Eustace rejects PM’s offer to drop court case

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, left, and Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace (File montage).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace on Tuesday rejected an offer by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves to discontinue legal proceedings in a libel case against him and fellow opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) lawmaker Daniel Cummings.

Eustace said he could no accept the offer while Gonsalves continues with litigation against his supporters.

The High Court has awarded default judgement against Eustace and Cummings in slander cases Gonsalves brought against them.

“Mr. Speaker, I personally have two judgements against the Honourable Opposition Leader and the Honourable Member for West Kingstown — two High Court judgements — in relation to defamation action that I had brought — claims that I had been defamed. I want tonight to indicate to this Honourable House and to the nation, that as part of the process of reconciliation, I shall tomorrow instruct my lawyers to indicate to the High Court that I shall not proceed in any action in relation to those judgements,” Gonsalves told Parliament on Jan. 11. He was at the time apologising on behalf of Minister of Agriculture Montgomery Daniel, who said had commented about Cummings’ injured back.

The Speaker has asked Daniel to give way to Cummings, who wanted to debate the budget and go home to rest. Cummings says his back was injured when police forcefully threw opposition legislators out of the House at the Speaker’s request.

At the beginning of his budget presentation, Daniel, the representative for North Windward, noted that the last general election was held in 2010 and the next one is constitutionally due by 2015.

“And so, Mr. Speaker, if I, as an individual, is being affected terribly by back pains and there are four years to come to run for another election. I am not growing younger, I am growing older and so, my conditions would deteriorate … in the next four years. Mr. Speaker, is it that I want to make history to be the next wheelchair candidate for the next general elections coming?” Daniel said.

Eustace on Tuesday described Daniel’s comments as “ludicrous and unconscionable”.

The High Court is expected to award damages in the matters against Eustace and Cummings next month and Gonsalves’ lawyer last week wrote to the two lawmakers formalising their client’s offer.

“While I am appreciative of the offer made, it strikes me that if the Prime Minister’s gesture is aimed at fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation between both sides of Parliament, then he should withdraw all of his several political matters he has instituted since he came to office,” Eustace said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“I personally cannot accept an offer that saves me from litigation while my colleagues, supporters, and allies continue to be subjected to the cost and rigours of litigation. I speak in particular about the enforcement of judgement against Mr. Douglas De Freitas of NICE Radio and Mr. E.G. Lynch, NDP talk show host. That is the position I wish to outline here this morning,” Eustace said.

NICE Radio, the broadcasters of the NDP’s programmes, hangs in the balance as Gonsalves moves to collect EC$250,000 in damages awarded to him by the court.

The station was implicated in a law suit because of statement’s that Eduardo “E.G.” Lynch, host of the NDP’s “New Times”, made about Gonsalves on NICE Radio eight years ago.

The defendants have lost three appeals and were in November served notice to pay the monies.

De Freitas told I-Witness News then that his company did not have the money to settle the case but listeners had contributed EC$29,000 to a fund.

Cummings, on the night of Gonsalves’ statement, told I-Witness New that he would not comment on Gonsalves’ offer until he had consulted with his lawyer.

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37 thoughts on “Eustace rejects PM’s offer to drop court case

  1. The Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace, basis for rejecting the olive branch offered by the PM only confirm his ongoing inability to lead in unison and humility even after recapping his understand that, “the Prime Minister’s gesture is aimed at fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation between both sides of Parliament” .
    So good for a great start in helping us to move forward from the… your side, my side, hate me, hate you, hate him mentality that have divided this country since election.
    To expect the PM to “withdraw all of his several political matters he has instituted since he came to office; in particular about the enforcement of judgment against Mr. Douglas De Freitas of NICE Radio and Mr. E.G. Lynch”, is an insinuation that all the “matters” are one and the same.
    As the Leader of the Opposition, how about displaying some meekness, give us the opportunity to proof the PM’s true intention, time is the sweetest ammunition which allows us to examine our moral values and proof others objectives…….that being yours, your colleagues, the PM and his.

