Top cop moving to pick out more bad apples

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Having blacklisted the heavy drinkers, Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is seeking to pick out even more bad apples from within the Police Force.

Miller said on Sunday that he would be holding public consultations to identify cops who give a negative impression of the constabulary because of their attitude to the public.

“There are policemen who still have this inherent bad behaviour: when persons call the station and make reports, they are still informing them that we not have transport and we do not have manpower. I think that is very irresponsible of these policemen. … I think that is our major challenge now to get policemen and women to come around and to be more respectful and more loyal,” Miller said in Chateaubelair at the fourth anniversary concert for the Pan Against Crime Programme.

He said that the public should inform him about officers “who are not toeing the line”.

“Whenever you see … they are not dong that, you call me,” the top cop said, adding that consultations will be held soon with the public.

“Because I want to be in the best position to hear from you about the support you are getting from the policemen in the respective divisions. We want to see and hear from you in respect of the level of respect you are getting from them. So, very shortly, you will be seeing us coming.”

Miller said he does not want the consultation to be held at the police stations but could try for the learning resource centres.

Miller said in January that he had banned the sale of alcohol to some cops and ordered that less liquor be sold at the police canteen.

The measure was taken because of complaints from the wives and girlfriends of some police officers and after investigations about the cause of increased money spent at the canteen.

Miller then instructed that more food be told at the canteen.

Further, he said some citizens had complained about smelling alcohol on the breath of some officers while performing their duty.

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7 thoughts on “Top cop moving to pick out more bad apples

  1. Mr. Miller you need to remove the criminals out of the force too. When you have criminals there other cops will feel they can do other stuff too. You have to be consistent. I am not sure what you doing regulating people domestic life but when a cop is off duty he has a right to do what he wants within the law.

    Posted by TAD | February 28, 2012, 07:57
  2. Is he for real.

    Posted by Bermyvincy | February 28, 2012, 10:57
  3. Thank you Jesus!!1 Finally all those bad cops will get their justice once and for all.And the idiot lazy ones that always say no transport not there.Thank you Jesus!!!!

    Posted by Jason | February 28, 2012, 12:35
  4. Jason stop taking the Lords name in vane.

    Miller, you are of course having a joke with us. What you want to stop is the extreme violence that is dished out by police officers in the interview room and station cells. The beatings are in face a form of torture, it sometimes results in people being convicted wrongly. You also need to stop offcers from lieing, I know that is difficult when they are under the control of ULP serial liars such as the Gonsalves.

    You need to talk and write about that.

    Your disgusting behaviour in re-employing the 3 criminal police officers will appear in the US CIA report for last year. The whole world will be able to see why you should not have the job that you have.

    Posted by Peter | February 28, 2012, 15:57
  5. Miller should demand a written report of all incidents involving the police. He must also ensure the reports are accurate and both the police and the citizens are protected. People should not be locked-up or threatened with arrest for trivial incidents.
    A person was locked-up for calling a police a snotty-nose. The charge was he insulted a police man. I am not sure a judge can charge anyone for such comments. Since that’s one person’s opinion of police behaviour. I am wondering if it’s safe to call a police man a dummy if he displays some obnoxious behaviour.
    To avoid all these frivolous arrests: the police should file a report for each and every arrest he makes.
    Miller should also ensure there are enough police personnel in each station to answer citizens’ request for police presence. Put a bike in each station so the police can use it to make regular visits in the community, and get some police men off their lazy arses. It is also important to get someone to review all reports from each police station. This will go a long way to spot trends and reduce crimes.
    One of the most criminal activities in SVG is against farmers. Not the drug people but legitimate farmers who see their crops and animals stolen from their properties. Farmers are afraid to plant crops and raise animals. This issue must and should be addressed in the same way the drug police handle raids against drug plantations.
    If nothing is done to help the farmers, the Miller will definitely buy food products from other island instead of buying from our local farmers.
    I hope the government will address this issue and put SVG back on the map as the island that produced the best products and animals.
    Last but not least is the issue involving the fifteen years youth beaten by three police men. These policemen be disciplined.

    Posted by Vere | February 28, 2012, 16:57
  6. One more point Mr. Miller: All incidents involving the police must be handled by an independent committee. This is to avoid a white wash or a cover-up.
    Let’s start with the murder of the dental technician killed by the escaped convict. Ralph said he will have the issue investigated, but you know Ralph: He starts things that have no end. I don’t believe he even started this one.

    Posted by Vere | February 29, 2012, 01:28
  7. VERE, I am sure all what you ask regarding reports are already an adopted procedure. Problem is that it is all hidden in the name of protection of the police’s good name.

    As for you Miller, its all very well removing the rotten apples from the barrel with one hand, and putting them back with the other. I am of course talking about reemploying police who are convicted criminals. Get real man, ask the Cubans if you can get one of those poodle brain transplants that the ULP is reccomending to their ministers.

    Miller, what do you know anout the ALBA Military School? have any of your officers attended there yet?

    VERE, the rot set in when Gonsalves had PACE removed from the statute book.

    This Marxist government is struggling to stay in power, do you think they give a damn about the farmers or their animals.

    Pan against crime, do you think criminals, gang boys, care a cock-a-doodle-cluck about pan?


    Posted by Peter | February 29, 2012, 17:36

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