Int’l media rank SVG among top destinations for 2012

CNN says SVG “has long drawn celebrities and vacationers with deep pockets, but regular tourists are discovering it, too” (Photo: CNN).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – This country has made the lists of two international media’s top travel destinations for 2012.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is fifth among nine destinations on CNN’s “World’s top destinations for 2012” and third among 12 destinations listed by Travel+Leisure.

The country is ranked behind England, the World of the Maya, Myanmar (also known as Burma), and Chicago, Illinois.

The other destinations on the list are The Netherlands, Atlantic Canada, Uruguay, and Orlando, Florida.

“What’s not to like about a tropical paradise that bills itself as ‘one destination, 32 gorgeous Caribbean islands’? CNN said in the report published on Tuesday.

“Located between St. Lucia and Grenada, this island chain has long drawn stars and vacationers with deep pockets, but it will become more accessible to a wider range of travellers thanks to a [US]$240 million airport scheduled to open on St. Vincent,” CNN further said of SVG, citing Travel + Leisure.

CNN’s list was based on recommendations from travel experts Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for Lonely Planet; Martin Rapp, senior vice president of leisure sales at Altour; Anne Banas, executive editor at SmarterTravel; and Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for

It also considered suggestion from Travel+Leisure and Budget Travel.

“As always, some places will stand out above the rest when it comes to unforgettable things to do and see,” CNN said of its 2012 destinations.

Meanwhile, SVG was third on a list of 13 places that Travel+Leisure said are the “Hottest Travel Destinations of 2012”.

The country was topped by Sri Lanka and Toronto and came ahead of Guimarães, Portugal; Abu Dhabi, Costa Navarino, Greece; Xishuangbanna, China; Southern Bahia, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany, Panama, Mozambique’s Northern Coast, and Bentonville, Arkansas

Travel+Leisure says that SVG “has long been an under-the-radar getaway for the jet-setting elite.

“But recent developments—including a $240 million airport set to open on St. Vincent next year—are making the region accessible to a broader audience,” the publication said.

The international airport here, being constructed at Argyle, is actually expected to become operational in 2014.

Among SVG’s attractions, Travel+Leisure mentioned the new Buccament Bay Resort, and Mustique, which “remains a playground for the likes of Mick Jagger and Tommy Hilfiger (and was a runner-up honeymoon pick for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)”.

The report also speaks of the privately owned Petit St. Vincent, which has reopened after a top-to-bottom makeover. The island comprises 22 stone-walled, thatched-roof cottages “done up in earthy tones and driftwood palapas now line the beach”.

Travel+Leisure says that some of its picks for the 2012 destinations “reflect travellers’ increasing thirst for adventure and desire to immerse themselves in local ways.

“Our clients are interested in remote, off-the-beaten-path destinations that still retain their traditional culture,” says Scott Wiseman, president of Abercrombie & Kent USA, according to the report.

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30 thoughts on “Int’l media rank SVG among top destinations for 2012


    Posted by no-nonsense | December 28, 2011, 10:01
    • Keep the fire burning is right.

      Posted by vastina Browne | December 28, 2011, 11:04
    • YEAH STUPID! No-nonsense. I suppose you are going to say that it is because of ULP that SVG is amoung the top destination in the WEST. Too bad we do not have the money to show for it. Keep the fire burning is ULP signature. What the hell does “Keep the fire burning” have to do with SVG being a natural beauty. I suppose you are going to tell us now that Before ULP, SVG was not beautiful. It is ULP that created the beautiful Grenadines islands. Before ULP there was no beautiful Toboga Kays, no Palm Island. It was since ULP that we have the golden sands of Bequia, Union Island and the others. In fact SVG did not exist before ULP. You stupid A**H***.

      Posted by Olbap | December 28, 2011, 18:08
      • Do you realize that if you guys were not pulling down SVG to the gutters we may have been at #1??? Luckily the masses are not listening to you IDIOTS!!!!

        Posted by no-nonsense | December 29, 2011, 09:48
  2. What BETTER way to START the YEAR 2012 than being on TOP of the WORLD?

    Congratulations to Minister of Tourism, Saboto Caesar, and to the government of SVG, especially its VISIONARY LEADER, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for their EXCELLENT WORK.

