Buccament Resort workers should get paid – PM

“…I believe that a number of people are and will be taking legal action against the company for monies which they feel they have lost.” – Opposition Leader 

This image, captured from a promotional video, shows a scene at the Buccament Bay Resort. Some workers at the resort have been complaining about the lack of payment.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has said that while his government “has nothing to do with” contracts between developers at the Buccament Bay Resort and their employers, people must be paid when they work.

His comments on Saturday came two days before Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace spoke of concerns in the international media about the global operations of developers at Buccament — Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

Gonsalves’ comments came in response to a question during a meeting with Vincentians here on Saturday.

An employee at the five-star resort told I-Witness News in an email last week that the company has not paid him for three months.

He said he is owed EC$5,000 and added, “I would like to say how worried I am about the Buccament project.”

The email writer, who asked that his name be withheld, said he is a member of a team building new villas.

“We have not been paid for nearly three months now,” he wrote partly in dialect.

“What [are] we expected to do? No money for rent, food or to send my kids to school. My babymother [told] me I need [a] new job to look out for my family. What must I do? … I [am] telling you [there] will be trouble soon,” he further said.

But Gonsalves — who was in Taiwan for the second-term inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou — after being read parts of the email, said:

“The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has nothing to do with any contractual arrangement between Buccama and any individual” — referring to the resort by the traditional name of its location.

“… I have inquired already. They tell me they have some people they employ directly, some people are employed through independent contractors,” he further stated.

“What I do know is that if somebody works they must get pay and whoever doesn’t get pay, there are laws in the country and they must go to the Labour Department and they will enforce the law,” Gonsalves said.

Meanwhile, Eustace, commenting on the development during his weekly radio appearance on Monday, said detail of the developers operation might become public soon.

“There are still, I believe, a lot more details to come out. I have had an opportunity to hear about some of the accounts with respect to Buccama and I will wait for those to be released,” he said.

“What I am saying is that the picture doesn’t look very well at all and one has to get as much information as possible because I believe that a number of people are and will be taking legal action against the company for monies which they feel they have lost,” Eustace said.

“And there are a number of subcontractor here who have done business for the company and have not been paid and this is a cause for concern,” he further sated.

“Buccama is a pretty large project. You are constantly hearing about workers not being paid or paid on time and you hear of investors who are dissatisfied and want there money back and some of them are going to court.

“… A number of questions are therefore being raised… I say to Vincentians now we have to be aware that all of these things are happening at the same time that our general financial situation and the investment climate itself is already being affected …” he further stated.

I-Witness News contacted Harlequin Property in England after a fire broke out at the resort two weeks ago.

The company’s U.K.-based lawyer Simon Terry said that the fire was a minor one in an unoccupied part of the resort.

Terry, however, did not respond on the record to questions about calls to radio programmes that some workers at the resort were not receiving their wages and salaries on time.

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18 thoughts on “Buccament Resort workers should get paid – PM

  1. Such a shame, if only Gonsalves as PM and Finance Minister had done proper research and due diligence on Dave Ames he would of discovered he was a twice bankrupt nobody. He had no experience in the resort or hotel business, this was his first venture and he had absolutely no money whatsoever at the time.

    Employed at one time as gofer and dish rag for Southend United Football Club in Essex England, and later a double glazing window salesman.


    Gonsalves has no business experience and should not be making these ultimate business decisions. This project will eventually bring tragic results for SVG. The best thing is for the project to go broke and for it to be taken up by a professional firm of resort operators. The problem SVG will have is all the investors that will lose their deposits, investments and rights and interest in the property. They will never forget that SVG is a bad place to invest.

    Gonsalves you are ultimately to blame for this debacle.

    Personally I believe that this will turn out to be a monstrous Ponzi Scheme.

    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual powers of darkness an evil princapalites in high places..”

    Posted by Peter | May 22, 2012, 06:53
  2. This WILL BE PROVEN, again, to be MUCH ADO about NOTHING.

    It is the USUAL NOISE we have HEARD from Eustace and the NDP for YEARS, which HISTORY has SHOWN tends to be NOTHING more than PROPAGANDA, PARTISAN POLITICS and RABBLE ROUSING.

    That said; if these workers have not been paid, then they need to be paid.

    Now, the question is, are these workers EMPLOYED DIRECTLY by the owners of the Buccament Bay resort or are they employed by INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS HIRED by the owners of the Buccament Bay Resort?

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | May 22, 2012, 09:33
    • VincyPowa you are a piece of …. You will eat Ralph … and all. You are such a disgusting thing. You sicken me bwoy. How can you be such a bold face liar. Are you crazy? To simply mislead people like that. Is that all you are worth? Come on man, have some pride and dignity and stop being so wicked to yourself and your country. We know that there are many contractors who are directly working for government who are not being paid or have waited so long for their monies that by the time they received it, it was not of much use. All the debts they had to repay were innumerable. Shut up bwoy and stop licking Ralph … . Shame on you, scavenger.

      Posted by justice | May 26, 2012, 17:11
  3. Wait, is this Ralph saying that people should be paid when they work???? Say it ain’t so comrade!!

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | May 22, 2012, 11:10
  4. GONSALVES, Canada is waiting for you, there is a special welcome awaiting you, Be a man and go to Canada, stop being a coward, if you have nothing to fear go.

