Arrest of ambassador indefensible – PM

Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves (U.N. file photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – The actions of the cop who arrested U.N. Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves in the lobby of his office building in New York on March 28 is indefensible, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said Tuesday.

“How could anybody defend what the police officer did? And it is not sufficient to say that the police officer merely acted disproportionally. That is a kind of mealy-mouthed synonym for an egregious wrong,” he said at a press conference.

Gonsalves’ statements came hours after Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace said at a separate press conference that the incident could have been avoided had the ambassador and the cop both acted differently.

Eustace said that the diplomat should have shown his ID when asked to do so by the cop and that the lawman acted “disproportionally” and “inappropriately” when he grabbed the envoy — the oldest son of the Prime Minister — by the neck and shoulder.

But the Prime Minister said that it is “interesting that perfectly legal conduct by Ambassador Gonsalves and his dignity … are being criticised when we see a lot of illegal behaviour, particularly when protests take place here in St. Vincent, which are applauded”.

He said that countries from all over the world were expressing solidarity with St. Vincent and the Grenadines “because they know that there are large principles at stake and especially so for a small country. …

“It is therefore a matter of great sadness to me that there are some persons, both at home and abroad –Vincentians — who, because of partisan politics, would wish not to have a united position on this,” the Prime Minister said.

He said that while some persons believe the word of the New York Police Department, the law enforcement agency’s story is very “contradictory”.

“If you look at the reports in public, on the one hand, they are saying there was an arrest; somebody else is saying there was not an arrest. But nobody among them is saying what constitutes disorderly conduct. Because they can’t say that Ambassador Gonsalves was in anyway disorderly,” Gonsalves said.

He further said that while some persons who “lack patriotism” would like to divide the national community, “the national community, at home and abroad, has shown already that it is overwhelmingly in defence of our dignity, our territorial integrity, and the inviolability of the personages of our ambassadors.”


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

The Prime Minister further responded to “falsehoods” about the incident.

He said that the metal barrier, through which Ambassador Gonsalves stepped before his arrest, are “designed to keep people out who are creating difficulties. They are demonstrating or what have you.

“There is a space in the barrier, he has walked that four and a half years with absolutely no problem. If there were heightened security considerations, well, the New York Police Department, or the relevant authorities should have put somebody at precisely that opening in the space of the barrier to say show me your identification there.”

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Gonsalves said that a police officer is stationed in a booth some distance away.

“He shouts at you in an angry manner, in a rude manner, too. You maintain your dignity. You don’t answer. You continue because you have been doing that for the last four and a half years and it is your right so to do. You are going into your building.

“When you arrive in the building now, where the very premises on which you are standing would be part [of] which you are entitled to protection, he doesn’t ask anything, he comes with the same aggression, grabs him by the back of his neck and his shoulder and turns him around and inquires if he didn’t hear him when he shouted.

“So those who are talking this nonsense that he should have showed his ID card outside, he has never on one occasion have to show his ID card outside and none was ever asked of him to show his ID card outside,” Gonsalves said, adding that the ambassador was asked to show his ID after the cop “assaulted” him.

“And it is amazing that we get these kinds of responses. It is as if you leave your window open at your house to get some breeze and a thief comes in and you are blamed because you left your window open to get some breeze that you are at fault because the thief came in.

“I don’t understand the blame the victim, in this particular case. Is there is something in our colonial makeup that permits some people to so speak? Do we so not understand ourselves and our rights, or patrimony? Do we not understand these things?” Gonsalves said, adding that anyone who has read Ambassador’s Gonsalves statement or listened to what the New York Police Department had to say in any of its statements “can accuse Ambassador Gonsalves of not acting with dignity and restrain.”

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace (File photo).

The Prime Minister noted that Eustace described as “self-serving” the telephone call in which Gonsalves informed Eustace of the diplomat’s arrest

“Well, the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is not me. So I don’t see how it is self-serving. Because he (Ambassador Gonsalves) is my son? I thought that Ambassador Gonsalves was ambassador for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. And since we are dealing with a state, I pointed out that I didn’t have any obligation legally to inform the Leader of the Opposition.”

