Cabinet reshuffle had nothing to do with failure – PM

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – The changes to the Cabinet announced yesterday was not a as result of failure of the ministers or their ministries affected, according to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves announced that effective next Monday, Housing Minister Clayton Burgin will become Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment while outgoing Health Minster Cecil “Ces” McKie will be reassigned as Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture.

Montgomery Daniel will be transferred to the Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Lands and Surveys and Physical Planning. He will leave the Ministry of Agriculture for the first time since he was elected to Parliament in 2001.

Tourism Minister Saboto Caesar will become Minister of Agriculture, Industry, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation.

Senator Elvis Charles will be transferred from the Prime Minister’s office to become Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, with special responsibility for Sports and Culture.

Gonsalves said yesterday that the ministers have been reassigned so that they can have different experiences.

Responding to a journalist’s questions about whether the particular ministers were transferred because of failure in their current ministries, Gonsalves said ‘No” and noted that he has reshuffled his Cabinet several times since coming to office on March 28, 2001.

“It is good for ministers to be reassigned and have responsibilities,” he said.

He said that Burgin, who has been a parliamentarian and Cabinet member since 2001, has been minister of state in ministry of education, minister of education, minister of transport and works, and minister of housing.

“He is a man with great experience [in] different ministries. He is now in the Ministry of Health,” Gonsalves said.

He further said that Mckie has been doing “a very good job” at the Ministry of Health and has had a lot of accomplishments after one year. “He has put many important things in place there. But Ces would be happy, too, from his personality standpoint, to deal with Tourism and Sports and Culture. In fact, … when I put him in Health, people said they thought he was going to get Sports and Culture.

“Now, different time: different things. Now, I have judgements to make. I know where the issue are being – where some of the issues, we are putting some emphasis on as we are going forward,” Gonsalves said.

He said that Caesar has been doing “a tremendous amount of work” in Tourism and Industry.

“And you know there is a lot of revamping taking place in Vincyfresh, producing a number of commodities and Saboto is also a natural for the Ministry of Agriculture. He is in a rural constituency,” Gonsalves said.

Montgomery Daniel will not be at the Ministry of Agriculture for the first time since he was elected to government in 2001 (File photo).

He further noted that Daniel has been at the Ministry of Agriculture for 11 years. “It is good for him to have another area of work. He has a lot of work to do in the area of Lands, Informal Human Settlement and ‘Gomery is an individual who attends to a lot of detail like that. He will also do that.

“He has the support of the Housing and Land Development Corporation as the big housing programme — we are currently negotiating monies for a big housing push again. Clayton has done a lot of the basic work with the people at Housing and Land Development Corporation,” Gonsalves said.

Frederick Stephenson will no longer have ministerial responsibility for Sports and Culture.

Gonsalves said that Stephenson has been doing “very good work”.

“But the portfolio, when you look at the size, it was kind of spread and there was a fair amount of detailed attention that has to be given to Sports and Culture – a number of regional meetings and so on and so forth. I want to ease some of that,” he said.

Stephenson will now have ministerial responsibility for National Mobilization, Social Development, the Family, Persons with Disabilities, and Youth.

He further said that Charles has done “well” at the office of the Prime Minister’s office and a reassignment to the Ministry of Sports and Culture will “widens his experience further”.

“If you listen to my narrative and as I explain it, there is a consistency,” Gonsalves said.

“I am the chairman of Cabinet. I know what is taking place in every ministry and I like the different ministers to have different experiences and strengthen their capacity. I know we have done a good job here in these reassignments,” Gonsalves said of the reshuffle that came 14 months to the day his Unity Labour Party was re-elected to a third term in office.

“Of course, there are some persons who are going to say why didn’t he reassign Tom to here or Mary to there. Of course, unfortunately for those person, they don’t hold the office of the prime minister and they don’t know how I want to see the government shaped in going forward,” he added.

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27 thoughts on “Cabinet reshuffle had nothing to do with failure – PM

  1. Yea, yea barefaced Liar, you really feel everybody dunce like you are in Economics and being a finance Minister? You had to listen to the people because its 8–7, you know your time in Government is hanging by a string and so want to look good in the public’s eyes, but more so all this was because of Soboto and Gomery. Gomery mash up the entire Banana Industry and have been insulting the people of this Country, while Soboto is making noise about you bringing back your son here to control.

    Posted by Vexalways | February 14, 2012, 07:44
  2. It is time PM Gonsolve reshuffle himself. His Ministry has been the biggest failure in the government. It is obvious that PM Gonsolves is faking his skills and competence to manage financial and fiscal matters. Four years of negative growth is evidence of mismanagement of the nation’s finances. Gonsloves should give up anything that has to do with financial management. Ask persons who worked with Gonsolves in his law firm. They will tell you Gonsolves was terrible at financial matters. Not surprising, our country is in the economis mess that it is. Gonsolve should be reshuffled to another ministry. Maybe legal affairs!