    Posted by Vincy 2 D Heart | January 24, 2012, 16:23
    • You are joking right, vincy 2 d heart???? you got to be kidding me.

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 24, 2012, 20:27
  2. Comrade, let the Courts do its job!!!!!

    Posted by no-nonsense | January 24, 2012, 16:35
  3. Comrade, they trying to pressure you. Dont allow that to happen

    Posted by progressive woman | January 24, 2012, 19:39
  4. The court system in SVG has gone to the ‘dogs.’ Let them sue me for stating my ‘personal opinion’. How come the court only charged three police officers $EC 1,500 each for almost murdering a ‘minor’,a child that possessed no kind of threats to the police, who were reinstated soon after? How is it the court wants to charge NICE Radio such a high price during an economic disaster in SVG $EC250,000? It is the same Court prosecutor man Ralph Gonsalves hired and pay him excess salary that SVG cannot even afford asked the court to throw away the rape case. It is the same police commissioner who Ralph hired and give fat salary, did no investigation into the US$-ONE-Mil,Ralph relative deposit at the bank.
    It is the same Julian Francis heated up the house speaker to get on Leacock Case recently.
    It is the same Julian Francis telling the commissioner to warn the South Leeward,Rep. See I-Witness Newspost.
    How can a man who never won a seat can dictate for the Ministers of Parliaments?
    So the court save the criminal police men and technically wants to shut down NICE Radio.
    So the Ralph prosecutor man could save Ralph but he couldn’t save Euctace,NICE Radio and others
    Some body here seems to have power over the Court and the police.Is it Ralph,Euctace, regular citizens,lawyers,or Ralph appointed officials?
    Who seems to have powers over the representatives,it it Ralph,Francis,or Eustace?
    Whose party the court seems to be representing, Ralph or Eustace? Jesus said “who have eyes to see let them see,and who have ears to here ,let them hear”. I guess some people are blind and deaf at the same time.(Is democracy still exist in SVG?) Like the Justice in SVG take an absence of leave with pay.I think the PREVY counsel needs to inquires.
    Always Neut&Indep(PD)

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 25, 2012, 02:29
  5. The delay tactics by the opposition leader was only to allow the PM’s lawyers time to complete the agreement with the high court.
    Mr Eustace, whether or not you accept it, you are pardoned by the PM. LOL…LOL…LOL

    Posted by no-nonsense | January 25, 2012, 08:09
  6. It is so funny how these blind followers of Ralph can comment on posts when Ralf appear to do something good which is very rare….however about the water issue,and all the taxes we are expected to pay more in 2012 while our salaries remain the same….i hardly see any comment from them….is it that we are blinded to reality…Don’t worry soon and very soon reality will sink in….Ralf keep doing what you’re doing because it seem like the more you pressure us is the more we love and support you…The sad thing though is that all of us feeling the pressure

    Posted by lisa | January 25, 2012, 09:21
  7. What is Eustace REJECTING, that which he CANNOT STOP??

    Well, we now know, if we didn’t know before, that the CANTANKEROUS and DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR of Eustace and the NDP are what ILLS this NATION.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | January 25, 2012, 09:59
  8. Arnhim, you are right. Do not accept any thing from Ralph. Let them charge you and go and pay your money like a man. (hahahhahahhahahahaaaa)

    I see why more and more young people are paying attention to politics, its a comedy show. The courts should tell Ralph the next time he comes with a civil suit that they not hearing it because he wasting the courts time. He done win a case and just awaiting judgement and now he going squash it.

    Comrade you need to keep the fire burning!!!!

    Posted by John | January 25, 2012, 10:07
  9. I just love to see how such an article will draw out the Marxist idiots like a magnet.

    Rape Capital of the Caribbean.

    Litigation Capital of the Caribbean.



    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 12:20
  10. I will like to reposition a little from the narrow political vantage point held on both side of this issue. I believe that there is need to give some credit to both PM Gonsolves for making a gester of reconciliation( albeit very small) and to Mr. Eustace for taking a principled and unselfish stand by refusing to acknowledge offer.