The Prime Minister further said that he had anticipated that some persons would have wanted to make politics out of the incident but he felt that it should be dealt with as a nation.

“But he (Eustace) has chosen to put a political spin on it. He has finally said something on Tuesday. I informed him on Wednesday night. … We sent the Camillo statement on Friday. In the meantime, lower level NDP (New Democratic Party) people are making all kinds of statements. It is either you are leading or you are not leading. You are either leading or you are following?” Gonsalves said.

He further said that some Vincentians are “rabidly political” and questioned whether they are interested in “the thirst, the hunger for power” and not in the country.

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32 thoughts on “Arrest of ambassador indefensible – PM

  1. Kenton, I notice a PATTERN with your MODERATION.

    You have allowed all kind of DEROGATORY COMMENTS to be made of the PRIME MINISTER of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, by PETER to stay CURRENT for close to a day or even more than a day, but whenever it gets around to others who might have a FAVORABLE VIEW of the PM and his GOVERNMENT, their posts tend to stay current for a short period of time.

    I have notice this PRACTICE of yours, especially with Ambassador Gonsalves, for several weeks. I am BRINGING it to your ATTENTION, because it would be QUITE DISAPPOINTED to know that you’re ALLOWING your BIAS get the BEST of you.

    For example, how could you as a SERIOUS JOURNALIST and a RESPECTED Vincentian of this BLESSED NATION allowed PETER to referred to the PRIME MINISTER and AMBASSADOR Gonsalves as DONKEYS on a DAILY on your BLOG?

    Since you’re MODERATING your BLOG, then it tells me that you have no PROBLEM LETTING such DISRESPECT of the PRIME MINISTER of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by PETER, with his CONSTANT REFERENCES to him as a DONKEY, to take PLACE.

    I FIND that to be QUITE SHAMEFUL of you.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | April 6, 2012, 16:21
    • Vincy Powa,

      Thank you for visiting and for you comment. Please be advised that no comment on I-Witness News, once approved,is ever removed, unless their is some legal reason to do so. I have not had any reason to do so in recent times.

      Posted by Kenton X. Chance | April 6, 2012, 23:13
      • Ok Kenton, thanks for letting me know that you APPROVE of PETER calling the PRIME MINISTER of St. Vincent and the Grenadines a DONKEY and that is why you FEEL NO NEED to EDIT his POST.

        I just wanted to be SURE that I wasn’t JUMPING the GUN on this issue, thus my post.

        Again ,thanks for the CONFIRMATION…truly APPRECIATED.

        Posted by vincypowa | April 6, 2012, 23:53
  2. It’s not indefensible,here’s the defense given what happened in france all places with a high concentration of jews were given extra protection,statistically speaking the increased security meant that anyone behaving suspiciously has a higher probability of getting arrested,crossing a barricade and not responding to police requests could mean that someone is a fundamentalist terrorist on a mission oblivious to all else….or camillo gonsalves,a gadaffi,a mugabe,or uday Hussein,the officer just guessed wrong,but better safe than sorry

    Posted by Joe | April 6, 2012, 18:24
  3. Disorderly conduct = normal ulp behaviour,yes disorderly conduct exists just not in svg

    Posted by Joe | April 6, 2012, 18:25
  4. “the thirst, the hunger for power”?“rabidly political”? Is there anyone thirstier for power than de Komrade,Arnhim didn’t destroy his party by removing anyoneelse strong enough to lead it(challenge him),there are only 2 ,1 man parties in svg,the green party by chance,and the ulp by choice.
    He got handcuffed and read his miranda rights,watch any episode of COPS and see if police don’t usually handcuff suspicious individuals,until they can verify their identity or whether or not there were warrants for their arrest..Vncentian diplomats have been arrested before

    Posted by Joe | April 6, 2012, 18:37
  5. United position? Sorry Komrade we don’t all smoke from the ulp crack pipe,we are individuals entitled to our own views on each and every issue.if Vincentans had a united positon on things like rape etc certain people would be in jail but alas they aren’t,and we vincentians have to put up with pointless press conferences,and windbag statements..”Come one and all to this press conference,let me impress you with this new big word I know..”.Most vincentians are pretty cynical of the ulp govt and have more important things to worry about..When camillo puts bread on our table,or works n our banana field we’d care

    Posted by Joe | April 6, 2012, 19:46
  6. It’s unbelievable that the PM of all persons is talking about illegal behaviour in protests in SVG when he was the one who popularised that kind of behaviour here. This man never ceases to amaze me – too disgusting.

