St. Vincent strengthening ties with Arab world

Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian National Authority, second from left, welcomes Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, third from right, to the Bethlehem (Photo courtesy Office of the PM, Kingstown).

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent – This country is building its relations with the Arab world, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told the state-owned National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), yesterday.

Gonsalves is on a 15-day trip overseas that saw him worshiping in Bethlehem on Christmas Day and he will also visit Georgia and Azerbaijan before returning home on Jan. 3.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are among Caribbean Community nations that that recognize the Palestinian state.

Gonsalves said the trip is important for the overall socio-economic development of this country.

The Vincentian leader has held talks with Mahmoud Abbas, his counterpart from the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas had invited Gonsalves to worship in Bethlehem on Christmas Day.

“We are building our relations with the Arab world. As you know we have good relations with Kuwait, Qatar, we have an honorary consul in Egypt, we have relations with Morocco and Iran and then of course we also have good relations with Israel and we are seeking to build bridges where possible and see after the interest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in addition to world peace,” Gonsalves told the NBC by telephone.

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5 thoughts on “St. Vincent strengthening ties with Arab world

  1. Gonsalves should build bridges in Saint Vincent, he has wrecked the society as we all knew it.

    Why do we want to court these nations to which we have no connection, well the answer is simple, they are easy to scrounge from. They all need support in the UN regarding human rights and other matters. Gonsalves has sold his soul to the devil, he now wants to lay the soul of ever man woman and child in SVG to the devil. Persecution, murder, and execution of Christians is common place in most of the countries to whom he proposes affiliation. They do not want to be friends with a Christian country such as ours, they just need the use of a prostitute state that will vote with or in favour of them in the UN.

    This selling our vote at the UN is a kind of organised crime situation, vote for anything, right or wrong, just take whatever Christian blood money we can.

    Time for true Vincentian Christians to look the Devil straight in the eye and tell him to get out of our politics, out of our parliament, even better out of our Christian country.

    As for his tripping around this Christmas, this was a UN thing, it wasn’t he that was invited it was the son and several other UN ambassadors. When he talks about personal invitations he is just making the apple look rosy, it another lie.

    Azerbaijan has hundreds of Christians in prison, persecution and execution is common place, dreadful human rights record, they need our UN vote so much, they will pay up when asked. Georgia is not behind with their atrocities.

    I just wonder how many lies he has spun whilst on his trip, he just can’t help himself, or is it the Devil who is lying through his tongue.

    Don’t believe me check out for yourselves, punch it into your search engines.

    If the ‘coalition of the willing’ wasn’t a huge lie Gonsalves would not need to be scrambling around prostituting our country based on the blood of Christianity.

    Posted by Peter | December 30, 2011, 10:12
  2. Gonsalve ask the Venezuelans for the $10 million they owe us for Cuban wages. If you don’t it means you lied to us and parliament, so you pay it yourself.

    Posted by Peter | December 30, 2011, 10:17
  3. We have got to be careful that we don’t hang ourselves. It’s not every hand that is stretched out we should take hold of. Furthermore, when one is serving others, especially the servant of a nation, one cannot allow his ideology and personal beliefs to dictate that his constituents should also go that way. Remember that any repercussions do not only affect that individual but all his constituents – the nation. We really need to bare up SVG before God. This blessed land does not belong to any politician.

    Posted by justice | December 30, 2011, 18:22
  4. Still remembering the 66 millions we are losing yearly from the departure of the Medical College, and all this because of this Idiot’s foreign policy.

    Posted by ragealways | January 1, 2012, 11:14

    Thanks for the reminder. You see prior to the falling out with the Medical School they were about to double the student intake and keep them here for 4 years instead of the 12 months.

    The 60 million could of been 120 or 150 million a year and would of been exactly what the new Christian Blood airport would need for a traffic boost. Our house and apartment owners would not be facing bank foreclosure.
    Restaurants and supermarket would be saved from closure and bankruptcy.

    As its a Marxist political moron we are saddled with we can have little hope for the future.

    Well under the new house tax system it will not matter that they are empty, you will still have to pay up to about 10% of the value of the property.

    What a great 2012 we all face.

    Posted by Peter | January 1, 2012, 19:26

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