    NO-NONSENSE is right. If you genuinely forgive someone, it matters not whether the forgiven person accepts it or not. I do not understand the point VINCY POWA is making. He needs to explain how his comment and conclusion connect with the issue at hand.

    I have been one of those who criticise Dr. Gonsolves for his misguided approach to governance(or is it dominance). He has been the perpetuator of a number of “no-good’ things and attitudes in this country. The victimization of NDP supporters while calling for “together now”, his poor fiscal management of the country’s resources, his lack of long term planning, his abuse of the countries resources to benefit his party supporters only, his lavish lifestyle at the expense of the poor tax payers, his disrespect for the opposition, His use of the DPP’s office to live above the law, these and a host of other no-good things are characteristics of the approach of the leader of government. But, dispite this there are some things I admire. He is a go-getter, He is good with word and can easily decieve those who are not very analytical. He seem to have a good understanding of the political “psyche” of Vincy people, which he uses to his full advantage. He is not affair to purchase political loyality. So this is the Gonsolve we know. But, I believe in the human capacity for change. So if we see signs( any sign) that Mr. Gonsolve is having a change of heart…. any indication of a repositioning of his political predisposition should be commended. Mr. Gonsolves has offerred to drop his case against Eustace and Cummings as a hand of reconciliation. I am not concern about whether it is sufficient or not, my position is that a gesture has been made. I will like to encourage this. It is a step in the right direction. However, having said that, I will like to encourage Mr. Gonsolve to go further. Make a difference now. Try to find some way to forgive not just Eustace and Cummings but all those that are in the same position.

    You see forgiveness is not about the person who receives forgiveness but for he who gives forgiveness. It is freeing onself of the pressure and stress of planning and execute vengence. Forgiving people is liberating. It is vigourating.

    While I commend Mr. Gonsolve for his gesture, I have to also commend Mr. Eustace for taking a principled stand of thinking about those who continue to suffer under the same circumstances from which he is to be extricated. If we read the book of Exodus we find that Moses choose to suffer with his people, rather than to accept the riches of Eygpt. While there are those ULP people who may fail to look at this principled and moral stand by the opposition, it does not negate the fact that such a principled position speaks to the character of the man. To me this is evident of the high level of moral integrity the man has set for himself and which he demonstrates by his actions.

    In conclusion, I must commend NO-NONSENSE for his comment that Eustace is forgiven whether or not he accepts it or not. Let us hope that this is the case. So while we are on this ” forgiveness” path, let us go all the way. Let us leave our sacrifices at the alter and go make ammends with ALL who have wronged us and ALL we have wronged. This is the only way we will have genuine reconcilation in this country. If the process has started, let us encourage it and foster it and stop playing politics with every issue.

    Posted by Olbap | January 25, 2012, 13:33
  11. Guys stop arguing amoung yourself, THERE ARE NO TRUE AND HONEST WINNNERS IN THIS CASE and neither there are any truthful LOOSE in this case. Mr Justice has taken an absence of leave with pay. Where are you Justice? We need one in SVG. In order for someone to get pardon there must be an equaljustice system in place. Does one exist in SVG? (If you buy fish and the scale is not balance you cannot get you Justice.)
    Foreign Base

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 25, 2012, 14:29
    • Prof, busy busy these days. School has reopened. By the way, I am Mrs. Justice.

      Posted by justice | January 27, 2012, 18:22
  12. Mr. Eustace’s “rejection” of the PM’s offer seems designed to strengthen his wobbly support among the core of the NDP, particularly the radio personalities that car in charge of the NDP side of the propaganda war. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

    I assume that Mr. Eustace is a rational individual. As a rational individual, he would know that the court has already found him liable for his statements, its just a question of how much he will have to pay, and when. So he would balance the knowledge that he owes the PM money against the political cost of accepting/rejecting the deal offered to him by the PM.