    Posted by justice | April 6, 2012, 19:58
  7. This is a whole lot of bullshit……..crap, crap and more crap!!!!!!!!!!! I hope readers would not have to continue to read more of this type of verbal garbage daily. Let the law takes it’s course! Why is the PM trying to influence public opinion when he is hiring a batterery of lawyers to pursue the matter?

    Posted by Dennis Lampkin | April 6, 2012, 20:30
    • DENNIS LAMPKIN, was ARNHIM EUSTACE “trying to influence public opinion” when he had that JOKE of a PRESS CONFERENCE, SEVEN DAYS after the INCIDENT took PLACE?

      Posted by vincypowa | April 7, 2012, 15:52
      • Vincypowa, I do not see the relevance of your comment about the statement made by Hon Arnhim Eustace and the # of days that went by before he made it!!! He was merely reminding the public not to be distracted by the Gonsalves fiasco when there were more important matters of state to be addressed by the PM. Every minute of each day someone is arrested by the NYP for some reason or the other, so what make the PM’s son the exception? Le t the law takes it’s course why waste people’s time on such trivalities…when people are catching their royals trying to deal with bread and butter issues! What exactly is your problem Vincypower? There is non so blind than those who cannot see….I really pity YOU for defending the defenseless!
        All of the so called ‘press conferences’ by your PM are mere Jokes….and could be better described as press huggings, hence the reason why I do not listen to them. I am very mindful of the mental poison and trash in the airwave that is published as NEWS in Vincyland! That is why I determine what is news for me by being very selective. Down with verbal garbage and diatribe in this 21st century! WAKE UP!

        Posted by Dennis Lampkin | April 11, 2012, 10:54
  8. Donkey Gonsalves, you nasty spiteful little fat Marxist scum bag. Mule Gonsalves was a 100% responsible for what happened.

    We are all fed up with your lies and crap, go and stick your head where the sun does’t shine.

    Posted by Peter | April 6, 2012, 21:50
  9. But the Prime Minister said that it is “interesting that perfectly legal conduct by Ambassador Gonsalves and his dignity … are being criticised when we see a lot of illegal behaviour, particularly when protests take place here in St. Vincent, which are applauded”.

    Is the PM suffering from lost of memory? Did he and the ULP behave illegally during the Road block revolution? What about the ULP adhering to the advice of the idiot lawyer from Donimica ..ASS-TO-FAN.. to abolish laws in order to deflect procecution of ULP politician, including you?

    What about all the other sh*t we have all witness in this country under ULP?

    You sit by and allow the beat-up of SVG’s oposition parlimentarian and you have the garl to tell us about patriotism?

    You have a a88- man for Speaker of the house insulting elected opposition people in public. That is Ok wit you but you wanna tell us bout Partriotism?

    You have all dem ULP thieves in government office licking up we money, and you telling us ’bout dignity?

    You run to defend white people who were accused a killing Vincentians, and you now trying to lay this crap on us? What you want to tell us, is that your reaction wouldda be the same if it was say.. Leacock an opposition parlimentarian who was accusted by the NYpolice? You wouldda call for national support fo he? right?

    You want us to believe that you are so noble that you na go mek politics outta a simular situation involving a opposition member?

    Wha really wrong wit this man?

    Posted by Wehha | April 6, 2012, 22:00
  10. WEHHA, your POST is LITTERED with UNTRUTHS. Moreover, the only one SUFFERING from LOST MEMORY is WEHHA, as one can see from your QUESTIONS made to give the IMPRESSION of STATEMENTS of TRUTH.


    What were the INSULTS stated by the SPEAKER of the HOUSE in PUBLIC towards ELECTED OPPOSITION PEOPLE?

