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Missing woman Shanika Small to be remembered at Ms SVG show

Shanika Small, 20 of Dauphine, has been missing since October 21, 2011. She was supposed to be a contestant in the Miss SVG pageant on Friday.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – When the Miss SVG pageant is held on Friday at Victoria Park, missing from among the contestants will be a young woman who has not been seen since last Oct. 23.

Shanika Small, 20, whose last known communication was a text message to a friend saying “Call 911”, was at the time of her disappearance, among the bevy of beauties preparing for the show — a major event on this country’s carnival and cultural calendar.

Police in Kingstown are yet to say whether they have received the results of DNA tests expected to indicate whether a decomposing body found in the Dauphine-Welcome area Oct. 30 is Small’s.

Small’s mother identified clothes on the body as those of her daughter.

The delegates in the Miss SVG pageant will join previous contestants in honouring Small and the 1979 winner of the pageant, Ingrid Myers died in the United States on Dec. 31 that same year.

They will do so by singing Brandy’s “Missing You.”

Cheryl Rodriguez, chair of the Carnival Development Corporation’s (CDC) Beauty Shows Committee, announced on Tuesday that Small was among candidates preparing for the Miss SVG show.

“… we don’t know what happened to her,” she said at a CDC press conference.

“So, … our contestants here have decided to do a tribute in song to both those ladies,” she further said.

“… we are having a bit of both the past and the present,” she said of the persons who will perform the tribute.

Miss SVG 1999, Kimon Baptiste and Laferne Fraser, the 2002 winner of the show, who was also won the Miss Carival crown that year, will join the current contestants in performing the tribute.

Janelle Allen, the second runner-up in the 2004 Miss SVG pageant, and reigning Miss SVG, Avia Charles, will also perform.

“… they are practicing and they have sweet voices so they will sound well,” Rodriguez said of the tribute which will be performed just after the contestants’ evening wear appearance.

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3 thoughts on “Missing woman Shanika Small to be remembered at Ms SVG show

  1. Kenton, thanks for the service you provide to the diaspora. However, I have one complaint about this website. It is very difficult to navigate. Don’t try searching the archives for an article. It is good that you can select the dates, but when you do, only one article is displayed at a time, which is the most recent. So if the article you are searching for was posted on the first of the month, “Crapaud smoke yo pipe.”

    Why don’t you have it set up so that when you select a particular month in the archives; it shows you a list of all the articles posted for that month? One can then select or click on the article he/she is searching for, which would take about 10 seconds the most. Right now it takes minutes,and I really dont have the patience to search the archive the way it is set up now. This is just a suggestion to make your site more user friendly. Again thanks, and keep up the good work keeping us informed.

    Posted by Eric WIlliams | May 30, 2012, 23:03
    • Eric Williams,

      Thank you for visiting and for your comments, which are useful. However, as you will appreciate, this is a not-for-profit undertaking that does not receive any income, notwithstanding the banner advert encouraging people to donate. Had we funds and were we a commercial venture, we would be in a position to implement the changes you recommend.In the meantime, you might want to try to search for key words. I have the same experience when searching the archives.

      Posted by Kenton X. Chance | May 31, 2012, 01:08
  2. May God bless the memory of dear Shanika.

    WILLIAMS, I am always surprised when people post without any regard to the reason that they initially visit a particular story. Don’t you think it would of been kind to first mention this missing lady.

    KENTON, what you give us, the people greatly appreciate, I hope that those that can afford, subscribe to your excellence.

    Thanks again your a sparkling diamond in a tarnished World.

    Posted by Peter | June 1, 2012, 17:42

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