    Let’s look either side:

    1. You save some money
    2. The PM didn’t really ask you to do anything tangible in return
    3. You appear willing to start the new year on a new foot (i.e. reconciliation between ULP/NDP)
    4. You don’t appear petty (turning down an olive branch)

    1. You appear to be a follower instead of a leader. The PM sets the initiative, you just follow along.
    2. The neanderthal wing of the NDP (see some of above posts) think you’re weak, because you should never accept anything from ralph
    3. Lynch & Dougie get vex and say “watch how Eustace just abandon us to go accept the PM olive branch. I though we were all suffering at his evil hands.”

    1. You show solidarity with Lynch/Dougie et al.
    2. You show the neanderthal wing of the NDP that you aint tekkin nothin from Ralph
    3. You become a martyr, and say that ralph has victimised you in the courts, used his clever lawyer tactics to restrict your free speech

    1. You lose an indeterminate (but probably large) amount of money
    2. You seem petty (turning down an olive branch)
    3. You seem unwilling to make a good-faith effort at reconciliation and reducing the venom in our politics
    4. You appear to be endorsing the comments that landed lynch and dougie in court
    5. Dougie probably can’t afford to pay his judgement. Lynch definitely can’t afford to pay his. So that is a paper judgement. You, however, have plenty money, so, in reality, you might be the only one who actually loses $$$

    So out of everything there, Mr. Eustace probably says: “The courts will probably have me on the hook for about $50,000. I can appeal that and delay it for another year or so. In the mean time, I have problems in the party. Even on Nice Radio, I’m getting cussed, and Junior Baccus and Frank Thomas have essentially jumped ship. One of the main criticisms against me is that I’m weak and that Ralph outmaneuvers me.”

    “Is it worth $50,000 to quell the radio rebellion against me, and to make myself appear strong and decisive to my own base? Probably.”

    So, on balance, I think Mr. Eustace made a calculated assessment and determined that the cost of accepting the PM’s offer outweighed the costs of accepting it. Of course, this will also make the PM/ULp very happy because the PM gets his money and the ULP can say that Mr. Eustace isn’t serious about being kinder and gentler.

    So Mr. Eustace wins, PM wins, ULP wins, NDP wins, Lynch wins, Dougie wins

    One quote in Kenton’s article that I find a little ridiculous though. Mr. Eustace says — “it strikes me that if the Prime Minister’s gesture is aimed at fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation between BOTH SIDES OF PARLIAMENT, then he should withdraw all of his several political matters he has instituted since he came to office.” Mr. Eustace then says the PM should discontinue against Lynch and Dougie.

    Now, excuse me. Last time I checked the parliament, I didn’t see Lynch or Dougie. The PM says he wants to foster respect and cooperaton between both sides of parliament, therefore he is willing to discontinue litigation against the other side of parliament (i.e. Eustace and Cummings). And Eustace’s response is that my side of parliament is so beholden to Dougie and Lynch that you have to include them too?!? Maybe the PM shouldn’t sue any NDP supporter for anything then, since they are all on that side of parliament. Silly.

    Posted by Vincy Patriot | January 25, 2012, 14:41
    • VINCY PATRIOT all I can say to you is WOH! Your analogy of this situation is mind boggling. I believe that if you were on earth during Christ’s day you would have analyse his action and calling him “Stupid” for suffering shame, taking pain and eventually dying for worthless mankind.

      Posted by Olbap | January 26, 2012, 10:15


    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 17:01
  14. OLBAP, Mr. Eustace REJECTING the GOOD FAITH gesture of Dr. Gonsalves is nothing more than political grandstanding.

    The PM said he has told his lawyers to tell the courts that he is dismissing the judgment against Mr. Eustace, so what exactly is he REJECTING?

    In other words, Mr. Eustace is just playing political theatrics by rejecting the good faith and reconciliation gesture made by Dr. Gonsalves, because he knows that Dr. Gonsalves is not going to go back on his words, especially since he made this good faith gesture during the BUDGET DEBATE in Parliament. Therefore, this claim that he has “REJECTED” the offer is just political grandstanding on the part of Mr. Eustace.

