PM suggests dinner to raise money for ‘E.G.’ Lynch

Eduardo "E.G." Lynch (Photo: Searchlight).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – A dinner for 20 New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters, each paying EC$5,000, could raise monies to help former party talk show host Edwardo “E.G.” Lynch to raise some of the money he needs to seek eye treatment overseas.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made the suggestion on Monday as he denied that he or his government intervened to stop the U.S. Embassy in Barbados from giving Lynch a visa to seek medical treatment in the United States.

Lynch, who hosted the NDP’s “New Times” for 11 years, recently announced that his sight is diminishing and asked the public to donate money to help him seek medical attention in North America or Europe.

Gonsalves, who has won defamation cases against the NDP propagandist, said that while he is not obliged to personally help Lynch, his office and government would help, if possible, as it would for any other citizen.

“People must stop with these lies and especially when it concerns people’s wellbeing, even when the wellbeing is … for people on their own side,” Gonsalves said in relation to Internet reports that he or his government had hindered Lynch from getting a U.S. visa.

“… this is such a dastardly lie,” he said, adding that he thought Lynch had a U.S. visa. “I was the most surprised man to hear that he got turned down with his visa. So I concluded that he had a visa, it expired and he went back for one. I don’t know the fact. I could only assume that.”

Gonsalves noted that when the United States turns down a visa applicant, it would not grant a visa immediately after unless there is substantial changes in the circumstances that led to the application being rejected in the first instance.

He said that a former NDP officer and a supporter of his Unity labour Party (ULP), both living in the United States, telephoned to ask him if he or his government could help Lynch.

Gonsalves said he told both individuals that, as for every citizen of this country, there are mechanisms through the Ministry of Health and the Cabinet Secretary or the Prime Minister’s Office to provide assistance, if possible, to Lynch.

He said the government has arrangements with Cuba, which are “open to Eduardo Lynch, as it is opened to any Vincentian, where we make arrangements to try and help”

“Anybody in their right mind would think that I would discriminate against a citizen, first of all, and then discriminate against someone who has a medical problem on the ground of politics. What happen? You think I am a beast?” Gonsalves said, adding, “I know some of my supporters they would say even though you have a policy you shouldn’t even help Lynch.

“But they could answer to my politics but I have my god to answer to. And my god would know whether I am discriminating against somebody, particularly at a time of their illness,” he further stated, adding that he is not obliged “to put my hand in my pocket to give him money.

“And if I were to do that, that’s my personal money, that’s my business. So I am not discussing my personally business.”

Gonsalves said that Lynch’s receiving help from the government has nothing to do with the fact that Lynch and BDS NICE Radio owe him over $200,000 because of defamation judgements.

“Maybe we can’t help. But we have helped people to go to Cuba. He may not want to go to Cuba. But I know that if Lynch was in the ULP and had served the ULP faithfully and well as he has served the NDP, I would have gone home and I would have told [my wife] Eloise … we have to have a dinner.

“We would provide the food and everything and I’ll be one of the 20 persons at the dinner and each person I invite to the dinner would pay $5,000 … to give him an initial $100,000.’

He said that Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace along with opposition Members of Parliament St. Clair Leacock, Dr. Godwin Friday and Daniel Cummings could afford to be guests at such a dinner

“I don’t know about the others (opposition MPs). They can call people who support them,” he said, mentioning the Bonadies, Veiras and Greaves along with architects and contractors that support the party.

“I am making the suggestion. Arnhim and my cousin Jennifer could organise it and each of them pay $5,000 apiece. … I am giving a suggestion and I told people about the suggestion. An NDP man asked me. I told him that,” Gonsalves said.

He said that if Lynch can’t go to the U.S. and does not want Cuba, that the $100,000 raised from such a dinner can “set him off” to go to England or Canada.

“You’re going to allow the man to suffer with his eye for him to go blind after he talk out his soul for you for 13 years? Come on!” Gonsalves said.

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12 thoughts on “PM suggests dinner to raise money for ‘E.G.’ Lynch

  1. It all Boils down to party and who represented whom,the PM doesnt sound too concerned, but who can blame him? linch have said alot about the PM concerning his governance he is only human,why should he feel obligated to help even though he can

    Posted by mo | March 7, 2012, 14:40
  2. Gonsalves just wants to see who turns up for the dinner so as he knows who the supporters are.