    When did Dr. Gonsalves “run to defend white people who were accused of a killing Vincentians?”

    If my MEMORY SERVES well, when Dr. Gonsalves was PRACTICING LAW, who so happened to be one of the BEST in the Caribbean before he became the LEADER of this BLESSED NATION, he was HIRED to REPRESENT a CLIENT in a CRIMINAL CASE. Is that what you’re referring to?

    By the way, are you RACIST towards WHITE PEOPLE? Is that why you seem UPSET that Dr. Gonsalves, as a then PRACTICING LAWYER, was HIRED by a CLIENT to REPRESENT he and his wife in a HIGH PROFILE case?

    By the way, would St. CLAIR LEACOCK have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY if he was in NEW YORK and was ARRESTED by an NYC COP? The ANSWER is NO, so I do not EXPECT a SIMILAR REACTION.

    I can BREAK IT DOWN FURTHER to show you how MYOPIC that statement of yours is, but there is no need to at this POINT.

    Posted by vincypowa | April 7, 2012, 00:42
    • VINCY POWA you are joking.. Right? I really do not understand the point you are making here. Are you telling us that everything I wrote did not happen? Tell me what did I say that has not happened?

      You are giving your interpretation of the things I have stated. You are free to do this. You can put any spin you want on these events. This does not mean that the things have not happened.. So when you said: WEHHA, your POST is LITTERED with UNTRUTHS.. you need to show me where I am lying. Otherwise your response makes little sense. You see what I mean?

      By the way, Patriotism is not just about defending the PM’s son who is an ambassador with diplomatic immunity. Partiotism is defending ALL Vincentians against injustices irrespective of who they are.

      VINCY POWA what is typical about ULP people is that they are “elitist”. They believe that ” political status and power” permits them the luxury to live above the requirements of law.

      Posted by wehha | April 10, 2012, 11:02
  11. Vincypowa I respect peter for calling him a donkey,instead of the derogatory term @$$,besides which Powa the comparison is apt given that he is a very stubborn person who refuses to change his ways although the economy is falling apart,and he has a tendency to call pointless press conferences to make nose aka braying,like how he’s braying on about the Camillo issue something that lasted just 20 minutes..Bringing it up is pretty stupid on both Camillo’s part and Ralph’s part,what if they lose? or even worse the tape will become public,you’ll see a gonsalves being arrested,and the photo of camillo in handcuffs will be in all the papers but especially the news.Powa your pm doesn’t strike me as a wise or prudent fellow,a true politician would already know the lines of possibilities,several of which lead to embarrassment,keep playing it up and being arrested will seem like the highlight of Camillo’s tme at the UN and not just a minor misunderstanding..Remember when James Mitchell made his Daughter Louise Ambassador to the UN,or when Cato did it or Joshua,did any of their children get arrested?Wait a minute no other pm gave positions to their children,my bad powa l.o.l

    Posted by Joe | April 7, 2012, 04:25
  12. Maybe Camillo caused Officer Parker’s spidey sense to stant tingling,so he swung into action

    Posted by Jahu | April 7, 2012, 04:46
  13. Is this the same person who blocked the streets to get into powa….pun intended…????? Isn’t this the same PM this is playing politics with the three teachers by stating that he will not lift a finger to give them back their jobs? Could we have had a healing moment then for our nation???? This is a man whilst in opposition criticized everything under the sun that was done by the then government.

    And another thing about this man Ralph, I heard him made reference to the kid Trayvon Martin and the situation in florida, but this is the same ralph who re-instated three police officers who beat a kid in svg to a bloody pulp. They lost their case, appealed and lost, but ralph still gave them back their jobs….. talk about defending the indefensible

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | April 7, 2012, 07:48
  14. The Caribbean Marxist in the past have had a lot of success in making people believe the opposite to the truth. They flood all media with what they want the public to see and believe, and in in constantly promoting a false point of view eventually convert wrong into right.

    For instances Ralph E . Gonsalves claims he is a hero for what he did in Jamaica in 1969. When in fact he is a coward and behaved like a coward. According to the then Jamaican prime minister this was part of a criminal act, which resulted in two dead and parts of Kingston destroyed.
    In my view Ralph Gonsalves and all those associated with him were Marxist scum criminals.

