MP still concerned as BRAGSA repairs N. Leeward road

Roland “Patel” Matthews, Member of Parliament for North Leeward. (File photo)

KINGSTOWN St. Vincent – The section of road in North Leeward that resulted in the suspension of the delivery of fuel to Chateaubelair by SOL was resurfaced yesterday.

Steve Francis, manager of SOL, told I-Witness News last week that fuel supply to the service station in Chateaubelair was discontinued because of the “deteriorating condition” of the Charles Village road in Spring Village.

While the Bridges, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has said that it was safe for the company’s tankers to continue using the road, a SOL engineer determined that the risk was too great and the company suspended fuel delivery to Chateaubelair.

Francis said that his company considers the condition of the road to be “moderately severe”, two levels below “catastrophic” – the highest level on the company’s safety ranking.

Report reaching I-Witness News say that BRAGSA resurfaced the road yesterday.

But Member of Parliament for North Leeward, opposition lawmaker Roland Matthews, who brought the situation to the attention of the nation and Parliament, said on radio last night that he still had some concerns about the road.

“My concern is simply this, there is a [retaining] wall on one side that is upholding the road from falling into the Cumberland River. I want to know how safe is that wall,” Matthews said.

His concern was in light of SOL’s engineer’s assessment that the road was unsafe although BRAGSA had said that the road had cracked because the material used to backfill it had settled.

“If that was the concern, why was it labelled Level 4, as ‘moderately severe’ [by SOL]? Because there are other roads in this country that I believe, at face value, are worse than that road. So my concern: what did the engineer from SOL see in that road and BRAGSA didn’t see?” Matthews said, noting that he was not an engineer.

“I am just throwing it out there because I don’t know what is happening. I want to know if there are different standards. Because here SOL is saying that it must be rehabilitated before using and BRAGSA is giving the green light. If BRAGSA was so positive that the road could be used, why did they go and pave it today (yesterday)? It is interesting all over and something is not right there,” Matthews said.

He said that all concerned need to be satisfied that this road is safe for motorists and pedestrians.

The portion of road before it was resurfaced yesterday (Photo: Lennox Lampkin).

“If what BRAGSA has done today is enough to make the road’s integrity stand up, well I am glad for that and I am glad that they acted swiftly,” he said.

“If, on the other hand, it is just a plaster to cover up a sore foot … we have to be very concerned as well,” he, however, added.

“And I am hoping that this matter could be resolved in a manner that all who are affected at this moment that some form of comfort can come to them.”

Mathews said that the unavailability of fuel in the North Leeward constituency, the largest, geographically, in the country, has affected fisherfolks and other persons who use petrol there.

I-Witness News is awaiting a response to questions sent to SOL late last night.

Meanwhile, Christiana Thompson, the operator of the service station in Chateaubelair, is suing SOL for, among other things, “damages for [SOL’s] decision to cut off the supply of fuel to [her service station] thus killing off her business”.

Thompson is also claiming “compensation for the 5,736 gallons of gasoline which [SOL] never delivered” and “damages for [SOL’s] continued pattern [of] refusal to correct what it knew was an inaccurate system of measurement,” according to the claim document.

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10 thoughts on “MP still concerned as BRAGSA repairs N. Leeward road

  1. In an atmosphere of litigation, does it now imply that North Leeward will still be victims of a lawsuit? What about a petrol outlet at Keartons, Troumaca or Barrouallie in the interim? Law suits of this nature can last for months if not years! Why did the operator wait until the delivery was ceased to go public or initiate the law suit is puzzling.

    Posted by Concerned Vincy | February 3, 2012, 08:01
  2. North Leeward = North leeward citizens above!

    Posted by Concerned Vincy | February 3, 2012, 08:09
  3. When that road was originally filled it was compacted and the fill was crushed stone and fines, there should be no settlement. Underground water erosion, or the movement of the wall footing may well be the problem.

    To cover the top layer of the road to hide the problem may well turn out to be a criminal act.

    My advise is for SOL to get an independent firm of engineers form Barbados or Trinidad, before they trust the road to be fit for their vehicles to pass on.

    Personally I would not trust the ability of BRAGSA, and it would be interesting to know what their orders were from their political masters.
    Keep in mind BRAGSA people, you may well be called to court to give evidence at some time in the near future.



    Posted by Peter | February 3, 2012, 09:08
  4. This woman is going to be COMPENSATED by SOL. Kudos to her for SUING.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | February 3, 2012, 09:45
  5. VincyPower, no one at all is impressed by you. I have discussed you with numerous people who read I-Witness-News. The General opinion is that your an idiot, a sheep and even worse.

    Probably even Gonsalves despises you.

    You are the worst kind of collaborator, one who keeps up the total crap for financial gain and fortune.

    This government is a sick and wicked regime, your support for them mirrors what has happened in the past within such regimes.


    Posted by Peter | February 3, 2012, 19:13
  6. Peter, it seems like you’re FRUSTRATED.

    That said; whenever you have NDPITES TALKING about U in that MANNER (Peter once said Dr. Gonsalves is the one of the STUPIDEST people he knows), it is a SIGN that you’re HAVING an IMPACT on their PSYCHE. Therefore, I will take that as a COMPLIMENT.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 4, 2012, 00:17
  7. Well I am pleased that you follow what I say, and are coming under my control. Don’t you just hate yourself for being what you are.

    You see how by repeating what I say it is free advertising for what Gonsalves and the Caribbean Marxist scum bags are really thought of.

    I still believe Gonsalves is an educated idiot. Even idiots can be educated. Under his watch SVG has been bankrupted.

    He has taken money for the airport, based on Christian blood. Money from crap regimes who need support at the UN, they give us money, we vote for them at the UN.

    I have never been a supporter of the NDP or the Unity Liars Party. Unlike you, I try and support what I believe is the truth.

    As for you, if you decide to travel ask Gonsalves if you can borrow his stockings and suspender belt, someone may find you cute, but I doubt it.

    Posted by Peter | February 4, 2012, 08:18
  8. Peter, it is the other way around. You follow what I say, which is why you claim that you discuss me with FRIENDS.

    I think you’re a NUT, so there is NO NEED for me to DISCUSS you with ANYONE.

    That said; you’re probably the only NUT on PLANET EARTH who GENUINELY believes that Dr. Gonsalves is an EDUCATED IDIOT.

    That LONELY VOICE in the WILDERNESS seems to be CRYING out for HELP, so I suggest that you come to your SENSES and JOIN the REST of us in the REAL WORLD.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 4, 2012, 16:45
  9. Hey Peter, I will LEAVE this for U.

    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    I see why you and your friends DISCUSS ME, Peter.

    Posted by vincypowa | February 4, 2012, 16:48
  10. Guys you bore me with the personal attacks. Stick to the issues. The issues and the good points you make get lost in the personal attacks. Your debates and ideas are getting nowhere with the personal baggage included.
    There are other important ideas to discuss that to write about Ralph.
    Visitors, including this write are talking about how many towns and villages, roads and beaches are looking more like garbage dumps. You can be critical about what you observe, but try to come up with solutions. This would make your debates more interested and more meaningful.

    Posted by Vere | February 5, 2012, 06:28

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