    That said; we have been hearing all about the lack of TOGETHER NOW and RECONCILIATION coming from Eustace and the NDP on the part Dr.Gonsalves and his government. Yet, Mr. Eustace REJECTED a good faith gesture of reconciliation by DEMANDING that Dr. Gonsalves drops the judgments against his colleagues, supporters, and allies as well.

    This kind of grandstanding by Eustace reminds me of when he and his party DEMANDED that the GOVERNMENT heed to their DEMANDS during the CONSTITUTION REFORM exercise or they are going to WALK away from the PROCESS. When their DEMANDS were met, Mr. Eustace and the NDP still walked away from the process.

    In other words, Mr. Eustace and the NDP will continue their cantankerous behavior no matter what Dr. Gonsalves does, because it has been their modus operandi and strategy from the time they lost the general elections in 2001.

    Mr. Eustace feels that the only way his party can win the general elections is by spreading propaganda, half-truths, lies and scaremongering. He knows that the NDP cannot beat the ULP on the issues. Moreover, the NDP knows that Eustace is not on par with Dr. Gonsalves when it comes to LEADERSHIP. Furthermore, the majority of Vincentians know that the NDP is not a SERIOUS political party ready to govern a country.

    I think Mr Eustace believes that taking the good faith gesture under the umbrella of reconciliation was not going to be a POLITICALLY WISE decision to make, because he and his party are not about “TOGETHER NOW” and it would have further weakened their base.

    The NDP’s strategy is about GETTING INTO OFFICE by any means NECESSARY, and so, in Eustace’s mind accepting such a gesture would weaken him and his party politically. He had the same strategy during the REFERENDUM EXERCISE.

    That said; it would be a mistake if Dr. Gonsalves follows through on the demands by Eustace. Frankly, it would be a POLITICALLY RISKY thing to do, because Eustace and the NDP would use it to help rally their supporters to start another method of PRESSURING the government.

    By the way, Dr. Gonsalve probably would have dropped all the judgments. However, the fact that Mr. Eustace “REJECTED” his good faith gesture, it erased the likelihood that he would have done so.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | January 25, 2012, 17:11
    • VINCY POWA, that is your analogy of the situation. You have examine this issue base on your undaunting and questionable support for ULP and Mr. Gonsolve and you distaste for ALL and ANYTHING Eustace and NDP. In this particular situation, I tried to look at it, based on what is right and wrong by trying to step into the shoe of both men. As a consequence, I beg to differ from you on this one. All I have to say is this: each of us make decisions base on our convictions and the state of our moral character. When we do, sometime we win and sometimes we loose. If we loose that is OK. Our consciences remain clear. That is life.

      You said that Mr. Gonsolve will likely withdraw his offer because of Mr. Eustace’s Rejection. This is interesting. You see here is where we will all judge the character and heart of Mr. Gonsolves. If Mr. Gonsolve’s withdraws this offer, then the anology you made of MR. Eustace will have to be applied to Mr. Gonsolve as well. It will be all about expendency and who can get the best out of the situation. This whole thing will no longer be about what Mr. Gonsolve proposed.. reconciliation, it would be now about who wins the day. If Mr. Gonsolves is serious about reconciliation he will have to take the high road. He will have to forget about what Mr. Eustace can get out of the situation. He will have to forget about whether Mr. Eustace accepts or not. If Mr. Gonsolves is serious, in that he was the one who made the offer, then he will have to rise above “what is in it for me and ULP” . He will have to do what is RIGHT irrespective of who gains or looses. This is how we will all judge whether Mr. Gonsolve was seriou and genuine or whether this was just more…. “bull -too-too”. We will see.

      Posted by Olbap | January 26, 2012, 10:43
  15. OLBAP, I never said that “Dr. Gonsalves will likely withdraw his offer because of Mr. Eustace’s Rejection.” what I said is this; “Dr. Gonsalve probably would have dropped all the judgments. However, the fact that Mr. Eustace “REJECTED” his good faith gesture, it erased the likelihood that he would have done so.”