    For instance that Walter Rodney was assassinated, he was not, he was carrying a bomb outside the walls of a prison where his comrades were being held, which exploded on his lap in a getaway car driven by his brother.
    Walter Rodney and all those associated with him were Marxist scum bags criminals.

    For instance that Maurice Bishop was a hero, he was not, he had friends associates and enemies alike imprisoned without trial.
    Maurice Bishop and all those associated with him were Marxist scum bag criminals.

    Over the years people like Donkey Gonsalves has led a continuing series of propaganda tales to change history, to turn evil into good. They have partially succeed in their quest to have their lies believed.

    I can go on and on.

    Then you have people like VINCYPOWA supporting all the Gonsalves lies, attempting to destroy the truth. But he is a paid collaborator, paid to destroy the truth least it hurts Gonsalves or the ULP.

    Gonsalves has always been a spiteful man, uttering filth and words that will destroy a decent man in the eyes of the public. Anyone who cross’s him is subjected to his evil spite.

    It is very obvious that Mule Gonsalves was 100% wrong in his behavior at the UN with the police officer. Now his father Donkey is using all his spite to attack that poor man. That is why Donkey Gonsalves is swamping the media, pre-judging the police officer, attempting to change public and diplomatic opinion, which eventually could cause the perversion of justice. If they want to sue the policeman, just get on and do just that, not attempt to destroy the man prior to any legal action.

    SVG is under the control of a bunch of Marxist scum bags.


    Posted by Peter | April 7, 2012, 08:24
  15. VINCYPOWA, you are a dispicable characture, You flit among all the news items on quite a few news sites. In doing so you render the most deardful lies to support Gonsalves and the ULP. You also attempt to destroy your apponents by calling them the most dreadful names. Yet in your attempt to keep a mantle of whiteness and clean over Gonsalves, you tell the most awful lies and support his dire propagander.

    You have been banned for varying periods of time from some of the news sites, tell us why.

    When someone applies a lable to Gonsalves you object, well there are people who you apply lables to who are decent people, people who unlike Gonsalves have never been acused of rape or sex crimes. Good people who have never prostituted SVG, or sold out Christians in places like Iran, then taken money for a project in return for the SVG vote in the UN, dirty Christian blood money for the airport. Decent people who never shared in the US$1 million, the source that remains unidentified, clean money doesn’t come as cash in an old crocus bag.

    VincyPowa you and all the other Marxist regime members are no better than the man that you worship, your false idol Gonsalves.

    Posted by Peter | April 7, 2012, 08:42
  16. VINCYPOWA, it was because of you that the label Donkey was applied to Gonsalves, which you are fully aware of.

    You helped me give him that name.

    Thanks from me and no-thanks from him.

    Posted by Peter | April 7, 2012, 08:45
  17. VINCYPOWA, How about this list of things that Gonsalves has called people. Its the list that you gave me, forgot that ehh. Most of what I write I write because each time you write, you remind me of Gonsalves past behavior. Thanks for the prompt.

