Retired nurse to accompany recuperating Gonsalves to Taiwan

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – A retired nurse will accompany Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during this official visit to Taiwan this week to dress twice daily the surgical incision made to treat an abscess at a Barbados hospital last month.

The 66-year-old Gonsalves is travelling to the Asian ally to attend the second-term inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou on Sunday and will meet with Vincentians there on Saturday.

“I am going tomorrow to Taiwan and I know some of you will be saying ‘You still have … your surgical incision, it ain’t well yet and you gone?’” he said in Langley Park Tuesday at an event to hand over homes to persons whose properties were damaged or destroyed by flash flood last year April.

“I have to go to Taiwan to say thanks again on your behalf and to be there with the president of Taiwan because he had asked me to come and I said yes I would come,” he said in the northeastern community.

Shortly after the disaster last year, Gonsalves — who was using a walking stick because of an injury to his knee — travelled to Taiwan to seek assistance for the recovery effort.

He said months later that he wore a tight, orthopaedic stocking to endure the 14-hour flight between the United States and Taiwan.

Gonsalves’ doctor has approved the trip to Taiwan, which begins Wednesday.

“… the doctor said yes I can go but I must walk with the retired nurse who has been dressing the surgical injury … to dress it in the morning and dress it in the night,” Gonsalves said.

“So I am going there (Taiwan). I am showing them (Taiwanese) that I am committed to them and to say thanks on your behalf,” he said.

“This is how government works, especially when you are in government in a small island country like this and you have to find your way in the hostile world.”

He said earlier Tuesday that he had promised Ma that he would attend the inauguration.

“… despite the fact that I am not fully recovered, because the incision is still not healed, I am keeping my commitment and I want to show my appreciation to the government and people of Taiwan for all the assistance they have given to us,” he told reporters during a 150-minute press briefing.

Gonsalves is returning to public spotlight after spending two weeks — including a weekend in hospital — in Barbados, where he fell ill en route to the Middle East.

The trip to Taiwan is on one leg of a two-week, 10-working-day stint overseas that will also take him to London.

In Europe, he will deliver the keynote address at a function for 50 Vincentian entrepreneurs before returning to St. Vincent for meetings of Parliament on May 31 and June 1.

The meeting on May 31 is a regular one but lawmakers will gather on June 1 for a short ceremonial meeting to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Gonsalves fell ill in Barbados days after he complained of being excessively tired after the Summit of Americas in Colombia.

On his return to St. Vincent from Barbados, Gonsalves denied having suffered a heart attack and said that there were no problems with his prostate gland.

“I am feeling good!” he said at the airport, adding, “I know that the public is concerned about my wellness and I have to report that I am feeling good.”

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30 thoughts on “Retired nurse to accompany recuperating Gonsalves to Taiwan

  1. Just like i said. The guy went to Barbados for his abscess,meanwhile trying to tell people that he got sick on his pass over, which was a lie. And the funniest part of the whole thing is, the man is not even a good liar. I wish other Vincy people could fly out too comrade, but only the big man them could do those things, the poor people them in SVG have to face the so call hospital in town that don’t even have basic medication. Yaaaaayyyy for the red team.

    Posted by blane | May 16, 2012, 11:40
  2. We need to see a photo of this nurse, I just hope she’s getting danger money traveling so far.

    Gonsalves we do not care a truck about your travelling whilst still unhealed from surgery. That’s your choice, its your body, fat and wrecked through abuse, you don’t care, why should anyone else care a damn.

    What we do care about is your travelling and spending money that we do not have, you need to remember you have already driven us bankrupt. Spending the Vincentians money, not yours, you are only a civil servant, not the plantation owner, your out of control, stop it.

    You do not need to go to Taiwan, unless that is you want to use your own money and visit your daughter.

    The Taiwanese give us money because they need us, they need our votes at the UN among other places.
    They do not give us money because they love us, nor because they have any thoughts in their hearts for you Gonsalves.


    SVG is number three capital in the World for rape per capita.

