‘Stay Awake’ to go to bed next Monday

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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – One week after proposing a new political entity, the hosts of “Stay Awake” on NICE Radio announced last night that they would be putting the programme to bed next Monday.

“Sorry to disappoint those of you who may not have wanted to hear us. We will have another one (episode) and those who like to hear us, at least you will have a bonus then,” Junior Bacchus said at the beginning of the programme.

His comments came even as he introduced two “Stay Awake” theme songs produced by co-host Matthew Thomas.

“Stay Awake” started six years ago when NICE Radio owner and manager Douglas De Freitas invited him to host a programme on Monday nights, Bacchus told listeners.

Bacchus chose the name “Stay Awake” and “recruited” Thomas, who was also instrumental in bringing the Dr. Ralph Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration to office in 2001.

But both men stopped supporting Gonsalves and the ULP during its first terms in office and have been trying to convince their listeners to vote out of office the party, which in December 2010 was elected to a third consecutive term.

Last week, they detailed their proposal for “the Political Party for Political Reformation, Equality, Socialization, and Services (PRESS).

“PRESS is a social democratic political party whose philosophy is based on the democratic rights and freedoms of the people as enshrined in the Constitution of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and within the precinct of a West Minster Parliamentary Democracy,” Thomas said.

Bacchus said that the objectives of PRESS are people-centred. “… So, with the people being at the centre, all the other things around should lead directly to bring about the kind of change and transformation in the lives of the people.”

But Bacchus last night said he wanted to “clarify what [was] seen by some as confusion or contradiction”, adding that he has no intention of joining a political party.

“I supported the point of view but there was one area of difference which was clear to me and others that Matthew, in his document … he stated clearly that this was a new political party thrust,” Thomas said of last week’s “Stay Awake” discussion of PRESS.

Radio talk show host Junior Bacchus (Internet photo).

“But that statement was envisioning that out of these things there will come — there should become — a political force, a political party … So the media picked up quickly and, naturally, it was sensational, it was good for the public to digest and therefore it was put out there that a new political party was being formed; Matthew and Junior forming a political party,” he further stated.

“Well, I have told Matthew before, coming on the programme last Monday and I’ve said it generally, I’ve have no personal interest and I maintain this, to be involved in partisan politics. I have no interest in starting a political party. I am involved in political education to help to convince and [sensitise] people as to what is best for the people and I will continue to that with or without radio. There are many other medium through which one can share their views and we will do that,” Bacchus said.

De Freitas commented on on air Tuesday morning about the closure of “Stay Awake” .

“Well, we see democracy is flourishing. We may have a new political party. We have a new entity called PRESS and I wish them well. Because democracy is supposed to be alive and well,” De Freitas said.

“You have heard the announcement by Junior Bacchus and Matthew Thomas last night that next week will be their last night on the airwaves. I guess that is providing whether or not their supporters will help to finance their programme,” he said.

“NICE Radio has given them until the end of January to change the arrangement. It is no longer two guys who are trying to keep the discussion alive. It is now a political entity and any political entity had responsibility to keeping themselves on the airwaves. That is how it is on the nice station. Stay tuned,” De Freitas said just before a commercial break.

Thomas, speaking about the genesis of “Stay Wake,” said that he felt that Vincentians “seemed to be falling asleep on the things that are happening around them. … And we have a situation where this prime minister would be happy if all of us fell asleep.”

Gonsalves said last week that he didn’t think that PRESS would make much of a headway.

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3 thoughts on “‘Stay Awake’ to go to bed next Monday

  1. ASIDE: There is a very interesting quote in the lastest movie KARATIE KID. It says: ‘being still and doing nothing is not the same thing’. I find the comments and analysis by both Junior and Matthew on the out come of the last election to be very informative about their politican disposition. In essence they concluded that it was Mr. Eutace fault why NDP lost the election. I do not agree with this and I am have some problems understanding how they arrive at this conclusion. I remember, that in the campaign, it was Matthew that said that if NDP lost its was not their fault, because the party had brought all the issues to the people and that the people must blamed themselves if ULP won back( words to that effect). I believe that the NDP made a good effort to enlighten the people and to present a clear alternative choice to the people. But, this is a democracy. The people have the freedom to choose. If we say that we believe in the democratice system under which we opperate our politics, then we must accept the choice that people make. We may strongly dis-agree with that choice, but we must not only accept the outcome, but defend people freedom to make choices. When we turm around and start to blame one person for the outcome of the choice of the majority then we a bordering into the dictatorial realm and that is not good. Because in essence what we are saying is that one man must dictate how others must choose. Not even God could do that.

    The bible has some good principles which we need to look at especially when we are trying to understand the behaviour of human beings. God created Adam and Eve. He placed them into a garden and provided for them. He put before the two trees. One was good, the other was evil. He told them the benefits of not choosing the fruits of the evil tree. He also gave them free choice. What happened? They choose the very tree God told them not to chose. So, if we apply, Matthew’s and Junior’s analytical principle, it was God’s fault that man chose the evil tree. It happened again with the Children of Isreal. One of the thing we have to learn when we are dealing with human being who are free to exercise free choice, is that they do not always choose what is good. The coinage: the voice of the people is the voice of God is nonsense. Our spiritually history have shown that by nature we are prone to choose counter to what God desires for us.

    People can only learn when they experience the consequences of bad choice. So, what do we do in these circumstances? We have to exercise patience. Sometime the only response it to remain still and allow the consequences of people’s choice speak to them. So blaming Mr. Eustace for the political choices of people is not only unfair but it is counterproductive. I am convince that Mr. Eustace made a strong case for people to remove the ULP. The people made the decision to put them back. That has consequences. It is time for the NDP to stay still and let the consequences speak to the people. I believe this is the most powerful voice to be heard right now. Eventually the people will wake up and kick the ULP out of office in a democratic process. THIS WILL HAPPEN! Meanwhile we just have to keep on preaching and do our part to educated the people about the realities of their choice and hope that they will make better choices next time. PEACE and out!

    Posted by Olbap | January 24, 2012, 11:05
    • “Because in essence what we are saying is that one man must dictate how others must choose. Not even God could do that.”

      I like this.

      I wonder where the magical powers of politicians disappear to. How come a man can’t make thousands of people mark an X for him? Maybe Eustace has lost his grip in this world on hypnosys and voodoo-ism. What happen, he doesn’t practice any more?

      Posted by Bagga | January 24, 2012, 14:10


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