SOL discontinues Chateaubelair fuel delivery until road repaired

The condition of this portion of road is affects the fuel's truck's ability to transport petrol to North Leeward (Photo: Lennox Lampkin).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Fuel supply to the service station in Chateaubelair has been discontinued because of the “deteriorating condition” of the Charles Village road in Spring Village, Steve Francis, manager of SOL, told I-Witness News yesterday.

Francis said that his company considers the condition of the road to be “moderately severe”, two level below “catastrophic” – the highest level on the company’s safety ranking.

“[At] SOL, we are committed to operating safely to protect people and the environment and have developed a set of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines to effect such. We do look forward to the rehabilitation of the road at the earliest opportunity in order that fuel supply to Chateaubelair can resume,” Francis said in an email.

Member of Parliament for North Leeward, Patel Matthews, said on radio Monday that residents of the constituency are “suffering” because petrol is no longer sold at the service station in Chateaubelair.

“It is almost chaotic. People are frustrated,” he said in appealing to the government and SOL to look into the situation.

But Francis told I-Witness News that the company’s Road Tank Wagon (RTW) drivers complained about the deteriorating condition of the road and the risks to which they were exposed.

“We contacted BRAGSA (the Roads, Building and General Services Authority) for an opinion, given the weight of our RTW and gasoline, which is normally loaded in its compartments. BRAGSA did confirm that the road had subsided but indicated that it was not a catastrophic failure. They were of the opinion that we can continue to use the road,” Francis said in an email.

SOL, however, wanted a second opinion and contacted its corporate headquarters in Barbados for an engineer to look at the road.

“Our Engineering Manager of SOL Caribbean Ltd., Julian Jackson, inspected the road on January 6, 2012 and we received his report on Monday, January 23, 2012 and which was forwarded electronically to BRAGSA and the Chief Engineer the same day.

“In essence, our Engineer categorized the condition of the road as a “Category 4”. That is, it is ‘moderately severe’ and recommended that the road be rehabilitated before we resume using it. This view is also shared by other engineers and safety advisors within the SOL Group,” Francis said.

According to SOL rankings, Category 5 means that a situation is “severe”, with the highest level being category 6, or “catastrophic”.

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19 thoughts on “SOL discontinues Chateaubelair fuel delivery until road repaired

  1. So this is now confirmed! Why cant there be an arrangement to deliver by sea? It would be expensive but the extra cost should be picked up by the authorities! This apartheid system that we are seeing in North Leeward is getting out of hand!

    Posted by Concerned Vincy | January 25, 2012, 08:17
  2. Just fix the road.

    If it means stopping the airport and paying all the bills, and repairing all the roads, then when we can afford restart the airport.

    Get rid of the Cubans and pay Vincentians instead, let the money curculate in our economy.

    What we must remember is that the Francis boy is unelected, and has proved to be unelectable. He is in charge of a ministry that he knows nothing about. Frances get your ar..e out of there and let someone with the correct intelligence do the job.

    Country Bankrupt, what can we expect, vote ULP and get crap roads, crap everything including a second rate education revolution.


    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 11:08
  3. this company has developed a particular pattern of behaviour when dealing with rural gas stations,or independant service station and uses spirious reasons to deny service,the company needs to get it act together and stop practicsing discrimination.there seems to be a conspiracy on the company’s behalf.

    Posted by albert edwards | January 25, 2012, 11:15
    • Albert this is so stupid, did u not read the part that said the drivers complained for the road and the risk to which they were exposed or u think SOL was lying on their drivers?

      Posted by Jacque Dear | January 25, 2012, 19:38
  4. North leeward for many years in history has NOW voted out labor,so what do you expect from a selfish govt? Do you think that troublemaker Francis will fix roads? Ralph knows what he is doing by giving Francis the Job incharged of roads.Francis will punish the people with roads until he can win back votes for ULP. Read the I witness-post how Francis challenging the representative on Penniston/southleeward road. IT’S ANOTHER POLITICAL STRATEGY.
    It seems as if the ULP supporters don’t care a damm if NDP supporters suffer under ULP Govt. It’s like ‘cat and rat race’ and the people who are in authority seems like they behind the whole game plan.’RALPH CALLED IT GOOD GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY’ I GUESS IN SOME FOOLS’ DREAM.
    GENTLEMEN it was only sometime in late November or early December I subscribed for the I-witness news and it didn’t take me long to figure out what is happening in SVG. Besides I travel there once or twice/year. That is why I know and believed I can help Eustace and the party be reinstated to power.

    Foreign Base(PD)

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 25, 2012, 13:45
  5. Albert Edwards, don’t show your ignorance about subject to which you know nothing. Your an embarrasment.