    SVG is number one for scrounging from other countries

    SVG is number one for being raped by countries that need our UN vote





    Posted by Peter | May 16, 2012, 12:55
    • The house is owned by a couple from Spring Village, North Leeward who now resides in the UK. (meanwhile the couple is renting elsewhere) It is rented to the SVG government for a very handsome price. Its where the big boys ‘cool out’ when theyre in the gool old england. WATCH AH GOVERNMENT.

      Posted by urlan | May 19, 2012, 11:32
  3. Based on what i read one would think the prime minister would ask a high ranking official such as the deputy prime minister or the minister of foreign affairs to fill in for him. We must ask ourselves what will happen if his condition worsen while he is enroute to taiwan or london? I believe there are other cabinet ministers who can represent the country on his behalf,

    Posted by Real | May 16, 2012, 12:57

    Posted by Peter | May 16, 2012, 13:00
  5. He has 2 doctors who were former ulp representatives he could carry with him,they’re light and already in his pocket,he could also carry Joy and the other people who depend on him for their bread and butter,they would make sure nothing happens to de Komrade,because if de Komrade dead how dey go survive? Anyway it’s good that it’s a 66 year old nurse,so there probably wont be any rape/harrassment accusations..and it looks more decent

    Posted by Joe | May 16, 2012, 15:56
  6. He going to beg for money..That’s what.!

    Posted by Observer. | May 16, 2012, 16:00
  7. Fool and/or Liar?

    Posted by justice | May 16, 2012, 16:19
  8. What a BIG LIAR. GO COMRADE! Keep the Vincy dem like mushrooms. Yes…. Keep dem in de dark and feed dem shit. The end is near Comrade. Go on on diet. Shame on you. You too likerich. Yo gall bladder go tell pan yo.

    Posted by skyhawk57e | May 16, 2012, 16:31
  9. @ Observer lets say he IS going to beg for money, who is he going to beg for money for?….

    Posted by AB | May 16, 2012, 17:21
    • If the expected enlightened answer to this is “us” – – – why on earth after 11 years of BEGGING are we then in MULTIPLE MILLIONS MORE IN RECORD DEBT — which we, we children, we grand-children, we great grand…, and even yet future Vincies will have to wuk off we behinds just trying to REPAY?

      You ever see such great BEGGING ? Till we are in greater debt ? Isn’t something seriously WRONG with this ?
      Are we BEGGING TO GET INTO IMPOSSIBLY GREATER DEBT ? Bless all the begging like that.

      This is the same political pusilanimous nincompoop who used to BLAST the R.M. CATO SVLP and J.F. MITCHELL administrations as BEGGAR GOVERNMENTS ?

      He boasted endlessly that he knew how to run the Government, not be a mere beggar government.
      The COPYCAT comrade told us that he knew how to develop the country, with such and such PROGRAMMES, and such and such SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES — not like those traditional “beggarly governments.”
      Ah, commie, yuh book-radical ignorance and false boasting COME BACK TO BITE YUH.
      The much proclaimed “Programmatic Platforms” were just so much LATRINE TISSUE.

      GO HIDE YOU FACE – – – and yuh big gut – – – SUBVERSIVE COMMIE.
      Yuh ignorant and politically corrupt more than the worst of them.
      How much debt we owing to Venezuela, now? Who ‘gwine pay that ? What about your assets?

      If you want to know who the COPYCAT begging for, then take a TEST, and do a simple investigative evaluation.
      Assess what was SVG’s assets 11 years ago when the commies start to take over, with SVG’s assets TODAY.
      How is the national BALANCE SHEET ? Is SVG better off now, today, as compared to 11 years ago — financially?

      Next, take the COPYCAT, first, then each of his leading sychophants, in Cabinet and out. Examine their total assets and/or debts from 11 years ago or whenever they entered office, with their assets TODAY, or on their leaving office. Is he better off, today ? BY HOW MUCH ? What about the COMMIE COLLABORATORS ? Are they BETTER OFF TODAY, as compared with WHEN THEY ‘CAME IN’ ? BY HOW MUCH ?

      How come that all this shameless begging and national prostitution is NOT making SVG better off ? How come all this official mendicancy is MAKING SVG WORSE OFF ? How come we are in even HIGHER DEBTS ?


      The question needs to be asked and answered AGAIN. Who is he begging FOR ?
      Certainly NOT FOR SVG.