    Posted by OLBAP | February 14, 2012, 09:04
  3. Of course not, because you yourself would have been moved….. Ralphie stop the crap, you have failed the people of SVG. Town board workers bawling that they have not been paid in 4 weeks. The ministry of finance have failed them. But yet they tell us things nice

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 14, 2012, 11:53
  4. Another bundle of lies by the ‘King of Liars’. If you didn’t take the failure of your ministers into account, then you should have.

    What we have now is a bunch of useless, moved to other ministries to wreck those ministries, same as the boy wreck agriculture.

    I believe that you moved all those ministers just so as the Danniel idiot boy would not know that it was only him that you really wanted to shuffle. So the others got moved as a smoke screen to hide your real intentions.

    As for Caeser being peed off, I can understand him not wanting your boy jumping the line, over the heads of other Marxist scum bags and worthless dirty dogs [sorry the latter is a well know saying uttered by Gonsalves, he may have a copyright on that verse].
    The boys job at the UN, was it advertised, did any other person get the opportunity of the job as ambassador.

    You, yes you ‘O’ crapmaster Gonsalves, should shuffle yourself right out of our lives, besides all your long talk and even short talk are the biggest dunce of all.

    You took us into ALBA without the peoples agreement or permission. According Tuesday paper you are talking about the ALBA members to deepen their integration, we do not want to integrate, you didn’t ask us. This was an unconstituional act on your part.

    See if you can get a job in ALBA and go and live in Venezuela, we don’t want you here, take your son with you, we don’t want him either.

    Listening to you the other day at your news conference, I almost believed what you were saying. But having known you for 50 odd years, I know just how worthless you really are, and couldn’t tell what was true and what was lies. As you are a self professed and confessed liar, I decided to believe nothing that you said. That Gonsalves is the penalty of being a liar of such magnitude.

    I suppose at the conference you were taking advice from your press secretary, he was active, seems he has you well under his control. Has he threatened to kill anyone lately.

    Ask the Venezuelans for the $10 million that they owe us, failure of you to collect only proves in my mind that you lied to the people and to parliament. I believe they never agreed to such a thing and you made it up.

    Posted by Peter | February 14, 2012, 12:47
  5. If the economy/finances of the country and the crime situation is out of control in SVG :why are we not seeing some changes in the Ministry of Finace and the Ministry of National security? All other ministries depends solely on the Minister of Finance for funds to carry out the works in each ministry

    Posted by 2% | February 14, 2012, 14:47
  6. Gonsalves, if it’s not broken, why fix it? You need to stop insulting the intelligence of Vincentians. I am fed up of you and your insults. We are on the ground. We know what is happening in our country. Your excuses hit like thunderbolts, because we know the truth. Shut up. Don’t say anything, it would be better for you. Sorry for the harsh words but I can’t help myself. You are becoming intolerable.

    Posted by justice | February 14, 2012, 16:17
  7. I thought the RALPH HATERS said that if the Comrade reshuffle anyone the government will fall!! A bunch of jokers!!!

    Posted by no-nonsense | February 14, 2012, 16:36
    • No Nonsense I am amaized how easily, opposition supporters play this “great” ULP party.

      I do not know if you ever played this game when you were young. Your mother tells you to come home after school by 3:30pm. Your friend know that if you disobey your mother is “cut-backside”. Now your friend wants you to get your backside cut so he dares you to stay out late. He tells you you are a sissy if you don’t. So you do to prove to your friend that you are no sissy.

      When you get home is cut-backside. So now, your friend is outside laughing at you getting your backside cut.

      So people challanged Ralph to reshuffle his cabinet. They dare him to so do knowing that if he did is pure Sh*t. But Ralph want to proof them wrong, so he goes and reshuffle his cabinet. Guest what? People now laughting at Ralph and his reshuffle.

      Posted by OLBAP | February 15, 2012, 11:17
  8. Gonsalves if this is the ‘Dream Team’ carry on dreaming.

    Perhaps you should rename them the ‘Nightmare Noddies’

    No not noodles you sill little fat man, noddies, you know, those little toy dogs that they used to put in the back windows of cars. They just keep nodding at nothing, as if in agreement to everything.


    Posted by Peter | February 14, 2012, 17:54


    RALPH HATAS, the RESHUFFLING has taken PLACE, so did the government collapse?

    When is the next general it in 4 months or 4 YEARS?

    Posted by vincypowa | February 15, 2012, 00:45
    • Yeah! Yeah! Tell us something you haven’t told us before. Reshuffling.. no reshuffling .. makes no difference. As the old people say: ” no better beef no better barel”

      Posted by OLBAP | February 15, 2012, 09:11
  10. Truly, besides ego, what is there to a reshuffle?

    For example, is the hospital better off for Ces’ tenure? If yes, why move him. If no, why move him. It
    go be the same again.

    Patrick Ferrari

    Posted by Patrick Ferrari | February 15, 2012, 03:50
  11. Sorry, I forgot to tell Peter don’t bother “defending” me, man still
    drinking my bucket of rum. Drunk every weekend, at least.

    Patrick Ferrari

    Posted by Patrick Ferrari | February 15, 2012, 03:53
  12. Ferrari I cannot defend you, I find it dificult to defend myself, that is why I am so diplomatic and like Gonsalves am so meek.

