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Two fools are about collide [OPINION]

By Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.

Well somebody “likes” Anesia Baptiste and wouldn’t mind her being a (political) partner.

Who else would like Anesia Baptiste before she has undergone a complete transformation? The Guerilla Leader, of course.

Two (political) fools are about to collide.

Neither of them have any respect for authority and they each want to be the boss neither could ever be.

Other than Misser Back-Ass, which Vincentian would ever take Mat-You seriously? Mat-You probably knows something we don’t. I hope the police investigation into what could be contempt of court and threats charges are on-going.

The other fool cuss out everyone she comes into contact with and is said to be a cultist.

So pretty soon, Political Reform Equality Socialization and Services would try to flirt with Cult United National Troika. The end result: a power romance, which will end in a political miscarriage.

Start to mix the koolaid!!

Please help me count

SVG politics is in a sorry state. The ruling party aside, we seem to have a bunch of crooks and dotish (foolish) and crazy persons wanting to occupy the corridors of political power in out country.

Please help me count:

1. One already elected, could face charges for misappropriation of funds. People say he’s dotish.

2. Another is still to account for jerseys. He is known for writing rubber checks and being very disorderly in public and private life. “Ah so dem wah foh run government?”

3. Another one likes to stone places of worship. He is a delinquent tenant who still owes nearly a half million dollars in business rent.

4. Then there is the one who promised to wage a guerrilla war. He could be left legally bankrupt if the collections officer comes knocking at the door.

Home Boy it will be

After a few weeks of speculation, King Dotish has decided to make his choice for the vacant Senatorial position.

For several days, King Dotish and his advisors met behind close doors at Democrat House to decide on the vacant position.

Yes, the meeting was met in the office, which is paid for by the taxpayers and said to be the Constituency office. One office, two rent money.

Anyway, the fly on the wall said Home Boy, Dougie DeFreitas, Princess Louise and Black Power Princess were short listed for the Senatorial appointment .

Princess Louise was the first to be cut. Good Friday reminded the meeting that Princess Louise is tipped to be the ULP candidate in the Northern Grenadines in 2015. According to Good Friday, he may be resigning as early a January 2013 to become Armajaro Cocoa Co.’s local lawyer.

Dougie was reported to be too busy with “Breakfast with Ralph” and fund-raising to save his radio station from the hands of the Comrade.

Chief advisor Skinny was very blunt. He told the leader that the days of dynasty in SVG politics should be a thing of the past. Skinny told a stone-faced King Dotish that should he appoint Black Power Princess, that will push the door wide open for De Comrade to hand over leadership to Camillo, which would mean another 20 years for the NDP in the (political) wilderness. Besides, Skinny reminded, Black Power Princess is not known in East St George and could never even save her deposit there.

Major Blows broke out in a big “crazish”. He was quickly joined by Stone Church. The Major told his colleagues that the NDP may not even survive another 20 months.

Sensing that Good Friday may have already had an arrangement with “I Man” Son for succession in the Northern Grenadines, Skinny convinced the King Dotish, that Home Boy is his only choice.

Could this be the reason Home Boy told a caller to his WE FM radio show [Thursday], “very shortly the whole nation would see how much Mr. Eustace really loves me…?”

Note: The views expressed herein are solely those of Wade Kojo Williams, Sr. and do not necessarily reflect the position of I-Witness News.

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8 thoughts on “Two fools are about collide [OPINION]

  1. KOJO MOJO, on behalf of the ULP and Gonsalves, you are pretty good at trying to destroy opposition people, but those who know you, know you for what you are, Gonsalves toilet paper.

    Demolition of personalities by you, shows what a turd you really are. You are not fit to lick between the toes of anyone that you have mentioned in your article.

    Your just an old Marxist scum bag.


    Posted by Peter | May 16, 2012, 08:27
  2. Wade, this is a “really” sweet piece of comess. However, there is always some bit of truth in rumours. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Posted by Eric Williams | May 16, 2012, 09:15
  3. Please tell me with all the sh*t going on in this country what exactly is the relevance of this idoitic postulation by this dimwit, KOJO Williams? What is this writing suppose to accomplish? Don’t KOJO have more productive use of his time. It is clear that Wade Kojo Williams, Sr. .. This “A*S boy” is trying to brey intelligently. Who the fleep care if another political party form in this country by Baptise, Mathew, Junior or whoever? Who really cares? We catching we backside just to stay alive. We up to our noses in this load ah ULP Sh*t and KOJO wanna come and stink up the place even more with his dogfart commentary.

    The same ole sh*t over and over again and again. Yea we know. We have heard it before. Ralph is god. ULP is the kingdom of god. Cummings stone church, Leacock catching he backside just like the rest of us. Arnim dunce. Arnim have to give account for the constitutency allowance . BLA! BLA! BLA! BLA! We dun hear all ah that ahready.

    WE nah Kay. Right now, a litter ah dogs is better to run SVG than ULP. NDP, Mathew, Baptise or Junior will do a better job. So WTF you coming to hotting up we head again with this boring sh*t for? What happen KOJO you suffering from old people’s disease? Man just tek yo’ head outta Ralph’s backside for a moment. Maybe then you will see what is really happening around us instead. Tek for example my friend use to wuk for the MoE for over 35 yrs. They send he home since Jan 2012. Up to now, no salary, no graturity, no pension. For 5 fleeping months nutten. Wha he suppose to do, commit sucide? Or should he tek up he cuttlass and ………..? Or should he just lie down and die? This is live in SVG. Mek yo nar write bout them thing dey? NO! instead you come with this bias irrational ULP “bulltootoo”. WTF is wrong with yo? Really!

    What happen you gwine curse me now? While you are at it you can goahead and “KMA”. Excuse my rudeness!

    Posted by AH RUDE | May 16, 2012, 12:03
  4. Kojo de Komrade might carry 2 cricket balls with him to taiwan so he could get some physical activity by playing cricket,in any case the balls would get dirty from dirt/grass etc,so Kojo you should volunteer to go to taiwan and wash de Komrade’s balls everytime they get dirty

    Posted by Joe | May 16, 2012, 16:03
  5. What an IDIOT is KOJO..This guy has nothing else to do with his miserable life..why the heck he don’t come to SVG to clear his name…

    Posted by Observer. | May 16, 2012, 16:12

    Posted by Peter | May 16, 2012, 20:50
  7. Mr. Kojo, you need to pay for your mouth, u have no respect at all, that’s why SVG is un discipline cause as a big man look at what u say u writing, and people must read your krap u need to see yourself as a big man, and not a little boy, I expect so much better from you, this information going world wide, is that how u training the young ones about respect? So sh.e on you, if only I was d management of I witness news I was not going to allow u to post that krap, one of these days we all will have to stand before God to give an account u need to keep that in mind, and also this Government will not be in office for ever, so where and whoever u hiding behind come out, u need to write an apology letter

    Posted by prince | May 16, 2012, 21:31
  8. WILLIAMS, Gonsalves needs a break, as a friend and supporter of his why not convince hime to take a break in Canada.

    GONSALVES, see what you missing, a lake side log cabin, fishing from a long jetty, and walking in the woods is fantastic in Canada at this time of year.

    Walking outside at 4am is invigorating, wonderful shrubs, remember one in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    GONSALVES, Canada is waiting for you, there is a special welcome awaiting you, Be a man and go to Canada, stop being a coward, if you have nothing to fear go.

    Be a sport, cheer us up.

    Posted by Peter | May 22, 2012, 14:21

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