Much of the EC$5 million in water used at gov’t facilities is wasted – CWSA chief

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Much of the up to EC$5 million dollars worth of water consumed at government facilities annually here is wasted, according to Garth Saunders, chief executive officer of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA).

Saunders said at a media briefing yesterday that his company has a good estimate of the volume of water consumed at government facilities but could not give an exact figure because some facilities do not have meters.

“So we are unable to accurately measure what is being delivered and also to produce bills. But we estimate from those that are metered that we supply basically between EC$4 and EC$5 million worth of services in terms of water supply services to government facilities,” he said.

“It is important though that when I mention the EC$4 million, consumers and listeners need to understand that a lot of that is wastage at government facilities,” Saunders further said during the briefing broadcast live on radio.

The meter replacement project would be for meters supplied since the 1990s.

Saunders said that meters become inefficiency with time and may under record the amount of water consumed.

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4 thoughts on “Much of the EC$5 million in water used at gov’t facilities is wasted – CWSA chief

  1. Here we go again govt facilities wasting about a EC$ 2 million worth of water,and some people canot get water to cook, wash or bathe in certain areas during certain time of the day.
    Besides all that wasted water need to be stored up in the reservoir in case there is a sudden drought of dry period so that the supply of water remain stable.

    From an economic standpoint when supply falls with an essential commodity like water,it give rise to more demands,hence price rise.

    Again who is to blame if there is a price rise in water due a period of dryness. Is n’t the govt.

    Now look again at what Vincies have to endure inorder to live comfortable and happy.

    Water rate gone up ,property tax gone up,vehicle-liscence gone up, soft drinks gone up ,vat is now added to other items,I guess beers going up too. Salary gone up long time for certain people and the mass of the population can’t get salary go up.

    Summary: All Vincies do is to worry about who is ULP from who is NDP.(An ancient handed down mentality).It doesn’t matter who run the nation. What matters is that if people are comfortable with their bills,morgage,rent,salaries and pensions. If you feel happy and not struggling to make ends meet under ULP Govt,then stay with that Govt. On the other hand, if you struggling to survive then change that Govt. Please observe neighbouring islanders mentality.Once again Vincies stop thinking selfishly even though you have a nice job and cn make it, always think about the other person who can’t make it.

    Vincy Patriot(advocating for the poor people)

    Posted by Danniel8 | January 18, 2012, 06:27
  2. I believe some kind of pressure pipes are needed at the government facilities, where you push a button to get the water and when you let it go it automatically stop. Too much water is really being wasted especially at our schools.

    Posted by no-nonsense | January 21, 2012, 16:59


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