    This is just the BEGINNING of MANY ACCOLADES to come, especially when the “PHANTOM PROJECT” is COMPLETED.

    PHANTOM PROJECT is the name given to the Argyle International Airport by the leader of OPPOSITION PARTY in SVG, Arnhim Eustace, and echoed by the supporters of that party.


    Posted by vincypowa | December 28, 2011, 13:34
    • Vincy Powa, you are sick. Tell me who Vincentian would want to see SVG fail? Moreover,speaking about obvious injustices and unwanted social and political occurrences is not being negative. Anyone who applauds or pays a blind eye to such vices in his country, is truly unpatriotic. For the love of our country and the continuance of justice, I implore you to place some eye-salve on your eyes. You most certainly need some good measure of redemption. People like you with your baseless mutterings make me want to puke. I am sure that you are a better – more just individual. Do not allow any “under-the-table” or any “side”deals to cloud your good judgement. God is not pleased when we applaud wrong and it also stalls progress for our country.

      Posted by justice | December 30, 2011, 18:40
    • Somebody carry VINCY POWA and sap him or her between a river and the sea nuh! This one gone thru!

      Posted by Olbap | January 5, 2012, 17:42
  3. I always knew we were the best!

    Posted by latoya | December 28, 2011, 13:54
    • Lotaya, the survey did not say we are the best. We can do much better. BTW, what does this mean? Does this mean that SVG is making a whole heap of money from Tourism? Where exactly are the benefit of this rating. Are more people being employed? Does it increases our GDP? Yes we have a beautiful tourism product, but right now it is poorly managed. SVG being one of the best tourism destination in the world is meanless if there we cannot make money? Take for example, SVG has one of the best agricultural soil in the Caribbean. That is a fact, but because of poor leadership and management our agriculture has gone to the dogs. Similularly, we have one of the best tourism potential in the Caribbean but because of poor management, other countries will a lesser quality product is making more money than we do. Yes we are a an excellent destination but if we can’t make money from tourism, then there is very little too celebrate.

      Posted by Olbap | January 4, 2012, 13:44

    Posted by UNITY FOR SVG | December 28, 2011, 13:55
  5. I guess this is the first time ever we have been named as a top tourist destination……. good thing i know better.

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | December 28, 2011, 23:08
  6. am so happy to see my coutry recognize by the int media 🙂

    Posted by karlson | December 29, 2011, 12:34
  7. congrats SVG,,amazing how some peeps instead of seeing the good in this can only see the nagatives…Hope you grow from strength to strength SVG, I love you….boo hoo to all the doom and gloomers….

    Posted by Mary | December 29, 2011, 15:54
    • Mary, What the hell are you talking about? What does this have to do with doom and gloom? Rating are no rating there are people in this country suffering real bad. Do you think we care about tourism rating if we can’t feed ourselves? SVG has always been a beautiful country. It was so under old Labour, PPP, NDP and now ULP. The tourist come here for a vacation. They enjoy our crystal waters, lovely beaches, reefs and so on. Two weeks later they jump on a plain and they are out of here. Someone ask them a question about their vacation and they respond fabulous! We live here! we are not on vacation. We are here suffering under a wicked government who can’t even make the kind of money we can make off of our beautiful tourism product because of poor leadership and management. The tourism rating does not change the terrible roads we have to drive on. The rating does not pay workers who can’t get pay from Gov’ment for months. The tourism rating does not change the mess in the agriculture sector. The rating does not change the fact that this country is on it’s fifth year of negative growth. I can go on and on. So I do not understand what you are talking about. I could understand that ULP making a lot of song and dance about this because there is very little else to shout about. Fair enough! But do not come with this shti about..” boo hoo to all the doom and glommers” SVG was rate the “best tourist diving country” in the world in 1994, under NDP, things were much better then, so what is the big deal about….suck teeth… why am I wasting my time with you ULP nimcompoos! Ralph dun spit in all you mouths.

      Posted by Olbap | January 4, 2012, 14:02
  8. Why political party have to be in everything, can’t we as a people just be happy that others are recognize the Paradise that is SVG. Lets put party aside and build our country if we don;t probably America will do it for us.Then we would say if we did know we know now so we should stand as ONE and help BUILD OUR COUNTRY.

