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‘Nobody scolds me’ – Leacock

In photo from 2011, House Speaker Hendrick Alexander orders opposition legislator St. Clair Leacock to sit in his assigned seat. Leacock said on Tuesday that there will be “no letting up of the relationship” between him and Alexander in Parliament (Photo: Elson Crick, via Facebook)

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Opposition lawmaker St. Clair Leacock says no one “scolds” him and that there will be “no letting up of the relationship” between him and House Speaker Hendrick Alexander in Parliament.

He was speaking at a New Democratic Party (NDP) press conference on Tuesday about a development in Parliament on Jan. 13 when Alexander asked him to withdraw a statement.

Leacock, in is contribution to the Budget Debate, said that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had said earlier that week he (Gonsalves) had fooled the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to access monies.

Government senator Julian Francis rose on a point of order and asked Leacock to withdraw the statement.

Gonsalves was not in Parliament at the time of Leacock’s comments and Francis told the Speaker, who first objected to Leacock’s comments, that the opposition lawmaker had misrepresented what Gonsalves said.

After some initial resistance, in which Leacock said that he was giving his interpretation of the Prime Minister’s comments, the Central Kingstown representative both rephrased and withdrew the statement.

SVGTV, in reportage of the development, said that Leacock was “scolded” in Parliament.

“I nearly didn’t get to speak in the Parliament the last time around. At 8 the night, when they thought I would speak they said they’re not having any other speeches because that is prime time; you can’t allow Major to speak, they closed down,” Leacock said referring to himself by his Cadet Force rank, and the name by which he is affectionately known.

Speaker of the House of Assembly Henrick Alexander, left, and Opposition Member of Parliament St. Clair Leacock (Montage photo)

“I came back 9 o’clock the next morning, I said that the Prime Minister, in his response to Mr. Eustace on the budget, in trying to defend the argument of negative growth, was setting out to fool the people when he said he only wrote the letter to the IMF saying that there was negative growth because he wanted to get the money.

“The Speaker threatened to throw me out and I must apologise — the Prime Minister never said he tried to fool the people,” Leacock said of the development.

He was speaking about Gonsalves comments during Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s response to the Budget.

Eustace was at the time reading a letter Gonsalves wrote to the IMF last year in an effort to access the Washington-based international financial institution’s Rapid Credit Facility (RCF).

“… ‘real GDP growth in 2011 is now expected to decline for a fourth consecutive year.’ Real GDP growth –” Eustace said as Gonsalves interjected “It’s expected but it didn’t happen.”

“It happened. Who you fooling with that? It happen,” Eustace said and Gonsalves responded, “And ah want the RCF money.”

“So what you’re suggesting? You fool them to get the money?” Eustace said.

“No. Ah just say ah want the RCF money,” Gonsalves responded.

“You heard the emphatic statement? He want the money,” Leacock said after playing at the press briefing on Tuesday an audio clip of the exchange in Parliament.

“That is what they [wanted to] throw me out the Parliament for saying, you know: that the Prime Minister never insinuated that he fooled them,” he further stated.

“But he admitted there and I hope you SVGTV features that. Because all you (SVGTV) can put the nonsense that they scold Leacock. Nobody scolds me. I am a big, grown man. I take responsibility for all of my action as a public figure. All of my action, I take responsibility for them,” Leacock said.

“Nobody scolds me. No speaker! He needs to be scolded and there will be no letting up of the relationship between him and I in the Parliament because I am the elected servant of the people in the Parliament until they decide otherwise. And he is there by other people’s tailcoat, not me. I am there because the people so choose me until they have me no more,” said Leacock who was elected to Parliament in December 2010.

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14 thoughts on “‘Nobody scolds me’ – Leacock


    MR leacock with all due respect man that is a scolding,go high,golow,gowide,go narrow,it’s a scolding. So don’t tell the public you weren’t scold. I like an honest speaker.No one says that you must cause conflict with the speaker,that matter has finished already. Leacock,you sound like a coward man because your last statement here should have been thrown in the face of the speaker:

    “I am an elected servant of the people …….he is there by other people tail coat……I am there because the people choose me until they have no more of me”. You should have dashed it in the speaker’s face after changing your statement because you have a valid point but was afraid to say it then. Leacock you certainly lost lots of points on this conduct.

    Vincy Powa I think you should read all my posts before saying Ralph Hater


    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 26, 2012, 10:11
  2. Are you sure about that Mr. Leacock.

    Posted by John | January 26, 2012, 12:01
  3. And he’s there to do the bidding of ralph so that his son stays out of jail for stealing from the government

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 26, 2012, 14:28
  4. I am AMAZE at how these MEN claim that they WANT the BEST for SVG and how they want to REPRESENT the PEOPLE at the HIGHEST LEVEL of GOVERNMENT, yet their BEHAVIORS are one of a BADMANISM MENTALITY that only those with a CRIMINAL MIND can APPRECIATE.

    That said; if anyone is wondering why the DIVISIVE CULTURE continues at a high pitch in this BLESSED nation, one only has to OBSERVE the BEHAVIOR of the REPRESENTATIVES of the NDP, especially in PARLIAMENT, to APPRECIATE and UNDERSTAND why this is the case.