     1/ To the Media; they are Chattering nabobs
    2/ All Vincentians are from the Chattering class
    3/ Wash “ yo foot” before you come to my Palace
    4/ The Women of Mespo know their men are thieves and they’ll never say
    5/ Mr. Eustace is useless
    6/ Mr. Eustace will always remain a servant [slave]
    7/ People like Mr. Eustace [Civil Servants]can be bought for a dime a dozen
    8/ SVG People are untutored
    9/ SVG People are unlearned
    10/ SVG People are uncultured
    11/ Dinkie Balcombe is nothing
    12/ Members of the NDP is a minority rump
    13/ NDP members are asses
    14/ SVG people are voting cattle
    15/ Mr. Eustace is doltish
    16/ Mr. Eustace suffers from foot in mouth disease
    17/ PM push up his middle finger to all Vincentians
    18/ Vincentians are terrorists
    19/ The shaker Religion usually over eat, Rounce will ride them but they would wake
    up and say they get a vision.
    20/ Vincentians are the lowest common denominator
    21/ Son Mitchell a Windbag.
    22/ Vincentians are malignant
    23/ Only if you are a potogee, you can get funds
    24/ Mr. Eustace is a roast breadfruit
    25/ Patel Mathews is a yam boy
    26/ Junior Bacchus is an Idiot boy
    27/ Keith Joseph is a refugee
    28/ All Mr. Eustace creative juices are dried up
    29/ Bush will not see Eustace in the night he is too black
    30/ Bassy Alexander is a stinking dirty dog
    31/ Nurses and Doctors at the Hospital are thieves
    32/ The once noble Farmers [the Rastas] in the hills are vagabonds
    33/ To the Civil Servants he said they wanted to come to the trough, (Pigs eat in
    34/ All NDP people are backward
    35/ Eustace is a Jackass in a Lion Skin
    36/ Anesia is a dry head Girl
    37/ Anesia is a Donkey
    38/ Vincy PPL can’t read, they use reading material to wrap up Fish.
    39/ Vynnette Federicks is a snotty nose Gel
    40/ The Officials at the Ministry of Education are clueless and superfluous
    41/ Vynnette Fredericks is a Gad Fly.
    42/ No one would read the NEWS NEWSPAPER it is a rag only fit to wrap up FISH.
    43/ Doctor Frazer is a lazy lack luster man.
    44/ Anesia Baptiste is in a CULT.
    45/ Dougie Defreitas never bother the examiners, he walks with pliers in pocket daily.
    46/ Mr. Eustace is a Servant [slave], he would never be a Leader.
    47/ Mr. Eustace is not in the class of my Woman.
    48/ Vincentians read up stuff on the WWW and feel they know, they are all clueless.
    49/ All who voted NO in the Referendum are backward and dunce.
    50/ Castro is the greatest man to walk the face of the Earth [insult to Lord Jesus].
    51/ Vincent Beache is a coconut Bat.
    52/ “Milton Cato the worst Oppressor”
    53/ “Milton Cato a Sucrofile”
    54/ “PR Campbell a Cocobay”
    55/ “Renwick Rose is not fit to be a Leader of anything”
    56/ “Vincent Beache is just an Electrician”
    57/ “Hendricks Alexander is the Worst Speaker of the House ever in SVG”
    58/ “Vincent Beache, dirty beach”
    59/ “Matthew Thomas is a dirty stinking dog”.
    60/ “Barbados’ two main parties are so similar that differences will have to be
    manufactured to keep the party faithful happy.”
    61/ “Chastanet talks a lot of rubbish when it comes to regional air transport.”
    62/ Alan Chastanet is among “a species of brown people in the Caribbean with
    money” who are “not loyal to anybody”. 
    63/ The Chastanet‘s are “Castries mulattos”, who believe they are “oracles” and
    represent a “break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean.”
    64/ “you cannot use general economic theories” with countries such as SVG
    65/ “Margaret Hughes Ferrari was cynical in her view that so-called Western nations
    used the human rights issue selectively.” 
    66/  “Show me a liar and I will show you a thief”
    67/ “I tell lies sometimes”
    68 /  “shouting across the Caribbean waters is not leadership”
    69/  “even opposition supporters love and adore me”
    70/  “a statesman is a dead politican”
    71/  “snotty nose Vynette Frederick”
    72/ “she went away a girl and came back a tomboy”
    73/ “ I wasn’t the one who threatened to make the country ungovernable after the
    1998 general elections”
    74/  “Some of the public servants in the agricultural sector dropped the ball on the
    issue of black sigatoka and should have ordered the materials earlier”
    75/ “those who accuse me of racism are like roast breadfruit, black outside white
    76/ “I am the Blackest Prime Minister St Vincent ever had”
    77/ “blackness is a philosophy not a colour”
    78/ “black Democrats are brainwashed”
    79/ “You cannot please people by doing what they want”
    80/ “Do you really think Chastanet cares about poor black people”
    81/ ” If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with Bull Sh..t”
    82/ “no one else can run SVG”
    83/ “I have given you the truth and there it is as always”
    84/ “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”
    85/ “Cornibert said, people completely misinterpret an earlier communication’
    86/ “we have to lift our quality and on an on-going basis”
    87/ “an old lady tell me to take off departure tax for Bequia”
    88/ the IMF is schizophrenic.
    89/ Argyle Airport “ the folly many people utter, completely reflective of their inability to engage in independent thought and action,”
    90/ Argyle Aitport “the same bogus nationalists who parrot these inanities, they are
    the ones who are among the most backwards, colonised and unemancipated minds
    in the country”
    91/  Vynnette Frederick is not now a spring chicken
    92/ About Vynnette Frederick: when she talking the impression yo’ get is like – yo’
    know like if a mango drop before it ripe and it force ripe?”
    93/  About Vynnette Frederick: “they say she is a tomboy.”
    94/ “Ah mean, Bayliss would be a very unfortunate fellow if he send a daughter to
    study law, and came back and get a son, … a tomboy,”
    95/ “You know, I don’t want to say anything against Vynnette but I have said
    elsewhere in the constituency, there are three types of mangoes: ripe mango, green mango and fluxy mango. You take your choice.”
    96/ “She not ready yet”