    Posted by Cassie williams | December 29, 2011, 19:52
  9. Well congrats SVG, lets hope it translates to more visitors to inject some much needed cash to our economy

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | December 29, 2011, 23:00
  10. Hello my comrades in Svg land we all already know that our islands are beautiful since we were at least 3 yrs old, the age when perhaps a child is able grasp the perception of things. What is all this nonsense about Politicians and minister of tourism making SVG beautiful. What does our national Anthem begins with? “St.Vincent land so beautiful” We came and met beauty. Are you folks saying your country didn’t have beauty in the past? Perhaps CNN assumed that,if so they are wrong, we always had beauty.

    What is good is that the Buccama on the beach has helped to up grade the standard for tourist attraction and the supposed international airport if and when completed will certainly be another incentive to provide better and more convenient air traffic landing and taking off.

    Besides,every Government has to do something further, if Mitchell build Tokyo,Ministerial bulding,Market,water scheme, Ottly Hall project ect then the next Government build Airport,dry river bridge,police station ect.

    I will like to remind folks that CNN is not a trustworthy media source. It is always better to listen to BBC news media. CNN always make wrong prediction and give wrong information. For ex CNN will tell you that an American helicoptor was shot down with 28 soldiers,next thing is only 18 soldiers were involved. CNN talk so bad about Obama as if he is responsible for the current economic situation they even give him incorrect ratings. It’s the media what you expect they need to be heard and be noticed. Yes SVG has real natural beauty, however take a trip to Greece Brazil,Portugal,Hawaii,Bermuda or turks and Caicos then make your own comparison.
    Always better to make your own observation and your own conclusion. Not some other source making it for you,especially the media.
    Pro Das Neutral- Independent

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | December 29, 2011, 23:38
  11. The rankings right or not, this is great commendation for SVG. We shopuld strive to be better in every respect.

    Posted by justice | December 30, 2011, 18:26
  12. Mr. Dasilva, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEUTRAL or INDEPENDENT about your post.

    You post is one of a silly critique of everything stated

    We as Vincentians know that SVG is a NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL ISLAND STATE NATION. However, because of our LIMITED AIR ACCESS, courtesy of our current lack of an International Airport, many people in the wider world and even here in the Caribbean do not know this, which is why the “FREE” EXPOSURE by CNN (ONE OF THE BIGGEST and RECOGNIZED INTERNATIONAL NEWS NETWORKS ON PLANET EARTH) will be a BOON in the PROMOTION and MARKETING of SVG by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority.

    As for your claim that CNN is not a TRUSTWORTHY NEWS SOURCE, this is simply FOLLY and IGNORANCE on your part, because CNN has been recognized as one of the MOST RESPECTED and TRUSTED NEWS MEDIA NETWORKS on PLANET EARTH for DECADES.

    Moreover, your BELIEF that CNN gives wrong PREDICTION and WRONG INFORMATION are of TOTAL IRRELEVANCE to the FACT that the EXPOSURE that will be RECEIVED by St. Vincent and the Grenadines as one of the “WORLD TOP DESTINATIONS FOR 2012” will be IMMEASURABLE.

    Furthermore, the FACT that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the only ISLAND NATION in the Caribbean to be so SELECTED by CNN should be SWEET MUSIC to the EARS of Minister of Tourism Saboto Caesar and CEO of the TOURISM AUTHORITY Glen Beache, and to INVESTORS as well. They can do a lot with that information in their QUEST to make SVG a MAJOR PLAYER in the TOURISM INDUSTRY in the Caribbean.

    That said; what EXACTLY is the PURPOSE of mentioning Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Hawaii, Bermuda and Turks and Caicos, if not to DOWNPLAY the IMMEASURABLE EXPOSURE ATTAINED by SVG, courtesy of CNN or if not to RAIN on the PARADE of the POSITIVE EXPOSURE RECEIVED by SVG, which the VAST MAJORITY of Vincentians are HAPPY about and APPRECIATIVE of?

    We’re VINCENTIAN PATRIOTS and NATIONALISTS. And whenever WE SEE SOMETHING POSITIVE WRITTEN about our BLESSED NATION, guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to APPLAUD it, IRRESPECTIVE of whatever negative that one tries to conjure up to deflate that GOOD NEWS.

