‘Guerrilla war’ comment talk show host proposes political party

Talk show host Matthew Thomas (Photo:

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – In November, he said that a “guerrilla war” would break out here if Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves collects any of the EC$250,000 a court said NICE Radio must pay for slander. Now pharmacist Matthew Thomas, one of Gonsalves former Movement for National Unity (MNU) colleagues, is proposing a political party.

Thomas and Junior Bacchus, co-host of a radio programme here, Monday night detailed their proposal for “the Political Party For Political Reformation, Equality, Socialization, and Services (PRESS).

“PRESS is a social democratic political party whose philosophy is based on the democratic rights and freedoms of the people as enshrined in the Constitution of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and within the precinct of a West Minster Parliamentary Democracy,” Thomas said.

“We are not too concerned about foreign policy on the Far East side – dictatorial, social and otherwise,” he added.

The main objectives of the political party include building a level of self-reliance within each individual and in the nation as a whole.

It will also strive to create “as much as possible an environment that affords equal opportunities for all”.

“Now this will never happen,” Thomas said. “This is an utopia. … You will never get it totally but make better than what exists.”

PRESS also hope to inculcate in the minds of all that they have a stake in the nation and on no occasion must be made to feel like an alien.

“I see too many young men and women on the streets of Kingstown and this country who feel [as if they are] not human beings and part of St. Vincent; they are treated like aliens…” Thomas said.

He said he recently stood outside a Kingstown court and saw police taking many youths, “all black people and poor people”, before the judge.

“Do you think these boys really want to be vagabonds? But they give up hope. And I see neither of the two parties making an effort to correct this measure,” he said.

The main political parties here are Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party and the main opposition New Democratic Party. The Green Party is not considered a main player in the nation’s politics.

Thomas said that the Gonsalves government is building a bigger jail and employing more police.

“If you are building bigger jail and nobody goes there, you would be disappointed. You are building bigger jail because you are preparing our youths for jail. … Rather than inculcating in their mind the level of decency for decent living, you leave then to suffer,” he said.

He further said that said many youth graduate from school but can’t find anything to do.

He spoke of the three teachers who ran on behalf of the New Democratic Party in the December 2010 general elections and were not reemployed by the Gonsalves government.

“They are frustrated. They might be frustrated to the point of losing their honesty for survival. Quite possible! And this is what we are saying. We can’t support that kind of thing any longer,” he said.

Radio talk show host Junior Bacchus (Photo: Facebook).

“We are looking for a group of young men and women in this country who are prepared to see with us and step in the ring. Take this country away from Ralph and … the dirty dozen, the bandits,” he further stated.

The political party will also seek to make each Vincentian a nation builder, proud to be a citizen of this country. “These, we shall be expounding on as time goes by,” Thomas said of the party objectives.

He said that PRESS already has proposals for education, agriculture, communication, local government, and social benefits. “These things can only be implemented if people who believe in them are in government,” Thomas said.

Bacchus further said that the objectives are people-centred. “… So, with the people being at the centre, all the other things around should lead directly to bring about the kind of change and transformation in the lives of the people,” he added.

Thomas said that citizens could contact him and Thomas for copies of the documents detailing the political party. “Study it, be critical of it, add to it, subtract, divide it, put it how you want, make your comments,” he said.

“And hopefully, one of these days we shall be able to sit as a group of people, discuss it as a people and debate it and take it … as the way forward for this country.”

“It is a discussion document,” Bacchus added.

Thomas said last year that the seed for his “guerrilla war” were already planted. “I will be behind bars directing the show. If you go beyond jailing me and you kill me, which some of you willing to do, you would never get the chance to sing at my funeral you do it your way,” he further stated.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has written to Director of Public Prosecution Collin Williams is to see what action, if any, should be taken against the talk show host.

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11 thoughts on “‘Guerrilla war’ comment talk show host proposes political party

  1. Crazy pills really scarce.

    Posted by John | January 18, 2012, 10:11
  2. Am I reading that there is a new political party in the making?

    Posted by Mourine Ramjeet | January 18, 2012, 10:27
  3. Make the discussion cument public so the people if St. Vincent can see your intentions also we hope this is not a party that will come to add to the nonsense of party bashing but one that will keep the people in the forefront, willing to take a look.