      Is this what we went toward political-constitutional INDEPENDENCE for ? International BEGGING ? Where is the independence and SOVEREIGNTY in that ? Where went our national pride ? Is SVG then left with absolutely NO NATIONAL INTEGRITY anymore ?

      What a fine way to govern a State.

      Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS | May 16, 2012, 21:36
  10. AB, he is driven by staying in power at all cost’s, so he is going for himself. Remember all those crap countries he went to at Christmas, all the crap he fed us about getting bundles of money, what did we get ZILCH.

    Is he going to Taiwan for their new miracle cure?

    Unrelated, why were the three policemen remployed after they became convicted criminals? what do they know that needs to be hushed? What does someone fear from them?

    Posted by Peter | May 16, 2012, 19:27
  11. I want to see the nurse face and her name, who paying for her, PM or we

    Posted by prince | May 16, 2012, 20:30
  12. Don’t we have a deputy prime minister? Why is this guy forcing to go on this trip, plus he’s wasting tax payers money by taking this nurse with him. Yet people who clean the street can’t get paid. Is Mrs Miguel even alive???

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | May 16, 2012, 21:17
  13. Everytime there’s a bombshell dropped the pm runs away.Come on comrade stay long enough so we could laugh at you for having bonds be bought by the nis then saying they’re oversubscribed,what chupiddness dis? It’s a miracle that NIS hasn’t invested in Cafe Solei or Star Fm, …..yet… de people with de pension ah feel de tension 😀
    Ah hope when dey can’t get dey pension dey go up gorse and knock on the door of a former pm,or Belle Isle,or ask Joy and de other NIS board members for they pension..the ulp is playing russian roulette with a fully loaded gun,they keep shooting themselves over and over….good thing they broke,imagine if they build a tunnel at cane garden,cane garden point falls into the sea and a tidal wave hits bequia..and nobody s talking about how “convenient” it is that the back sigatoka destroyed bananas just as the cocoa deal with Amajaro was going through…Ah wonder what de banana farmer dem goin plant?…how about cocoa 😀 Bigga bggs chcken is not the reason the govt suddenly wants to go into chickens,I bet if bigga biggs went into septic system emptying,the govt would go into transporting faeces too,the ulp peddles more crap than anyone they’re already the #1 septic system service in SVG

    Posted by Joe | May 17, 2012, 00:36
  14. There are two things that emerge out of this incident. I have to agree with a previous writer that someone else could have gone to Taiwan to represent SVG.
    The second point is his visit to B/dos. I am not convinced that he took ill there. There is no way he would stay in SVG if he’s sick because he can’t tell Vincentians he has to go away to seek medical help. What happen to the well equipped hospital in Kingstown, or the new one in his constituency?
    I have to believe his trip to Taiwan is for the same reason he went to B/dos. Let’s face it: Only sick people travel with doctors and nurses to ensure they stay alive. There is much more here than meets the eye.

    Posted by Vere | May 17, 2012, 03:01
  15. More Tax payers $$ down the tube. If yo sick, keep yo backside home. Tell the Taiwan people yo sick and things tight and yo can’t use tax payers $$ to come to Taiwan just to say thanks. What the hell is this? Send someone else who is healthy to represent the country. No! you want to go and we haffa pay for a personal nurse to dress yo sore, because you want to go? What the hell is this? Who gwine pay fo dat? We catching we backside ya in this country. Peole wuking fo govment, but can’t get a red cent for months. Yo na kay bout that, but you spending we money so that you can tek yo sick “ask” just to say thanks. What kind of human being is this?

    Posted by AHA | May 17, 2012, 11:49
  16. Let me see, folks…, going purposefully and specifically to Barbados for treatment under the guise of an alleged trip to the Middle East…; and now, going yet to another foreign country, perhaps Taiwan or England or some undisclosed location, for still more treatment under the guise of a presidential inaugiration. Isn’t it all figured out yet? Where else can this “Dear Comrade” seek medial treatment? Definately not at RMC Hospital in Kingstown. Ask oneself, can he trust the nurses and doctors, hospital staff at suct facilities or in the country given his moral, fiscal and economic atrocities against the state/people? Can he, given the lack of medical facilities at RMC hospital in Kingstown and the country at large for adequate care? Does he really want anyone in SVG to know his true medical condition? Think fellow citizens.