    Since it appears that you are not CLEAR on what I have stated, I will plush it out a bit for you.

    When I said, “Dr. Gonsalves probably would have dropped all the JUDGMENTS,” I was referring to the ones in question and those against Nice radio, EG Lynch and Douglas Defreitas. However, Mr. Eustace REJECTED the good faith gesture of Dr. Gonsalves, therefore the possibility and probability of dropping those judgments against Nice Radio, Douglas Defreitas and EG Lynch are HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

    Mr. Eustace couldn’t RISE ABOVE the fray and so made another bumbling decision that is only going to make him look LESS and LESS of a LEADER and more and more like he is not ready to MANAGE a MAUBY SHOP much less a GOVERN COUNTRY in these times.

    Mr .Eustace once claimed that he wants a KINDA and GENTLER SOCIETY, but when the OPPORTUNITY came his way to start the process in that direction, he REJECTED an OLIVE BRANCH placed right on his LAP by the LEADER of this NATION, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

    In other words, Mr. Eustace and the NDP want NO PART of RECONCILIATION or UNITY in this BLESSED LAND of OURS, just like they wanted NO PART of CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | January 26, 2012, 13:42
    • Why doesn’t he start by re-hiring the three teachers????

      Posted by vincy in bad shape | January 26, 2012, 14:25
  16. Vincy Powa and Olbap if your opposite sex please get a room. Nippy done say he reject the offer so let he pay. People think that life is like a Digicel or Lime commercial “Talk is cheap” so they go about saying anything. But in the real world, talk aint cheap it very expensive. Ask Dougie, Hans King and Lynch bout that they go know.

    Reconciliation my foot. An eye for an eye.

    Posted by John | January 26, 2012, 14:16
  17. Another load of support crap from VincyPowa. What we need to remember, Gonsalves is a liar, his word therefore cannot be trusted in any matter whatsover.

    If you get bit by a rattle snake you stand a chance of recovery, get bit by Gonsalves you stand no chance at all.

    If Gonsalves is for real he should just withdraw all litigation without putting terms and conditions in place.

    I do not trust Gonsalves and believe he is incapable of giving quarter to anyone, I think if he is making this offer there is a sinister ultimate motive on his part.

    What we can all be sure of, he is only a man, and rapidly becoming a frail one at that. Like all his Marxist scum friends he will soon be in the graveyard.
    Castro, almost gone through.
    Chavez, yesterdays prognosis, only 9 to 12 months to live.
    Glenn Jackson, executed.

    VincyPowa is a Marxist protector, true or faulse he cares not when he utters support for this evil Marxist regime.

    Posted by Peter | January 27, 2012, 08:52
  18. Peter is a NUT.

    Nuff said.

    Posted by vincypowa | January 27, 2012, 13:54
  19. VincyPatriot most likely you have an understanding as to why Eustace reject the offer, however when you say Eustace was Petty to turn down the olive tree- that is not a negative. It’s a positive approach by Eustace that was well figured out. When you say Eustace effort for reconciliation is negative, that’s not so, it is also a positive approach,because both parties WILL NEVER,and I repeat,WILL NEVER accept each other terms (on most issues) will never come to any common agreement(in very thing)or establish frendship. ANY TIME THAT HAPPEN YOU MUST POST IT FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE. The reality here is that the word reconciliation is used as a face off-or let say from an ironic stand point- there is a different meaning to which it was used.