    You the readers be the judge, did these utterances come from the mouth of a man described as honourable.
    Is this the behaviour of an honourable man or a dishonourable moron.
    Will this kind of behaviour bring repute to SVG or disrepute?
    Will this kind of behaviour encourage SVG’s youth to be of good character?

    Is this the man that has established pan against decency, because pan has not helped crime. This man has not helped crime, the ULP has not helped crime. Crime has been encouraged under Gonsalves watch. ULP has given all its members immunity from prosecution, just put a sticker on your car “I AM LABOUR”, police will never dare to touch you.

    Posted by Peter | April 7, 2012, 10:43
  18. VINCYPOWA, I applaud your tenacity. You certainly bring a sense of balance and insightfulness to this forum. Keep up the good work. You’re absolutely right. Kenton as moderator…should show a bit more professionalism in this capacity.
    To moderate simply means to “keep within bounds…within reasonable limits, avoiding excesses or extremes”… Kenton is a failure in this sense… As moderator, he simply does not grasp this fundamental principle.
    “Derogatory comments” and any such biasness and shameful sarcastic utterances, should neither be allowed nor overlooked… His allowance for all this “donkey marxist” foolishness, from this misinformed, demented and angry individual; and others like him, certainly reflects on his taste for casuistic spicy comments. Shame on you. I ask! Why can’t we have a more intellectually stimulating and informationally balanced discourse on this blog? If Not, Why Not? Enough I say! Enough already! Down with diatribe and foolishness .Up With righteous indignation and justness.
    Subscribers if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this blog in a fulfilling and tasteful manner, and mutual respect for all, then stay away! Please, don’t give me this equal rights, free speech BS. Go get your own blog.
    However, I must give Kenton credit for being more current than some of the other news outlets ( including the local media ); he certainly stays on top of current events…Kudos to you Kenton. Please Kenton ! Pay attention Kenton! Time to reign in the Pit Bulls.

    Posted by Knight | April 7, 2012, 12:52
    • You must not know this vincy powa guy very well…. he has called people some of the worst names on this and other sites. Its either u don’t know this vincy powa character or you are vincy powa.

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | April 9, 2012, 13:30
  19. Minister of National Security, Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

    Minister of Legal Affairs, Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

    Role of the Police and Security Apparatus
    The Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police, the only security force in the country, includes a coast guard, a small Special Services Unit with some paramilitary training, and the fire service. There were approximately 850 members of the police force. The police report to the Minister of National Security, a portfolio held by the prime minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves.
    The government operate an oversight committee to monitor police activity and hear public complaints about police misconduct. The committee report to the minister of national security, [Dr Ralph E Gonsalves] and to the Minister of Legal Affairs [Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves] and actively participated in Police investigations during the year.
    Ref; US STATE DEPARTMENT, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Report March 11, 2010.

    This is evidence that the re-employing of the 3 convicted police officers must of been on Gonsalves direct orders or approval. Remember he said it was Miller who took this decision, that was a lie, only Gonsalves could of made that decision.