    See you around BUB.

    Posted by vincypowa | December 31, 2011, 15:51
  13. Giving the competition yes we rank the fifth. But get real. I wonder how much they pay for the study.

    Posted by THE INFORM | January 1, 2012, 17:44
  14. You all need to travel the world and come out of the dark ages. watch how they got you all down there. Chicago is the murder Capital of the world. Burma is a Military repressive regime that held the leader of the Opposition under house arrest for years. No political freedom and the East Coast of Canada is so cold than when it thaws out all you could do is fish. So St Vincent is in good company. Are yo to darn dotish..

    Posted by THE INFORM | January 1, 2012, 17:50
  15. Vincy POWA it seems like you forget your last lesson so quickly. Here you wamt to challenge me again. I thought you had learned your lesson not to play with a two edged tool.Anyway, I am not going to respond to your bag of gabbage information. First you never can read and understand what people say and second you say any what comes to your MOUTH. My recommendation again:
    1.Copy my response and take it to your political advisor, your lawyer or find an English teacher and asked them to help evaluate my response to find out if any negative information was given about SVG beauty.(Once again you fail to comprehend reading)


    3.At the end of 2012 find out from the tourism bureau from the destinations places mentioned and the places I have also mentioned then tell readers which place had the highest % tourist travel for 2012. (So young man every thing is only a speculation)

    Conclusion: Again when CNN give inaccurate infomation on the news concerning their own soldiers in battle and inaccurate ratings against their own president in the polls then they are not reliable.
    Vinvy Powa,I believe you need a brain transplant for the new year. I THINK YOU ARE A PARTY PUPPET AND NOT A TRUE VINVY PATRIOT,WHILE I REMAIN AND ALWAYS

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 2, 2012, 00:48
  16. Folks,
    I fail to see what the natural beauty of this island has to do with any politician or party. I shouldn’t take a CNN report to tell Vincentian’s that we have a paradise on earth.
    We should be happy to know that the world is aware of what we have here. The airport will have some effect on tourism, but nationals will have to be creative to get some of the foreign currency. We have to be careful that foreigners may see the goal mine and take the lion share of all the good investment opportunities. That’s the only thing I am apprehensive of, because we are seeing where the airport doesn’t generate work for the majority of SVG nationals. We are not even hired to move the dirt.
    I am here in lovely SVG and enjoying it. Didn’t see lots of boats like previous years and I presume it has to do with the world’s economic situation.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL and get the politics out of the issue and let’s start thinking of how we can get some mileage out of the good news.

    Posted by Vere | January 2, 2012, 12:06
  17. What lesson might that be, the one that you DELUDED yourself to BELIEVE?

    I saw no LESSON taught, and will NEVER see any taught, why I will continue to critique the RUBBISH seen in your posts.

    By the way, I hope this time around SIGNS of INTELLIGENCE instead of ALZHEIMER will be seen in your comments.

    That said; your modus operandi is to CLAIM that I can NEVER comprehend that which you have said. However, that SCHOOLBOY and DEFENSIVE tactic is not going to work here BUB.

    Now that I have gotten that out of the way, who said anything about NEGATIVE INFORMATION was given about SVG’S BEAUTY?

    What I said is this; “We as Vincentians know that SVG is a NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL ISLAND STATE NATION. However, because of our LIMITED AIR ACCESS, courtesy of our current lack of an International Airport, many people in the wider world and even here in the Caribbean do not know this, which is why the “FREE” EXPOSURE by CNN (ONE OF THE BIGGEST and RECOGNIZED INTERNATIONAL NEWS NETWORKS ON PLANET EARTH) will be a BOON in the PROMOTION and MARKETING of SVG by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority.”

    Is there SOMETHING that you do not COMPREHEND, Mr. DASILVA?

    That said; since you want to be technical, you must have been the only 3 YEAR OLD who knew the WHOLE of SVG was BEAUTIFUL. I do not have to BREAK it down for you why that statement of yours is ASININE; figure it out for yourself.

    By the way, who made the claim of, “what is all this nonsense about Politicians and minister of tourism making SVG beautiful,” could it have been the SILLY VOICE in Mr. Dasilva’s head?