    By the way, it is alleged that a “MAJOR” got some CUFFS and SLAPS over the weekend. Maybe Kenton Chance can find out from one of his impeccable sources if this was the case.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | January 26, 2012, 15:28
    • This coming from the great vincy powa who had full support for hans king’s threat to kiil a fellow vincy….
      this coming from vincy powa who claimed ralph was right for not rehiring the teachers….
      this coming from the great vincy powa who supported the racist statements from monty daniel…
      this coming from the great vincy powa who supported slater when he said only ulp people should get jobs…

      look i can spen all day on this but why bother…….. biggest joker on the internet today.VINCY POWA

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 27, 2012, 10:00
    • powa, it’s a shame you can’t qualify as being one of those “mpeccable sources”.

      Posted by justice | January 27, 2012, 18:07
  5. Well short of mentioning his name the news newspaper has it on the front page. “Is so you all want to run country”

    Posted by John | January 27, 2012, 09:08
  6. VINCY IN BAD SHAPE, here is a TEST that I know you’re going to FAIL, because, like EUSTACE and the NDP, telling TRUTH seems to be like a DISEASE to you.

    1. Feel FREE to show where VINCYPOWA I had “had full support for hans king’s threat to kiil a fellow vincy…”

    2. Feel FREE to show where VINCYPOWA “claimed ralph was right for not rehiring the teachers….

    3. Feel free to show where supported the “racist” statements from monty daniel.”

    4. Feel free to show where “supported slater when he said only ulp people should get jobs.”

    Yes, we know you can SPEND all DAY TALKING out of your ANUS.

    That said; I LOOK FORWARD to the EVIDENCE.

    You’re now on the CLOCK.


    Posted by vincypowa | January 27, 2012, 13:51
    • I’m going to make it easy for you….

      in light of my above post, i want you to show where you condemned hans……if you can’t i can point out where you vincy powa said that hans was right

      also show me where you you said that ralph should rehire the teachers under the agreement he himself signed, in fact, you vincy powa said that these guys don’t deserve their jobs back, and that was in support of ralph’s statement, that he’s not lifting a finger to hire them back.

      the racist comment…. you found nothing wrong with it means you agreed and support it. In fact when a prominent ulp supporter wrote condemning the statement, you in typical vincy powa style, cussed him out

      the salter comments: if memory serves me right, you and the rest of the ulp scribes were all over Burton Williams when he made the same statement word for word. Funny how you were silent when the exact words came out of the mouth of slater….

      You are fooling no one, you do not want the best for svg. You want the best for ralph and ralph only. Your silence after this years budget spoke volumes, you could not even comment on the new pressures the government is now placing on its people…… when people don’t get paid, you are dead silent. You are a typical boot licker, when something good happens, it Labour me say, if its the other way your conscience takes a vaccation

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 27, 2012, 15:31
    • vincy powa i do remember on this forum you supported the decision not to rehire the teachers, so close shop

      Posted by justice | January 27, 2012, 18:05
  7. VincyPowa is a man that has creeping senility, his idiocy is obvious in his support for a serial liar. He is paid to stop anything that is true being printed, anything that is true but will damage the Unity Liars Party or Gonsalves.

    He is a man who is soaked in evil and is very jealous of those who confront him and show a degree of superior intelligence compared to his stupidity.

    When he gets really annoyed he calls his contestants BUB. I could say he needs help, but I for one would not give him any.

    VincyPowa said all those things you stated, he just forgets, its a mixture of senility and Marxist stupidity.

    VincyPowa I have already informed you about the free poodle brain program that the Cubans are running at the moment. They will transplant a brain from an intelligent poodle dog, this will be far superior to the one you have at the moment.
    Only side effects, howling, barking,crapping on the pavement, shagging bitches on the street and on the beach and peeing up lampposts and power poles. Of course we all know you already have some of these symptoms so you won’t mind that to much.

    Pay back the money you owe.


    Please don’t be annoyed VP, I could say we love your really, but we don’t. And don’t call me BUB.

    Bye for now boy

    Posted by Peter | January 30, 2012, 18:31
  8. VINCY IN BAD SHAPE, in other words, U HAVE NO PROOF that I STATED those COMMENTS that you have ATTRIBUTED to me in REGARDS to the ISSUES that U RAISE.


    DA END.

    Posted by vincypowa | January 31, 2012, 03:49
    • Here now is the first class liar saying he never said this or that…. Poor fellow, its so sad. You’ve spewed so much crap that, just like your hero you have forgotten what you said…. Well i don’t think you have forgotten, i think you choose not to remember. But its people like you vincy powa who have SVG the way it is. Anything the great ralph said, no matter who stupid it is you’ve somehow found a way to justify the crap.

      Let me remind you, for the budget exercises you were silent, and thats because the NDP put a whoop ass on the ULP. Here is another one for you, you said that EUSTACE will freeze wages if he gets into powa, you said he would increase taxes…… Well Eustace didn’t win, but somehow, wages have been frozen [2nd straight without an increase] and new taxes have been implemented…… This is what happens, powa when you talk, not out of your ass, but out of the ass of the PM.

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 31, 2012, 12:52
  9. Kenton, when are you going to write a STORY about the “MAJOR” who GOT SLAPPED by his WIFE in PARK HILL?

    If you want REFERENCE, U can always check out THE NEWS NEWSPAPER

    Posted by vincypowa | January 31, 2012, 03:56

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