    So, sending a deputy or some high ranking minister in his stead is totally and absolutely out of the question. As far as the Comrade is concerned, the risk of travel is worth the unvailing of his medical secrets.

    Posted by DWells | May 17, 2012, 11:50
  17. BTW you telling me we hafa pay fo Gonsolve to deliver the keynote address at a function for 50 Vincentian entrepreneurs too? WTF is this? Who gwine pay fo that?
    People enough is enough!

    This man ain’t ha no conscience. He wicked!!

    Posted by AHA | May 17, 2012, 11:58
  18. VINCY IN BAD SHAPE, really, didn’t you notice the resplendent CONTEMPT with which the disgraceful regime treated the female DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER, GIRLYN MIGUEL, in NOT allowing her to fulfill the functions of her office in OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING THE RECENT butt-boil MEDICAL EMERGENCY TO THE NATION ?
    Is his doctrinaire ideologue CUBANized COMRADE-IN-ARMS who was apparently directed to bumptiously muscle his way into giving the official announcement.

    The COPYCAT comrade seems to have only appointed the highly experienced lady as inessential DEPUTY merely as his communistic WINDOW-DRESSING.

    What a contemptuous insult to the office of the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER, and to this beloved land, SVG.

    Seems that, like the SVTU Collective Bargaining Agreement, the lawyer PM and his ideological cohorts simply don’t understand or appreciate the lines of seniority and succession. Is this a precursor to more insidious things to come?
    BUT, then again, the RULE OF LAW, management rules of procedures, diplomacy, tact, decorum, and common sense, are just NOT THEIR STRONG POINTS.

    Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS | May 17, 2012, 13:18

    Posted by Peter | May 17, 2012, 16:59

    Posted by Peter | May 17, 2012, 17:06
  21. To function adequately officials need to pay attention to their health. The wellness revolution should have played a greater role in preventive care.This is an opportunity for authority figures to link with the farming community by promoting and eating local healthy foods.

    Posted by Anthony Stewart | May 18, 2012, 19:05


    For hundreds of years now people have been made to believe that God is a Trinity. Does the Bible truly teach this?
    Firstly, Psalms 90:2 states that God is “from everlasting,” clearly meaning that God had no beginning. God was NOT created. He was ALWAYS in existence. Colossians 1:15 calls Jesus “the FIRSTBORN of every CREATURE,” and Revelation 3:14 calls Jesus “the BEGINNING of the creation of God.” These Bible texts show that Jesus was created, the first of God’s creation. Since God had no beginning, but Jesus had a beginning, how could Jesus be God as some claim? Secondly, who is called the Most High in the Bible? Psalms 83:18 says that Jehovah is the Most High, meaning that He is the Highest. Luke 1:32 says that Jesus is “the SON of the Highest,” not the Highest. Nowhere in the scriptures is Jesus called the Most High or Almighty; Jesus is called Mighty, but NEVER Almighty. Thirdly, at Matthew 27:46 and John 20:17, Jesus referred to the Father as his God. Even in heaven, Jesus called the Father, “my God” at Revelation 3:12. Why would Jesus have a God if he himself is God? Was he fooling us? Fourthly, when Jesus was on earth, to whom did he pray at Luke 22:42; John 17:1 and elsewhere? Did he pray to himself? Fifthly, why did Jesus say that the Father is GREATER than him at John 14:28 if he and the Father are equal? Sixthly, according to Revelation 1:1, how is it that God gave Jesus a Revelation if Jesus himself is God? Seventh, who resurrected Jesus when he died? Did the dead Jesus resurrect himself? Acts 2:32; Acts 3:15, 26; Galatians 1:1. Eighth, if the Holy Spirit is God too, why did John 17:3 not mention that we must get to know the Holy Spirit too in order to get everlasting life, instead, mentioning the only true God and Jesus Christ, two persons? Why is it that God is called “the ONLY true God,” ONLY meaning one, but Jesus is mentioned separately, distinct from the ONLY true God at John 17:3? Since Jesus here indicates that his Father, Jehovah, is the ONE true God, it therefore means that Jesus CANNOT be, and is NOT the true God, for Jesus clearly separated himself from the ONE true God in that verse. Ninth, why do we find the expression, “God the Father,” in the Scriptures, (1 Corinthians 8:6; Galatians 1:1; Ephesians 6:23; Philippians 2:11; 2 Timothy 1:2; Titus 1:4; 1 Peter 1:2) but we NEVER see the expression, “God the Son” or “God the Holy Spirit” in the Scriptures? Tenth, why is it that those who try to prove the Trinity tend to use Scriptures that speak only of the Father and the Son but no mention of the Holy Spirit, since Trinity means three-in-one, NOT two-in-one?
    The New Catholic Encyclopedia admits: “The formulation ‘one God in three Persons’ was not solidly established, certainly not fully assimilated into Christian life and its profession of faith, prior to the end of the 4th century. Among the Apostolic Fathers, there had been nothing even remotely approaching such a mentality or perspective.”—(1967), Vol. XIV, p. 299.
    Regarding the Trinity, Historian Arthur Weigall notes: “Jesus Christ never mentioned such a phenomenon, and nowhere in the New Testament does the word ‘Trinity’ appear. The idea was only adopted by the Church three hundred years after the death of our Lord.”—The Paganism in Our Christianity.
    Yes, The Trinity is truly a pagan doctrine that pagan Roman Emperor Constantine introduced into Christianity some 300 years after Christ’s death as indicated in the above quote. So let us wake up spiritually. Think for ourselves and refuse to be influenced by any pagan teaching that confuses people as to what God’s TRUE identity really is. Accept Jehovah, accept His Son Jesus Christ, accept that the holy spirit exists, but REJECT the Trinity.
    With Sincerity,
    Brianna Patterson