    Seriously, look over your reasons why you believe CNN is not TRUSTWORTHY and see if it is not INFANTILE and SILLY, especially as it PERTAINS to the issue of their TOP WORLD DESTINATIONS FOR 2012.

    That said; I can say the same for the BBC and many other well known GLOBAL NEWS AGENCIES.
    Here is an EXAMPLE from your TRUSTED BBC.

    Unlike you, I do not TALK OUT of my ANUS. I PROVIDE EVIDENCE to SUPPORT my CLAIM.

    I have to ask if you can you READ or do you ENJOY MAKING things up, because of believing it will make you look smart when in fact you’re not, for what I have already addressed and what I am about to address.

    Let me repeat what I have stated about CNN’S TRUSTWORTHINESS, because you have this PROPENSITY to try and skewed my thoughts to fit your SILLINESS.

    I said; “CNN has been recognized as one of the MOST RESPECTED and TRUSTED NEWS MEDIA NETWORKS on PLANET EARTH for DECADES.”

    The OPERATIVE WORDS is “has been RECOGNIZED” and “AS ONE OF.”

    I do not have to BREAK IT DOWN any further, because people with COMMONSENSE will recognize that you’re the one LACKING READING COMPREHENSION.

    In other words, your RESPONSE is POOR and INACCURATE when compared to what I have stated.

    That said; you’re either truly SLOW or WILLFULLY IGNORANT, because the CNN piece is about their “World’s Top Destinations for 2012.”

    In other words, CNN has done its RESEARCH and came to the CONCLUSION that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the WORLD’S TOP DESTINATION for 2012.

    Is there something that you do not UNDERSTAND or are you of the MYOPIC view that SVG should not have been bestowed such an HONOR when it is HIGHLY LIKELY that places you have mentioned are going to have more VISITORS, therefore how could it be the one of the WORLD’S TOP DESTINATIONS for 2012?

    By the way, do you know the CRITERIA CNN used to come up with their LIST?

    Look, it is obvious that you’re just a LOUDMOUTH acting like you’re versed on these matters when in fact you’re just like the COMMON MAN on the street, making guesses, and not even EDUCATED ones at that.

    In CONCLUSION, the FART that you wrote as to why CNN is not RELIABLE has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with their CHOICE of St. Vincent and the Grenadines being one of the TOP DESTINATIONS in the WORLD for 2012.

    As for the rest of the FART you wrote, I SUGGEST U LOOK in the MIRROR and make the COMMENTS to the person that is LOOKING back at you, because he is will DESERVING of the TRIPE you wrote.

    In other words, do not PROJECT THOUGHTS of SELF unto me.

    Again, there is nothing INDEPENDENT and NEUTRAL about your views.

    Moreover, you would not know what it means to be a VINCY PATRIOT if it SLAPS U in the FACE, as your critique of ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES being one of the WORLD’S TOP DESTINATIONS FOR 2012 has already DEMONSTRATED.

    See you around BUB.

    Posted by vincypowa | January 2, 2012, 14:03
  18. My dear Student VincyPowa do you remember that I put you to SHAME NOT TO LONG AGO when you justified to me that you never heard or knew what the word SIMILE MEAN IN ENGLISH? DO YOU REMEMBER FROM OUR LAST LESSON THAT YOU FAILED YOUIR COMPREHENSION QUIZ and you were so ashamed that you quit challenging me? Silly boy why are you still messimg with me for?
    You need another lecture? You didn’t pay for those before,so this lecture will be rather rought. YOU THINK EVERY BODY IS A PARTY CLOWN LIKE YOU so when they don’t join your party you pass DIRTY and NASTY remarks on people. It look like you forcing me to tell you if I am an NDP or ULP since you said I am not NEUTRAL AND INDEPENDENT. Who the HELL is you to tell me my political position. You can’t even read and understand what people write. You never follow up with the advise I gave you or you would have already stop making an a.. of you self since you first lesson with me. Again I am NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT and not afraid to give my opinion on any matter. Futhermore, if in the future I have to say something about the NDP,the ULP or the Greenparty,I am welcome to do so, because I have my freedom since 1834, but I guess yours lost yours by becoming a party CLOWN.

