‘Meek’ is PM’s New Year word

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – “Meek” is Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ word at the beginning of the New Year.

He on Wednesday told reporters of the three ways in which classical Greek defined the word, often associated with Jesus.

“One was connected to medicine. A doctor would say he gave you meek medicine, meaning a soothing remedy, a soothing medicine to calm your ailment. A sailor would use the work ‘meek’ in another context, that the breeze is meek, meaning that it is refreshing, it is reinvigorating. And the farmer would use the word meek by reference to a farm animal, for example a donkey who is trained and who can perform tasks for the farmer,” said Gonsalves who worshipped in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.

He announced in Parliament on Jan. 11 that, in a practical act towards reconciliation, he would not collect damages in connection to defamation cases he won against two opposition legislators, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and West Kingstown representative Daniel Cummings.

“Of course, as always in life, the very things which I describe posses an opposite,” he said.

“The medicine, if uncontrolled, can be dangerous to you. The breeze can develop into a Hurricane Tomas and blow down your bananas and your house. And animals which are not dangerous by nature, if not trained and if not tamed, can do you harm,” he further said.

Power control

“… the word ‘meek’, in that classical sense, means the control of power. Power has to be controlled and you know I have always made the point to you that power is an illusion and that the greatest exercise of power is restraint in the use of that power,” Gonsalves said.

“And once you use the word ‘meek’, it has the Christian connection,” Gonsalves said at he quoted the children’s prayer, “Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild.”

“And the meekness and lowliness, as Christ portrayed himself, is a source of comfort and solace. So I have tried to begin the New Year with a meekness.

“Naturally, being the head of government, the state authority and state power has to be exercise in certain circumstance, that there are some recalcitrant forces which have to be contained in order to protect the meekness of all of us, in the context in which I have described it. So I begin the year like that,” said Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security.

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8 thoughts on “‘Meek’ is PM’s New Year word

  1. Elucidative and possibly, portentous.

    Posted by Jeannine James | January 21, 2012, 12:36
  2. To much crap has flowed from Gonsalves by word and deed. I for one will never forgive him. He only seeks pity now because his is sinking in sh.t.

    He is also very worried about his future and what oncoming litigation holds for him, he deserves no pity and no quarter.

    The evil of our UN voting record for and on behalf of wicked states, in return for a few dollars to pump into the airport, that money is cursed and its catching up on Gonsalves.


    Posted by Peter | January 21, 2012, 21:12
  3. Ralph Gonsalves is really a hero in playing with Vincentians minds. I guess those people minds whom he is playing with are the illeterate ones I believe he called them the ‘donce ones’. Even more so he is also playing with literate ‘mines’ too, because there is a class of literate people who seem not to be applying common sense and appear not to have experience.Imagine,Ralph just raise tax on property including vehicle,water,sodas,possible beers and certain food and now has a heart to talk about “Gentle Jesus meek and mild” he forget to mentioned “look upon a little child”. Ralph knows that taking money from poorer fellas especially member of the house whose jobs are to highlight people about ‘situations in the govt,’ are totally unacceptable and will portray him as a monster and a dictator.So inorder to quiet the public and keep his supporters he has to retreat and hopefully his “meekness” will cover up for the’tax and water increase,yes ofcouse the ‘Donce class of Vincentians and the blind class will see the ‘meekness”. I hope he will be meek for 705 radio as well.

    Another thing needs to be look into is how come Ralph wins all his cases against people and nobody wins theirs against Ralph. One has to wonder if the Prime minister has some partiality influences over the justice system in SVG. I know that he was one of the best criminal Lawyer, but despite that factor, evidence is evidence, whether fingureprints,evewitness,hearsay,or circumstances;its all important evidense.
    When Ralph charged Eustace,cummings and Radio 705 is it is all about ” I heard the defendant say”, When the ex-police woman charged Gonsalves for rape it was base on “I heard the complainant say” and “other evidence of circumstamnces”

    Citizens of SVG it is your moralright to investigate how the court system is set up. This is the job of the opposition. I think Eustace needs help and he need to admit that.
    Several links are stronger than just a few. Eustace needs to communicate more with the PREVY Counsel. I read an article about how the speaker of the house wanted to treat Leacock, well it’s a damm shame how one man wants to embaress another man in public just because he is given a position. Just before the last election there was confusion of abuse of power in parliament,another shameful disorder. With all the stuff going on it sound like SVG is moving away from democracy. If a man say states something he believes he gets a law suit, that’s a bad reflection towards democracy. Those politicians and radio guys have to learn to calm down and use appropriate words to get the information across the public.

    Again I am not on any party side here,but fair is fair. Every Govt supposed to look out for all Citizens welfare: jobs, food, shelter ect. Not just the ‘getsome and the not get some.’I give ULP Govt credit to start the argyle airport, but No credit to ruin public bank,supermarket,treaury NIS ect, fair is fair.
    Your Neut&Indep

    Posted by Danniel8 | January 22, 2012, 08:27
  4. Nicely said Prof, shame there were not a few more like you who see the true picture.

    Posted by Peter | January 22, 2012, 18:11
  5. Well Peter my writing is based on the state of ST.Vincent in the Past as a school boy,as an ex teacher and police officer and now comparing that to it’s current state. After examining every thing from a holistic perspective,I conclude that the majors issues in SVG right now is the lack of ‘Govt funds and collateral’ which was depleted by the ULP Govt to build an unfinished airport,an unfinished cross country road, the Rabacca bridge and may be to some extent the unfinished buccama on the beach. When you speak like this the foolish one will say you are against development. No one should be against development,and I for sure is not against development, because if hit the lotto right now it will make more invested for me in SVG. Again oldfolks say “It is not what you do is how you do it”. I only visit there once or twice per year,and I feel the heat,so those who live there and pretend they don’t feel the heat let live and die with what ever honor they choose.


    Posted by Danniel8 | January 22, 2012, 22:51
  6. Meek, take a peek, no meek to be seen, just another lie. Just another well thought through trick, beware of Jews bearing gifts.

    Posted by Peter | January 25, 2012, 11:42
  7. Perfect sense and well rhymed too Peter.


    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 26, 2012, 10:44
  8. Anyone else going to comment? please tweek the meek, at least once a week.

    “Never in the history of man, has one man done so little for so many” I was thinking about Churchill today and comparing him with Gonsalves, hence the twisted saying.

    Posted by Peter | February 1, 2012, 20:02

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