    VincyPowa you also seems like you have some ideas why Eustace reject the offer. Any way even if ULP in Power presently,’never say never.’ You don’t know what is on people’s mind. I cautioned you before about assuming what’s on people mind. You said the majority of vincentians knows that NDP is not a serious political party ready to govern a country. You can’t be to sure of that because ULP was almost defeated in the last election;from a sweep to almost a defeat. Besides the rate of how thing are going on in SVG now, no one can be certain who will win the next election. As far as I am concern SVG experienced economic decline for the past three or so years and there is a strong possibility that it will continue for a few more years.(land and house tax up, vehicle tax up, added food tax, gasoline up, petroleum up, water up, food and clothes barrel tax up) and North leeward still can’t get petroleum.I don’t think people will love Govt more than they love themselves.
    Every thing is a political games. Every action has its reason and every dog has it’s season,compadre.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 27, 2012, 13:57
  20. All of you who mentioned that Dr. Gonsalves’ gesture of cancelling the cases against the parliamentarians is aimed at fostering reconciliation, have to be crazy. You sound as if these two parliamentarians only make up SVG. There are countless number of Vincentians whom Dr. Gonsalves, through his immoral and unjust conduct as PM ,have hurt. How could Bethlehem have only touched half of his heart? (stupes) Only someone under devilish influence would give with one hand and retake it with the other hand.

    I commend Mr. Eustace for rejecting the offer with reason, and a very good reason too. He reminds me of the biblical character Moses, whom the Word of God says chose to suffer affliction with the people of God… (Hebrews 11:24-25). For this, Moses is recorded as one of those HEROES of faith. Mind you,Moses had innumerable imperfections, so too does Mr. Eustace.

    Posted by justice | January 27, 2012, 18:59


    Posted by Peter | January 28, 2012, 21:53
  22. The ULP government is the most backward, least progressive, undemocratic through manipulation of the law and constitution, ruled by an educated dunce and a dunce class of MPs who are not allowed to think or talk for themselves. On the rare occasions when ULP ministers talk off their own bat they talk crap, sometimes racist and always condensed unsweetened rubbish. One of the biggest problems they are led by a liar and are expected to support and reiterate lies on behalf of the ULP movement and its leader.



    ps As always I try and remain diplomatic, but the truth sometimes hurts.


    Posted by Peter | January 29, 2012, 09:29
  23. Christopher Columbus the great slave trader and murderer of the indigenous Caribbean Indians was a member of the Gonsalves family of Madeira.

    Posted by Peter | January 29, 2012, 09:34
  24. Antonio Gonsalves a sea captain took the first African slaves that led to the Atlantic International slave trade.

    Let no one tell you otherwise, it an historical fact.

    Posted by Peter | January 29, 2012, 09:37


    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 29, 2012, 14:25
  26. Its not meant to be racist, its factual, its checkable, its in your search engines. Everything that I write can be found by yourselves.

    I use the name Gonsalves because it is true, I didn’t put it in because we have a ULP called Gonsalves. Check out what I write, if you can’t find it ask me I will show you where.

    The world was carved up by the pope, half to Spain and half to Portugal. In a Bull [charter] he granted the right to these countries to take slaves, anyone who was not a Christian could be enslaved with the blessing of the pope.
    If you want to see the ‘Bull’ I have a copy in Latin and a translation in English, just ask.

    There is nothing wrong with the truth that provable.

    Posted by Peter | January 31, 2012, 13:46
  27. I wrote what I wrote because Gonsalves keeps putting out crap about retributions, its just more rubbish and more crap put out by Gonsalves to confuse the minds of his dunce class followers and supporters.

    The West African coast slave trade was started by the sea captain Antonio Gonsalves, supported by the pope, extended to the Caribbean and Americas by Columbus. The Madeiran Portuguese Gonsalves family were in at the very beginning, also Columbus was a member of that family by marriage.

    Just search the internet yourself, its all there to be read and downloaded.

    Posted by Peter | January 31, 2012, 13:57
  28. Peter, what does your DIATRIBE has to do with the PRIME MINISTER of St. Vincent and the Grenadines?


    Posted by vincypowa | February 1, 2012, 00:54
  29. Peter yes I know about the sale trade,’Papelbull’ treat and that the portuguese was the first set of slave traders on the West and North Africa course because history was one of the subjects I use to teach in Vincy land. Unfortunately,I never read up about a Captain Gonsalves and his Profile so it’s very good sharing that information with the public.


    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | February 1, 2012, 08:06


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