    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 16:57
    • peter you have demonstrated a level of intolerance,for the record,there is the mespo producer coop gas station has a run in with sol,there is the gas station at bottom town has disagreements with sol,there is another gas station at barroualie that has issues with slo how can you call me an embarassment,and you are not in possession of the facts,may be you mind is centered on politics and not flesh and blood issues,the recent fiasco with the shortage of diesel was blamed on trinidad refinery induustrial actions while gas was being ssold in trinidad with out disruption,i live in trinidad and monitor industrial relations.please check your facts,the products can be carried by sea since when a multinational company decides on policy,sol opperations have left much to be desired,why bring an engineer this demostrates,the actions of the company,not customer friendly,anti small service station opperators,is sol taking political positions in st sol playing the role of a fromer manager of a telecommunications company, does the manger of sol has political ambitions.stop being a ralph hater.

      Posted by albert edwards | January 28, 2012, 22:32
  6. Well I am sorry to hear about this situation, but I think the (ULP)big boys in North Leeward should tell their boss it’s time to fix the road. I think they are all selfish, although they suffering tooooo.

    Posted by smooth | January 25, 2012, 17:47
  7. Yes BRAGSA need to fix the road urgently.

    Posted by John | January 26, 2012, 14:18
  8. Well, I guess it’s a matter which both parties can sit and iron out. BRAGSA believe that they can continue to use the road but SOL doesn’t think so. I am not an engineer so I wouldn’t be able to make an assessment, so I hope for the safety of all that something will be done soon.

    LOL@Member of Parliament for North Leeward, Patel Matthews, said on radio Monday that residents of the constituency are “suffering” because petrol is no longer sold at the service station in Chateaubelair.
    What used to happen to the people in North Windward during the NDP’s 17 years in office? During that time too, they had one of the worst roads you can think about. THANK YOU ULP!!! You gave them a good road, they can now travel to Mount Young Gas Station to get gas. I also understand that they can purchase gas at the fisheries complex at Owia (subject to correction). DON’T WORRY NORTH LEEWARD, THE ULP WILL ATTEND TO YOUR PROBLEMS!!!

    Posted by no-nonsense | January 26, 2012, 20:46
  9. I hope no one believes no-nonsense’s nonsense. He is to be awarded the ‘Order of the Twerp’, by Queen Gonsalves, dressed in stockings and suspender belt, remember that?

    Posted by Peter | January 27, 2012, 08:32
  10. Peter somebody will sue, you know the suing will soon become the norms of the ULP party and their supporters since it is handed down by the his excellencey, King Gonsalves.


    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 27, 2012, 21:02
  11. I went out with a lady called Sue, just like Gonsalves she used to wear black stockings and suspender belt.

    I am deeply offended that you would apply the word king to him, even in jest.


    Posted by Peter | January 28, 2012, 12:36
  12. Peter it’s just a figure of speech one that is highly ironic in itself. One of the GREATEST WRITER EVER ON THIS EARTH WAS ‘The great William shakespear’ who used “effective and powerful figures of speeches” in all his books. lAWYERS,DOCTORS ,JUDGES, PROFESSORS learn from shakepear’s books to help them understand better, the behavior of people in contempory societies.Even in Greeks methology figurative languages were used. And just to further inform you Peter they are proven to the the most DAMAGING,NON-THREATING and NON-HOSTILE POLITICALLY EFFECTIVE ‘clauses and phases’ to sarcastically DEMORALISE a man’s conduct. I think you need to start using ‘SOME’ FIGURES OF SPEECH. IT IS THE PROFESSIONAL WAY OF WRITING.
    NEUT & INDEP(nothing personal)

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 30, 2012, 08:04
  13. I agree Prof, that is why I am delicate with my words, diplomatic with my words, and even honourable with my thoughts. Unlike the NDP I do not knowingly say anything that is untrue, some times I jest as a court jester would dangle his wares and ways before the king. “Alas poor Yorick I knew him well”.

    I hate no one except those I really dislike, those who are serpents sent by the devil, those of the scum class, those that deserve no better.

    Thank you for reminding me I am a great fan of Shakespeare, just trawled this from the back of my mind
    “Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.” JULIUS CAESAR

    Not not the NDP Caesar, NDP boy, he is the true Yorick who I mentioned before.

    Posted by Peter | January 31, 2012, 13:29
  14. Peter these more seem like” reality shakespearan speeches”, Ok so try to use them as effective as possible in a sensible but sarcastic way when speakig about your Foe Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP. These days Peter one has to protect himself. Remember you don’t want no one to go about suing you for mis used of words. Take care now Peter.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 3, 2012, 09:57
  15. Prof, niether Gonsalves or the ULP are my foe. Thanks for the advice, I understood your first warning although it was cloaked.

    Posted by Peter | February 5, 2012, 15:09


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