    Posted by Vincy to the bone | January 18, 2012, 10:35
  4. The good thing about demacracy is that every body has a voice. People have the right and the priviledge to form a political party, if they so desire. My suggestion to Mathew and Junior is to talk to ken Boyer, Stalky John,the Green Party guy, Jomo and PM Ralph about the sucess of political parties outside the main ones. This has nothing to do with political ideals and philosophies, it has to do with reality. Take for example our current situation: ( These are guestimates)Both the ULP and the NDP have about 50% of the electorate combine as core support. These are people who will never change support no matter what the party does. About 30% may change depending on what is happening to the country at the time and will align to the main opposition party that is most like to depose the government. About 5% will vote based on some kind of bribe. The other 15%age is simply not interested in voting at all. So unless PRESS is going seriously cut into ULP and NDP core support and perform some miracle to woei the swing voters, it has a serious struggle on its hands. Mitchell did it with the Defunct of PPP. Gonsolves did it with old labour forming the ULP. Under the current situation, with NDP slowly gaining the momentum, it is difficult for PRESS to make any significant impact on voters. It matters not, what its political ideals or philosophy is. This is the reality. Nevertheless, good luck boys!

    Posted by olbap | January 18, 2012, 11:39
  5. What we need is a new party of Old Labour, not a new party inaugurated by old MNU Marxist’s, we may end up with more like Gonsalves.

    Posted by Peter | January 19, 2012, 09:35
  6. ASIDE: In John 1: 14 it said…” the Word became flesh…” I often wondered why is it that the greart God of heaven, with all power.. He spoke The Word and things happen just so….. So why couldn’t God just say to Sinners “you are forgiven of all your sins” and that’s it… Salvation? Why did God have to become flesh? Was His word not enough to save mandkind? Apparently not. A price had to be paid for man’s sin. THE PRICE WAS NOT SPOKEN WORDS BUT HUMAN DEATH. God in His mighty wisdom decreed it that inorder to save mandkind from “death”. He just could not speak some words. He had to become the ‘death’ that was required inorder to save mandkindn from “death”. So the “Word” was made ” flesh”. There was no other way. Even God realise that “words” was not enough.

    What is the point here? Often politicians or “wannabe” politicians believe that all they have to do is speak some words and everything will be utiopia. PM Ralph is a typical example. There there are others too. We come up with these great sounding words like ” building a level of self-reliance within each individual and in the nation as a whole” and “.. create “as much as possible an environment that affords equal opportunities for all” Sounds nice!! Fact is, it is not real. These are unattainable ideals that has never been realized by any society since the creation of man. Sin has messed up this world and the people that live it. The Utopia for ALL we dream about cannot be accomplished by any form of human government. Only God can accomplish it. How? by .. “the Word becoming Flesh”. But we have to live in this world. The bible layout some basic principle for life. Love for other human beings. Respect, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, patience, and so on, and so on. But, even this is a choice. We may choice to love or not to love. We may choose to be generous or not to be. Life is all about choices. Once there is freedom of choice, there will alway be conflict. Even God realized this. He told one of His prophets..” today I set before you good and evil…choose good…” But, not everybody choose Good. There are those who choose evil and suffer the consequences thus.

    Creating a new political party is not going to solve our problem here in this country. Why it it that we feel that we have to be in political power to make things better. Each of us in our own way can make things better in this country if we practice love in our homes, community, work place or any place that provides an opportunity. If as a whole we were to preach and practice love and goodwill as a way of life, then governments like ULP would not have been in office for long. Not because of NDP or Green Party or any other party or because PM Gonsolves can woe us with just words( Words alone is not good enough!), but because we the people would be able to know the difference between good and evil and make the appropriate choice.

    Posted by Olbap | January 19, 2012, 11:10
  7. I am talking from the standpoint of what I have seen over the years about my father, Junior Bacchus, I am proud to say this man has sacrifice soooo much in his family for this beloved country St. Vincent. I dont know any one who is as honest as him. I lived with him all my life and the commitment and sacrifice he has made for this country, he deserves the honor and reconition for the time he has spent doing such work.

    Though he has made a few mistakes in the past such as join on the bandwagon of the Prime Minister Gonsalves prior to him getting in office, he saw the real “beast” within the leader a little too late and decided to isolate himself from such ideals of selfishness, bitterness and vendictiveness. I am saying all this to say that a new, fresh political party is paramont for St. Vincent’s forward economic upliftment. We need to shift our ideas from the same “old” political games to be acknowledge as a country who is for the people, by the people. I think we give the Government too much power so they can decide our freedom of our everyday living. We need to be reconized as an island of standard and that has sadly changed. A country whose forefathers did not just toil for no reason, but so that future generations has the opportunity to reap the benefits of the decisions made by them. Lately it seems that grim hope is slowly fading and people look towards crime and violence as a mean of escaping the perils they face each day suffering in the conditions they live in.

    God Bless St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the people who honestly sacrifice so much for its “prosperious” future.

    Posted by JBE | January 19, 2012, 13:11

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | January 19, 2012, 17:02

    Posted by no-nonsense | January 19, 2012, 17:22
  10. VincyPowa hush your mouth, they very well could be your new employers.

    Posted by Peter | January 20, 2012, 11:00


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