    Posted by Brianna Patts | May 18, 2012, 21:12
    • Interesting read Brianna. But it’s good to keep those things to yourself. Some people would want to kill you for saying such things. It is true though that jesus himself never claim to be God. But somethings are not for everyone. Their are many things that i note as wrong and have to keep to myself. The biggest one of all is the Adventise who believe that saturday is the 7th day. When in truth, their is no “7th” day. the only example God ever gave was 6 days of work and one day of rest.So your 7th day and my 7th day might fall on different days of the week. That is just one example, but don’t come out and tell everyone something that God told you, somethings are not meant for everyone to hear. So be careful.

      Posted by blane | May 19, 2012, 22:04
  23. Well said Anthony ‘Salo’ Stewart. As the agriculture industry goes, so goes the health of SVG. Would we be importing food from Venezuela soon?

    Posted by DWells | May 20, 2012, 00:02
  24. One person I don’t see on the comment pages these days is Vincypowa. Seems like he has moved on to something else? Or….! Or?

    Posted by DWells | May 20, 2012, 05:11
  25. Gonsalves if your going to Canada don’t take the nurse, she won’t be allowed to go where your going.

    GONSALVES, Canada is waiting for you, there is a special welcome awaiting you, Be a man and go to Canada, stop being a coward, if you have nothing to fear go.

    Be a sport, cheer us up.

    Posted by Peter | May 22, 2012, 13:59
  26. It’s simply amazing that the NON-elected, reportedly UNELECTABLE, foreign minister in simply not functioning for this trip to TAIWAN, when his presence, input or performance would have been absolutely necessary, if not also
    the Deputy PM’s.

    Yet the Deputy PM was insultingly shunted aside in the announcement to the nation of the PM’s backside boil medical condition and indisposed circumstances, where it was properly her function to perform, by the same Castroite trained ideological cadre.

    Has the nominal, unseen, foreign minister ever appeared as foreign minister before the U.N. General Assembly?
    Is he, too, really a WINDOW DRESSING fareign minister, similar to how the DEPUTY PM is treated as mere window dressing NO ALLOWED TO FULFILL THEIR DULY APPOINTED FUNCTIONS ?

    What utter contempt. What total disrespect. What dastardly effrontery. What unmitigated disaster in governance.

    A pussylanimous nincompoop is somewhere up there , , ,

    Posted by STEVE_ HUGGINS | May 23, 2012, 01:25


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