    I believe all those moved ministers were only moved as a smoke screen to hide the fact that Gonsalves wanted to get the Daniel boy out of agriculture, nothing more, nothing less.
    Lets see how Daniel boy performs in his new position, got to be better than in agriculture, that proved to be a disaster. Problem still is how do they hush his mouth, perhaps the CUBAN brain transplant will help, you know the brain from an inteligent dog, an improvment on his present brain.

    VINCYPOWA, I notice you have started useing stars [*] in your writing, I hope that is not part of your Marxist brainwashing technique, to try and get us to think you are a star. Well we don’t, you are still the same knob head that you always were. bye BUBBLY BUB you Beelzebub. [look it up, i’m sure its a new big word for you]

    Posted by Peter | February 15, 2012, 08:59
  13. Prof, where are you, VINCYPOWA need some more lessons. Put him in his place again we all loved it.

    Posted by Peter | February 15, 2012, 09:01
  14. Gunsalves should reshuffel himself to the ministry of injustice, Burgin Ministry of Can’t Speak, Gumry Ministry of childishness and Bad mind, Caesar Ministry of Arrogance to be share with Girlyn and Julian Ministry of oppertunism, all the others ministry of incompetence

    Posted by junko | February 15, 2012, 11:48
  15. Peter, what lesson do I need?

    I hope it is not the one I schooled him on about the TALIBAN was not responsible for the bombing of the WTC in 1993. Alternatively, the one about the main terrorists responsible for 9/11 were already in the country before Bush became the PRESIDENT of the USA. Maybe it is the one where I had to break it down to him as to why crime does not increase or decrease because the PM is out of the country.

    That said; the day the DECEITFUL and NUTTY PROFESSOR schools me on an ISSUE relating to SVG, or on any country on planet earth, it will be the day I stop blogging on this site.

    By the way, it is quite interesting how you keep bringing up this NUT of a PROFESSOR. I know you want to keep him relevant, even though he is irrelevant, but the question is why. I hope you are not blogging under that alias as well.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 15, 2012, 16:24
  16. Junko, I hope your name is not Vincy parlance for DRUNKARD, because after reading your post, it makes me wonder if you were under the INFLUENCE of some sunset.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 15, 2012, 16:28
    • Power after reading all that sh..(dot,dot) to defend our dictator I am feeling drunk

      Posted by junko | February 15, 2012, 22:28
  17. Now now, don’t be a silly boy VincyPower, your stupidity and ignorance shines out in your posts. By now everyone knows about you being a Unity Liars Party paid collaborator. You try hard but most of the time you make us all laugh at your ignorant and ridiculess claims.

    I hope the leader doesn’t smack your legs again for making him look more stupid than he is.

    Time to take a pill and lay down, your blood pressure is going through the roof. If you reply please don’t use filthy language, we have enough of that from the leader, the head dunce.

    Posted by Peter | February 17, 2012, 05:29
  18. Peter, there you go SPEAKING on behalf of others again.

    Yes, your ignorance, stupidity and self-importance know no bounds.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 17, 2012, 17:10
    • POWA, these guys are a swarm of GADFLIES, they will never rest as long as the Comrade is Prime Minister. I believe that if the NDP is to ever form government again, within three months of their reigh they will continue their pulling down of SVG, cause that’s the ONLY thing they can do. They have no love for SVG!!!

      Posted by no-nonsense | February 18, 2012, 16:23
      • Here we go again… something ralph has used in the past in describing vincies… no- nonsense, no original thought. Typical ulp, when the truth hits them they insult. lol

        Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 18, 2012, 21:01
      • Ralph did not use it to describe vincies, he used it to describe Eustace- an irritated person.

        Posted by no-nonsense | February 19, 2012, 12:20
  19. Ralph did not use gadfly to describe vincies, he used it to describe Eustace- an irritable person.

    Posted by no-nonsense | February 19, 2012, 19:25
    • Eustace is a vincentian ain’t he???? i will repeat what i said…… no-nonsense, no original thought. And all you guys do is insult when the truth hits you.

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | February 20, 2012, 08:11
  20. No nonsense every so often in life you come across someone who you thinks is a total tosser. That is what I think of you. I know several of the people on this blog who are definitely not NDP. They dislike the lies and disgusting behaviour of the Unity Liars Party leaders and the ignorant dunce behaviour of the followers. They put forward truthful opposition and twerps like you ignore the truth and support evil, lies and the sulphur breath of the devil.

    The cabinet is mainly made up of Gonsalves, he is minister of most things important. He is also a failure in most of those ministries. It is time he gave up the prime minister post and let someone with a fresh brain take over, someone who will not tell lies and be truthful with the people. Someone who can control his tongue and not utter insults and profanities. Some one who does not make untoward gestures to Vincy folk.

    I know some of the ULP members very well, they are nice people who are ruining their own good standing for evermore, by association with this Marxist scum regime.

    And people like VincyPower who is a paid ULP collaborator and yes you No-Nonsense are Saint Vincent’s worst kind of enemy.


    Posted by Peter | February 19, 2012, 23:24

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