MP didn’t mention monies Opposition owes LIME

Member of Parliament for South Leeward, opposition legislator Nigel Stephenson.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Opposition Member of Parliament Nigel Stephenson failed to mention last week that EC$1,133.08 from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition was among the EC$2.6 million LIME says the government owes for telephone services.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told journalists on Monday that Stephenson did not mention the figure when he detailed on radio the amount owed by several government department.

“People are not interested in the truth. I am interested in the truth. … We must seek truth from facts and let the real world validate the facts,” he said, noting that I-Witness News had reported on Stephenson’s pronouncements.

“I told … Nigel Stephenson … ‘Man how you can go and put up something and did not up the name of the Leader of the Opposition?’ He said, ‘You expect me to put that?’” Gonsalves said in recounting a conversation with the South Leeward Representative on Monday.

“I am interested in the truth you know. I am giving you everything unvarnished. How can you take those fellas’ word seriously? Are they interested in the truth?” Gonsalves further stated.

He said there were several problems with the list sent to the government by LIME, including the inclusion of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

“The Leader of the Opposition should not be on this list,” Gonsalves said, noting a decision in 2010 to disburse quarterly the EC$150,000 subvention to run that office rather that the government paying its bills directly, as had been the case before.

“I told Nature Stephenson ‘Man, why weren’t you just honest? Say the Leader of the Opposition is on it but it is a relatively small amount and they will organise and pay it.’ But you saw it’s left out.” Gonsalves said.

“You must decide who you can trust…. When there is a problem, who addresses the problem honesty and who want to do mischief?” he further stated

“I don’t want to get involved with Stephenson because I try, as best as I can, not to fight below my weight class. Sometimes, it is unavoidable in this business but I try not to. He can say what he wants about me but the press can ask questions on this,” he further stated.

Gonsalves that that Stephenson created the impression that they have “a white angel and they want to, in a sense, allow people to throw words at the public servants” but it was the public service that sent the list to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition as part of a verification exercise throughout the public service.

He said that the Director General of Finance and Planning had written to the various government departments, including the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, to verify that the sum quoted by LIME corresponded to the departments’ internal records.

“So, when they put this list up, they didn’t say that this is what LIME is claiming,” Gonsalves said.

He further said that the opposition cannot be excused by claims that they did not know that the figure quoted were in dispute.

“Well, that would have been the conclusion but for the fact that the Leader of the Opposition got such a letter. … So they can’t say that they got a list without the Leader of the Opposition listed because they got this from the Ministry of Finance and Planning.”

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4 thoughts on “MP didn’t mention monies Opposition owes LIME

  1. When it was agreed that a figure would be paid to the opposition to pay expenses, that included paying the phone bills of the opposition leader. What it didn’t do was pay the arrears that the ULP government had already run up for the opposition phone bills in the sum of $30,000 dollars. The NDP were lumbered with that and have been paying it off a bit at a time since the change in procedure.

    That’s what you call dishonesty and lies by omission, why not tell the public about that my little fat friend.

    You are quite right you are a heavy weight, you conceited great bag of smelly wind.

    Honest, honesty, honour, honourable, do you actually know what any of those words mean.

    Come again, come again. Stop bilking and pay the bill, I suppose you know what the word bilk means?

    Posted by Peter | March 7, 2012, 20:40
  2. This fat PLANTATION OWNER is really condescending eh? “I don’t want to get involved with Stephenson because I try, as best as I can, not to fight below my weight class. Sometimes, it is unavoidable in this business but I try not to. He can say what he wants about me but the press can ask questions on this,” he further stated” In other Countries a Leader who says that to another LAWMAKER could get a two by four plank across the jaw.

    Posted by Vexalways | March 8, 2012, 09:34
  3. Ralph yo want us to compare what the opposition party owes LIME to what the government owes? What is this truth that you are speaking about? The truth is simple. The opposition party owes $1300.00 over a three month period. The party said it will clear this amount as soon as it receives its quartely payment from the government. That is NDP’s business. Why is this an issue here relative to the fact that the GOVERNMENT(not ULP or NDP, but all ah we) is owning LIME. This is what you, as the PM, is responsible for. So way yo’ telling us about NDP for? NDP is anwersable to LIME for what what it owes. You sir, are answerable to US.. ARWE.. ALL AH WE… for not/refusing to pay the public phone bill. So don’t try that.

    Yo’ refuse to pay and yo happily put the whole country at risk. This is the issue here. Not what the opposition party office owes. Blaming the poor PS for mis-management and misuse of phones. Cursing and snobbing LIME. Saying that LIME overcharging. On top of all this, leading to the compromized of our national security by the cutting off of the vital communication to police stations, schools and health clinics. This is the problem Ralph. You want us to conclude that all of this is now as a result that Nature did not say that the opposition office owed LIME $1300.00.

    You say that you have the resources to pay, but you nah pay. Yo come up with all kindda reasons mek so. Now you want to tek we mind off the crisis by telling us that Nature shouda say the opposition office owed $1300.00 to LIME and if he did not say so the man dishonest? Nature is right, in the larger picture, this is not an issue. Way yo want we fo say? Oh!.. the opposition party owes LIME $1300.00, so is no big deal if the government owes $2,600,000.00 and refuse to pay. Yo want we to extricate you from your responsibility to properly manage the resourses so that we do not have to suffer the national embarrassment of disconnected public phones…. And this is on account that the opposition’S office owes LIME some “small change”. Is that your angle?

    Frankly, I care NOT whether the opposition office ha’ phone or not, or whether it owe LIME or not?. Let NDP’s deal with that or pay the consequences. Lay them take care ah that. What we kay ’bout is the fact that we pay we taxes to take care of the country’s business and that nah happen. Now you tun round and telling we yo’ happy and glad because LIME cut off we telephone lines to police stations, schools and health clinics. The whole country is paying the consequences fo that . SO THAT IS ALL AH WE BUSINESS.

    This distraction POLITICS IS BECOMING TOO FAMILIAR. HEAR NUH! WE DUN KNOW WHAT YOU GWINE SAY TO EVERY SITUATION BEFORE YOU SAY IT! Your power to fool and deceive is quite deminished now. Try the TRUTH and be open and honest with we nuh man. At least you will be able to leave office with a little public respect.

    Posted by roinuj | March 8, 2012, 15:09
  4. Gonsalves has a vision for the future, to carry he and his son forward as a ruling class dynasty. Enslaving the people by feeding them crap and making them reliant on the Gonsalves bull crap and handouts, the Gonsalves family will continue to divide and rule the Vincentian nation.

    His ministers and MP’s were chosen as people he can manipulate and hoodwink.

    Gonsalves is a very nasty little fat Marxist mischief maker, living in the past, Humpty Dumpty the 20 dollar fertilizer man.


    Posted by Peter | March 10, 2012, 21:14

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