    The police report directly to Gonsalves the Minister of National Security. The Police Oversite Committee report to Gonsalves in his two capacities, as Minister of National Security and Minister of Legal Affairs.

    The country is in turmoil, robberies, rape, murder and all crime out of control. Gonsalves is in charge of these ministries, its time for him to resign.

    We cannot afford to have a liar in charge of these two ministries.

    Posted by Peter | April 8, 2012, 21:54
  20. Powa the #1 defender of RA_P_ E. G_NSA_VES, powa he puts the R the A the P and the E in the word grape l.o.l

    Posted by Joe | April 8, 2012, 22:43
  21. KNIGHT, if you check the numerous postings by VincyPower, on this site and many others. He has the most abismal record of calling people bad names and rendering a barrage of continual lies. The truth is he is a paid collaborator on behalf of Gonsalves and the ‘Unity Liars Party’ [ULP]. He regurgitates lies and obcenities uttered by Gonsalves. He makes claims that are totally untrue and insults and disrepects all who have a different opinion.

    VincyPowa has been banned from a number of sites in the past, albeit only temporary. If it means protecting Gonsalves from the truth he will proclaim black is white and white is back, and in doing so insist on all others agreeing with him.

    You KNIGHT must be of the same ilk to support this bunch of Marxist liars.

    Mr Chance allows VINCYPOWA to say what he says and the way he says it, and he also allows those in oposition to make their statements and renderings. I don’t ever remember anyone appealing to Mr Chance to stop VINCYPOWA from rendering his lies and generally bad behaviour and disrespect of all who have an opposite opinion.

    It is quite obvious that you Knight are in some way part of the Gonsalves filth machine, your attempt here to control the media and what they print is evidence of that. If you don’t like what you see here, go to another site where VINCYPOWA controls the publisher.

    Good knight Knight, I hope your knightmare continues, by the way did you get your share of the US$1 million cash that was shared among people like you? did you get any of that? Well family, friends and party members did, its probably not the first and it probably won’t be the last. Watch the trough if you want your share.

    Posted by Peter | April 9, 2012, 07:35
  22. Dennis Lampkin, your POST has most DEFINITELY DEMONSTRATED that you CLEARLY did not recognizes the RELEVANCE of my POST nor the RELEVANCE and IMPORTANCE of this ISSUE regarding Ambassador Gonsalves, which is most regrettable. I will just chock it up as ignorance on your part.

    Hopefully, a LIGHTBULB will one day go off in your head when you REFLECT back on this issue. When that happens you will concluded that and so RECOGNIZES that the Ambassador Gonsalves issue was not one of trivialities.

    That said; it is amazing how backward some Vincentians are on this issue. Luckily for our NATION, the VAST MAJORITY of Vincentians do not hold the myopic views expressed by persons who have been playing PITIFUL partisan politics on such an important issue.
    They simply do not know how to separate partisan politics on matters where we’re supposed to speak as one voice on certain national issues.

    That said; after that TOWN HALL MEETING in New York, Vincentians and people around the globe saw and/or heard why Ambassador Gonsalves is a PRIME CANDIDATE to one day becoming the PRIME MINISTER of this blessed nation called St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

    We know for sure who will NEVER EVER be the PM of this nation. It is that LEADERLESS person who already has THREE STRIKES against him.

    By the way, Dennis, I am FULLY AWAKE. However, you’re definitely asleep.

    Posted by vincypowa | April 11, 2012, 23:40
  23. It would have been worse if he was Ambassador to russia , but seriously Vincentians are asking the important question of Camillo “Way yo bawling for?”

    Posted by Jahu | April 12, 2012, 12:27
  24. JAHU, Donkey Gonsalves his father promised him the top job here when he Donkey retires. But his stupidity has blighted his prospects, they are fighting hard to regain ground.

    He could apply for the Ambassadors job on Mars when it opens, but only if he takes daddy with him.

    VINCYPOWA and his propagandar machine is working overtime, spinning all sorts of crap and lies.

    Posted by Peter | April 12, 2012, 17:34

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