    As for you bosting comment: “CNN is one of that the most RESPECTED AND TRUSTWORTHY MEDIA SYSTEM ON PLANET EARTH FOR DECADED” I need you to proove that to the people you trying to convinced. Give readers a profile on CNN creditability and reliability for at least 20 years back to at most a thousand yrs. YOU CANNOT DO THAT right? “HERE GOES A MAN, ONCE A FOOL, ALWAYS REMAIN A FOOL”,HIS NAME IS Vinvy Powa.

    You said that”CNN has done its research” What the hell you know about CNN and research where you there. If you can’t talk about your experience being there withg CNN while the investigation was talking place then shut you Anus or shut your big wasted empty barrel.
    You always trying to support some special interest but you never see or directly heard anything about the special interest. IF ST.VINCENT HAVE MORE FOOLISH PEOPLE LIKE YOU THEN MAY GOD HELP YOUR KINDS! You are making me feel that a goat has more commonsense than you.
    I am not going to respond to your ‘waste faeces’ and ‘gabbage’ this time for the following reason:
    1. During our last lesson you failed your reading compehension skills,I recommended that you take a reading comprehension course and you failed to do so.

    2. I asked you to tell me your grade level so I can help you better you were ashamed to do so.

    3. I told you to stop coping word from the dictionary when making your responses because you are confusing your self with words you don’t understand. I further told you when you take the reading comprehension course your instructor will guide you how to use dictionary words in appropriate sentences. In this way your response will not sound like a lunatic writing it.

    Now since you think you know so much about every body for example read what you wrote “You are just the common man on the street making guesses” I will make a further recommendation: Tell readers your back ground for example O level or A level graduate.You already know every one background a real politician let others know their background. Why are you so afraid?.

    My psychiatric patient Vincy Powa my final recommendation is that you see a psychiatrist,because I believe that you will be diagnosed with almost all of the following:
    1. Manic depression,anxiety disorder,schizophenia,ADH, ADHD, borderline disorder,bipolar disorder,personality disorder,behavioral disorrder,disfunctional disorder,alzheimer
    and all the other disorders and not forgetting the social disorder call communication disorder.
    Patient)Powa You will be given prescription please take your medication on time.
    Always Vincy Patriot NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 3, 2012, 12:32
  19. Let me see what the NUTTY PROFESSOR, a Mr. Dasilva, has to offer this time around.

    I hope is not another EPISODE of DELUSION of GRANDEUR on his part, but I feel that is just WISHFUL THINKING.
    Lawd, the POOR FELLA has DELUDED HIMSELF into believing that I stopped CHALLENGING HIM because of being ASHAMED. LOL LOL LOL

    Yes, it is another episode of DELUSION of GRANDEUR on the part of the NUTTY PROFESSOR.

    If I had stopped “CHALLENGING” him, because of being ashamed, why am I doing it again? One would have thought that I would have been DEVASTATED and so ASHAMED that I would not want to PARTAKE in another CHALLENGING exercise with the NUTTY PROFESSOR.


    Look BUB, I was not going to follow your strawman and red herring arguments forever, because they lent zero/nada/zilch/nothing to the article that we are discussing.

    Sorry NUTTY PROFESSOR, I am not here to MASSAGE your INFLATED ego. Whenever it is clearly FRUITLESS engaging you further, because of drowning yourself in your OFF TOPIC delusions about schooling someone, it is time to MOVE on. Therefore, if you were WAITING DAYS and NIGHTS for me to RESPOND to you, it just shows, again, the kind of EGO DRIVEN NUTTY PROFESSOR I am DEALING with. Sad fella you are.
    That said; the NUTTY PROFESSOR talks about DIRTY and NASTY remarks when all who have eyes to see can see his posts are layered with that PRACTICE. Delusional he truly is.

    By the way, Mr. Dasilva, I am APPRECIATIVE of your DEMONSTRATION of the QUALITIES a professor should not possess.

    That said; I am not forcing you to do anything. I am simply telling you that based on the nuances of your posts you are neither neutral nor independent. More IMPORTANTLY, a VINCY PATRIOT you are not, as your CNN critique of SVG being one of the WORLD’S TOP DESTINATION FOR 2012 has CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED.