    Posted by Peter | May 22, 2012, 12:56
  5. Peter why don’t you investigate the issue and have more facts about the unpaid workers. The workers can be working for contractors who were not paid. Hence they had no money to pay the workers. Then again the contractors may have received the money, but failed to pay the workers. That’s why it’s important to cross-check all the facts. You can’t blame Ralph for that. On the other hand nothing in SVG moves unless and until Ralph says so.
    The resort issue is another story and I believe the government was deeply involved, especially in obtaining the land. Are you hinting that the resort company and the investors were not thoroughly investigated before contracts were signed? I think Arnhim is being very careful with the information he probably received. He has to have the facts straight or he will lose credibility.

    Posted by Vere | May 23, 2012, 00:02
  6. VINCYPOWA, are you so stupid that you don’t know what is going on at Buccament? Or are you simply trying to mislead the people again?

    Direct employees and contractors alike, suppliers of plant and machinery, these are the types of people who are not being paid.

    Hundreds of investors have been trying to get their money back.

    ULP member/s of Government have been free loading at the resort.

    Harlequin so called scandles are being investigated in several parts of the World, Brazil, Thailand etc.

    Posted by Peter | May 23, 2012, 07:41
    • Peter, if this is your EVIDENCE, then I need not ADDRESS your RANTS any further.

      Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | May 23, 2012, 16:13
      • Soberly, there are enough RED FLAGS in this PETER link to counsel further investigation and pending PROBABLE CAUSE of Action. We do not need to stick our heads in the sand, like proverbial ostriches. It is our national duty to be aware of what this company, its subsidiaries and principals are doing here, and elsewhere. Be more rational.

        Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS | May 25, 2012, 07:35
  7. So, PETER, you so generously INVITING YOUR PAL or nemesis, GONSALVES, for a well-deserved VACATION rest in beautious CANADA – – – most especially on this present NATIONAL BIRD trip, or, world tour ?


    If he chooses to accept your kind invite, then he could contact a certain SVG politician who has, or was ‘granted’ TWO posh HOUSES in dearest CANADA some time ago – – – if the unofficial grapevine is to be found reliable. These would be fine accomodations to use, if that creature permits him. Ah doan tink that the house receiver sell those houses, yet. TAX DEPARTMENT, beware !

    Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS | May 23, 2012, 09:04
  8. My advice is if you dont get pay for your work, go on strike and take whoever hired you to court, end of story.

    Posted by anthony douglas | May 23, 2012, 09:48
  9. 3 months without pay…….thats real hard bwoy…..What I would like to know is: Are there many people actually staying at this resort. Their pricing strategy seems to appeal only to the super rich of this world.

    Posted by Kevin Thomas | May 23, 2012, 16:59
  10. One of my business associates in the UK has known Ames since he was a boy, he knows everything about Ames and has filled me in with the information that I remit.

    Which ULP had a house built on Windward by Harlequin? Photos and details available.

    Posted by Peter | May 23, 2012, 22:40
  11. Yet again this is Gonsalves fault,

    a/ Gonsalves should never of allowed this man to take such a scheme from the government

    b/ Gonsalves has allowed the crap to go on, he should of stopped it long ago

    c/ Leading ULP has been freeloading on food for years, and has had a house built by some section of
    Buccament Resort or workers and contractors thereof, not far from Harmony Hall.

    d/ His Woman got a contract at the Resort for a substantial amount of money shortly after Gonsalves did the deal
    with them.

    e/ Allows Resort to act and carry out acts which are unconstitutional.

    f/ Allows Resort to use national police to enforce their no payment policies.

    G/ Allows Buccament villagers to suffer at the hands of the Resort

    VINCYPOWA, JASON, say whatever you want, Gonsalves is at fault, and so are you for supporting his crap

    Gonsalves always wants to handle everything himself, that is except blame, when it goes wrong he jumps on a plane and heads out for a week or so.

    Gonsalves is two people Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, just his weight proves it.

    Wash man, washhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Posted by Peter | May 25, 2012, 12:38
  12. All yo do some investigation and find out if Buccamment resort does pay duty pon any thing they bring into the country. If so, what? Also find out if the other hotels get the same consessions as Buccament Bay Resorts. If Not, Why? Further, Who a benefit? This ya bowllie gwine burst soon.

    Posted by AHA | May 25, 2012, 17:44
  13. It will prove to be a world wide Ponzi scheme running into Multi Millions even as much as Billions of dollars. People like Gonsalves with the support of idiots like VincyPowa are helping perpetuate the ripping off of thousands of investors.

    Harlequin are selling muliple projects World wide, St.Vincent is the only one that is being built, there is over a billion dollars taken in deposits world wide. The company owned by Mrs Ames has recieved 45 million pounds in so called commissions.

    Workers, contractors and suppliers in SVG are not being paid.

    Posted by Peter | May 26, 2012, 08:02
  14. When the thing blows up we can add VINCYPOWA to the list of those reponsible for investors losing their investment.

    Top of that list is Donkey Gonsalves.

    Posted by Peter | May 26, 2012, 08:22
  15. CANADA

    Posted by Peter | May 28, 2012, 07:47

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