No Vincentian bananas exported to UK in 7 weeks

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – This country has not exported any bananas to the United Kingdom, its main market, in seven weeks, Parliament heard on Monday.

In fact, only 180 cartons of the fruit was exported to the United Kingdom over the past eight weeks, Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar told Parliament in response to a question from Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace.

“Over the last eight weeks, we exported to the U.K, through Winfarm, 180 [boxes of bananas],” Caesar said.

He further said that Winfarm had exported 3,176 cartons of the fruit to the region with a further 7,118 exported by itinerant merchants (“traffickers”).

A total of 10,474 cartons of the fruit were exported between the weeks ending Jan. 27 and March 16.

Caesar preceded his detailed breakdown of the export figures by saying that “we are operating a banana industry in the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas,” which destroyed 98 per cent of the plants in October 2010.

Agriculture officials, he said, “have [anticipated] the negative impact that Hurricane Tomas would have had on the banana industry … and we are also being affected presently by the two dreaded disease, one being the black leaf spot and the other being moko”.

He, however, said that the diseases and their impact are not “indigenous” to this country.

“It is affecting all the banana producing islands of the sub-region and we are really at this stage because of the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas and the two diseases that we are fighting,” he said of banana exports.

The black sigatoka leaf spot disease ran amok last year as agriculture officials — then under the leadership of now Housing Minister Montgomery Daniel — failed to conduct aerial spraying.

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5 thoughts on “No Vincentian bananas exported to UK in 7 weeks

  1. Its the end of the banana business as we all knew it. Wrecked by the ULP, forget all the crap excuses.

    Posted by Peter | March 28, 2012, 19:14
  2. Woooo…. 180 boxes in 8 weeks, that’s 2 months, so average 90 boxes in 4 weeks, 45 boxes in 2 weeks, average 22.5 in 1 week, that leaves us with about 3 boxes per day. I’m sure there are farmers who supply more than 1 box per week so it appears that we have less than 15 or even less than 10 farmers in production. D dance really can’t pay 4d light.

    Posted by KS784 | March 28, 2012, 19:53
  3. Minister Caesar should stop concealing the government’s incompetence and negligence behind hurricane tomas. We have had hurricanes before, and the banana industry never took such beating.(maybe sabi too young to know that. papi caesar would tell him if he asks him) It’s almost 2 years since we had tomas.

    Posted by justice | March 29, 2012, 17:26
  4. JUSTICE, your quite right. Did you know that when the rivers flooded Georgetown that was directly attributable to the Minister of Finance, who is the Minister of Finance? would you believe Donkey Gonsalves is. His failure to properly fund the Forestry Division of the Min of Ag, meant that hundreds of tree logs that they had cut over a two year period littered the banks of rivers and streams. When that huge rain storm came it washed down all those logs, destroying bridges and roads. Creating dams and causing overflows which destroyed peoples houses. Most of the logs eventually ended up in the sea and on the beaches.

    No not those Beeches, these were different dirty beaches.

    Just in the same way Min of Ag was not funded to be able to spray the Black Sigatoka, that caused the destruction and has completely destroyed the banana industry. It could of been part of a ULP five year plan, remember Frances [no not of Assisi] the stupid Francis boy, the unelected unelectable one, Donkeys cousin, you know who I mean, or do you want a better description? Well this Francis said Agriculture is over, now its tourism. Was it part of a five year ULP plan to shaft the farmers, plan or not it had the same effect.
    Farmers you helped put this dire Marxist regime in power, now you reaping what you sowed [sorry about the pun]. Well my farmer friends its ‘Together Now’ you can all jump over the cliff together, but perhaps you already did that when you voted for Gonsalves and Francis, because when you vote for Gonsalves you get Francis as well, its a package deal, buy one get one free.

    I read the other day that Donkey badly brought up, that is why he so. Well I have considered that, and think that that was almost certainly a major consideration. But I have met all the other Gonsalves siblings and they seem sort of normal. The other consideration is that he was corrupted by scum during his critical years, CLR James, Walter Rodney, Maurice Bishop, Castro and a number of other Marxist scum bags of course James claimed to be a Trotskyite. Well whatever type of communist mangy mongrel he was impressed by most, it seriously damaged his brain, Donkey never grew into a normal person. He today remains a dwarf among the real Socialists of the World, past and present. He throws out his chest and spouts a lot of crap, in the need to try and impress those who remain unimpressed by the sheer stupidity of the man. What a hoot real Socialist must have watching his stupid masquerade.

    Posted by Peter | April 1, 2012, 09:58


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