with insistant urgings.

    Rather, I would sincerely go to him, after all the others had had their chances fo ask questions or congratulate, and I would enquire about some substantive issue or consideration – – – such as “Comrade what was the final public decision on that important issue?”

    That’s the great difference between yours truly – – – and west indian copycat communists.

    Keep the faith, bro – – – the ULP “faith”.

    The only personal/nationalist favour that I would desire of you is: THAT YOU LOOK EVEN MUCH MORE DEEPLY INTO ‘YOUR’ “SIDE” OF THE ARGUMENT – – – AND THE CURRENT AND CHANGING ULP.

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 12, 2012, 19:32

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