Absolutely no station bail for drug possession – COP

Persons here charged from being in possession of drugs, even a marijuana cigarette -- a 'spliff' will have to apply to a court for bail (Internet photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has no immediate plans to begin offering station bail to person arrested for possession of drugs — not even a marijuana cigarette, commonly called a “spliff”.

“I met a policy where persons who are arrested for possession of illegal drugs, they do not get station bail. I believe that my predecessors, as I do now, take a hard line approach to possession of drugs,” said Miller, who has been police chief for six years.

“One may say it is just a ‘spliff’ but I have seen situations where even one ‘spliff’ caused other things to happen. So, I’m practising, I’m still upholding that policy,” Miller said on radio last week.

“… I believe that we have to set an example. Be it a ‘spliff’, it is still on the books and we have to enforce the law as much as possible. Some people may not agree but until we can see something otherwise, it is a policy I may not change from very soon,” Miller further stated.

Meanwhile Miller said that some persons are arrested for actual bodily harm or abusive language are sometimes refused bail because of the condition they are in when arrested.

He further said that in court, the police will object to bail if they believe that the accused will continue in the furtherance of the office, or will be a threat to the victim or anyone else.

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6 thoughts on “Absolutely no station bail for drug possession – COP

  1. I wonder what the commissioner does when a young woman files a complaint against an abusive (ex)boyfriend who continualy beats on her or threatens bodily harm or death!

    Posted by jacqueline wilson | January 24, 2012, 07:11
  2. Miller you are an extremly stupid man who does not deserve the position that you have. You need to talk about things that mean so much more to our women beaten by their men, and the children abused by all, and the youth abused and beaten by the police.

    Stop being a Gonsalves puppet pratt and do your job or get out, your departure already long overdue.


    Posted by Peter | January 24, 2012, 11:42
  3. How come this guy has all this power?

    Posted by Vere | January 24, 2012, 18:58
  4. Topic: Political Sell Out Now In The Mix – Judas Sold His Friend Jesus For Silvers

    I don’t see any thing wrong with one spliff,if you sit in one corner smoking your ‘lift, and not bothering anybody,nothing wrong. I am sure police smoke it too. Why don’t Miller asked Gonsalves if he ever smoke it too, he probably did. Clinton,Bush and Obama on broad debate claim they smoke it,what the problem here.

    Gonsalves made lots of his lawyer money from drugs men cases. He even take Rasta men with him to Ethiopia(Africa) I am certain they smoke in Ralph present and even offered him a pull on the ‘wiff’. Oh! of course, at that time Gonsalves will do any thing to influence the people so he can stay in power. He continue to do that by sharing out money $200 to each school child when voting time is closing in. Not even to mention the galvernize, lumber,and the petty $$$ bribe to get votes. Aren’t these the kind of ‘blasphemy’ Lord Gonsalves put people in Court for? When will a grown man except the truth? Gonsalves act like a ‘spoilchild’ going around suing people for every little stupidness. It’s a damm
    shame. I never know he would turned out to be like that. Tell me which other Prime Minister in the Caribbean does this Childish ‘shite’ acting like they still wearing pampers. (In life is not what you do but how you do things)

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 25, 2012, 03:37
  5. Prof, I don’t know if your right about Gonsalves perhaps smoked spliff at some time. His maid tell me that she found nicotine stain in his underware when he came home from Bethlehem, big brown stripe.

    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 11:26
  6. Peter as far as I am concern anything seems to be possible with Mr Gonsalves, the man has already set up his own record through his own actions and now geting upset with people for speaking out about their feelings. The truth really hurt like a bitch. So even though you don’t have any proof you still can’t rule out possibilities. For instamces being among a group of Rasta men,there is a chance that any one can pass a spliff and asked Ralph to try and you can say you certain about that which means the same as you certain that it can happen. But that doesn’t make it a fact,it is still an opinion of circumstances,based on his associates at the time. There is no libel or scandal to this, which I will never support. If you say ‘Joe Joe is a crack head’ or ‘Joe Joe is a habitual ganja smoker’ then that is a different story. As to the nicotine stain, that’s cigarette and some people may well smoke both cigarette and Ganja.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 25, 2012, 23:39

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