    He knows no one will go, then he can ridicule Lynch, you need to think like Gonsalves to understand the evil of his mind.

    Perhaps we could get an introduction to the crooked airport caterers, and get a nice price. Wait for the shock regarding the caterers.

    Why a dinner, just pay what you can, why pay for food that doesn’t help Lynch. Pay the money to Lynch bank account.

    Posted by Peter | March 7, 2012, 16:20
  3. so nice of you Mr PM to used those words ….Glen Jackson had done more for you, he died what had you done to keep his name in the public domain all the old talk and promises nothing, not even at party convention is he remembered.

    Posted by born to loose | March 7, 2012, 22:07
  4. This only supports what I have been saying about the NDP. This is a PARTY that is not FIT to govern a MAUBY SHOP much less a COUNTRY.

    Lynch has been the SPOKESPERSON of the NDP for over a DECADE and this is how they TREATING him?


    This is TRULY a SAD EPISODE…and a SHAMEFUL ONE too.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | March 8, 2012, 10:07
  5. Peter you say if the NDP holds a dinner to help out E G Lynch no one will attend,….that is a very serious statement to make…How are you so sure that no one will attrend?….

    Posted by true vincy | March 8, 2012, 12:14
  6. “This is a PARTY that is not FIT to govern a MAUBY SHOP much less a COUNTRY”….. VINCY POWA! Try a new line nah! This ole tune getting boring……Mix it up man!

    Tell me. Did LYNCH or the NDP ever ask Ralph or the ULP to help with his medical problem?

    Ralph, you have no concern fo LYNCH. It is not in you. Yo Say yo’ Narrh put any money to help LYNCH, so way yo making noise for? The Bible say.. ‘ There is a time to speak and there is a time to just Shut up. My advice is this: Yo nah gwine help Lynch..So! just shut-up.

    Posted by roinuj | March 8, 2012, 12:22
  7. Dirty VincyPowa, you really are something else. Gonsalves is one wicked piece of crap. Instead of putting his nose into what Lynch is doing, get on and look after the country, Lynch has asked nothing of Gonsalves. Gonsalves is an employee of the state and its time that he did some work with some degree of competence.

    Under the rule of Gonsalves the country has become bankrupt, with the support and encouragement of people just like VincyPowa. For years now one of VincPowa’s names has been the ‘WRECKER’, he has a number of other names, most of which are applied by others out of disrespect for the man’s views and policies. Many people know who he is and he is disliked by one and all.

    The Unity Liars Party, a party whose whole life relies on lies and untruths, written and spoken. Led by a confirmed liar, building a whole society of liars and thief’s, as Gonsalves said “show me a liar and I will show you a thief” and they have taken him at his word, stealing down everything they can lay their hands on. Its what’s called the lavatory pan for crime syndrome. Please understand I am not inffering that Gonsalves is a shit house, I would never do that.

    All this nonsense is to try and take our eye and mind off the current situation of SVG. What shape is a banana? so is the government.

    Posted by Peter | March 8, 2012, 13:29
  8. Great idea oh wise one…. why don’t you have the same dinner to raise funds to pay lime

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | March 8, 2012, 15:04
  9. Perfect opportunity for Gonsalves to demonstrate his magnanimity…DONATE THE DEFAMATION MONEY TO THE Lynch cause…I guarantee such action by Gonsalves will kill off any chances of the NDP getting back into office anytime soon. Talk about killing them with kindness.

    Posted by Saadiss | March 8, 2012, 16:50
  10. Gonsalves is a very nasty little fat Marxist mischief maker, living in the past, Humpty Dumpty the 20 dollar fertilizer man.


    Posted by Peter | March 10, 2012, 21:00
  11. A president or prime minister of a country is just a servant of the citizens of that country and he or she should be ready and prepared for criticisms. Any leader who gets annoyed at critics is not a good leader and any citizen who sees a bad thing going on in the government and keeps quiet is not a good citizen. A leader should take correction when criticized but Gonsalves doesn’t do that, instead, he gets annoyed and starts attacking his critics. Lynch talks when he sees something bad going on and that makes him a good citizen. Gonsalves should put politics behind when it comes to helping the citizens of SVG because he is in that office to serve all of them, not only his party members. May GOD bless SVG. I’m writing from Africa and my name is Evangelist Ugochukwu Cornels.

    Posted by Evangelist Ugochukwu Cornels | August 19, 2012, 21:21


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