    As for my READING and UNDERSTAND, IMMACULATE it is, which is why I can BOLDLY say that you are a FRAUD.
    Moreover, your PISS POOR so-called advice was not worthy of any seriousness. A two year old would have REJECTED it for what it was, a SIMPLETON talking out of his ANUS masquerading as giving sound advice.

    When you are quoting someone, CITING EXACTLY what he or she wrote is what you are supposed to do, not so NUTTY PROFESSOR, so why are you FAILING to do just that?

    If you are suffering from ALZHEIMER, refrain from partaking in any lengthy discussions, because it seems like the PRESSURE is OBVIOUSLY too much for you to handle. I do not want your typos or your incorrect words, thus giving the impression I am the one who made them, when in fact you are the one who has done so, give people the wrong idea.

    For example, in your CNN quote attributed to me, I never wrote, “DANCED” or “SYSTEM,” so why are you quoting me INCORRECTLY?

    Mr. Dasilva, you are EMBARRASSING COMPETENT PROFESSORS around the globe with your JUVENILE and DECEITFUL DISPLAY. In fact, you are EMBARRASSING Vincentians with your schoolchild antics. Stop it
    That said; subjective or not, people know that CNN has been a RESPECTED and TRUSTWORTHY MEDIA OUTLET for DECADES, which is why MILLIONS of people around the GLOBE look to CNN for their news.

    You have to be a NINCOMPOOP not to know this.
    When people watch or listen to the news, CNN is HIGHLY LIKELY one of the CHANNELS that they tune into, because they have come to TRUST and RESPECT that news outlet.

    Since you are a NUTTY PROFESSOR, who feels that talking out of his ANUS means he is speaking truth, I will help you out with more reality.

    “Based on past Pew polls, CNN touts itself as “the most trusted name in news,” but the percent who “believe all or most” of what CNN reports has fallen 12 points, to 30 percent, since Pew first posed the question in 1998. Yet, in a sign of how far the news media have fallen in the eyes of the public, that puts CNN at the top of the 12 television news outlets analyzed, as well as above all the newspapers and online sources. Believability for ABC News, CBS News and NBC News is down six points over the past ten years, to 24 percent for ABC and NBC, 22 percent for CBS, but that’s still better than the mere 18 percent who “believe all or most” of what they read in the New York Times.”
    Read more:

    As for your FART about “Give readers a profile on CNN creditability and reliability for at least 20 years back to at most a thousand yrs,” I am sure you will APPRECIATE why I call you the NUTTY PROFESSOR and why I said you are suffering from ALZHEIMER.

    Yes, the FOOL is TRULY LOOKING back at U in the MIRROR, Mr. Dasilva.

    That said; allow me to show you why I stated CNN did its RESEARCH. This is what CNN said in its article.

    “To help you decide, we sought out recommendations from four travel experts: Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for Lonely Planet; Martin Rapp, senior vice president of leisure sales at Altour; Anne Banas, executive editor at SmarterTravel; and Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for
    We also sprinkled in a couple of suggestions from Travel+Leisure and Budget Travel.”

    See what a little READING can do, eh NUTTY PROFESSOR. Now if you had really READ the ARTICLE or if you had any kind of COMMONSENSE in that INFLATED EGO of yours, you would have known that an organization like a CNN is not going to put something out there without doing some kind of brainstorming based on whatever research that they have done.

    Again, unlike you, who seem to get an ORGASM when TALKING OUT of your ANUS, I will continue to be the real professor by providing evidence to support my positions.

    Yes, let us be THANKFUL that SVG does not have any NUTTY PROFESSORS like you.

    By the way, Mr. Dasilva, did you enjoy the link of your TRUSTED BBC? Jokes.

    As for the REST of the FART you wrote (do you want me to show you the many typos you have made, eh so-called PROF. DASILVA?), I have already addressed too much already to waste my time addressing more. Moreover, the rest of your fart has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    All I see on my SCREEN is the NOISE of a NUT who has CONVINCED his LITTLE BRAIN that getting PERSONAL with me somehow ELEVATES his STATUS as a PROFESSOR. LOL LOL LOL

    By the way, my BROTHER is a PSYCHOLOGIST. If you want, I can HOOK U up for a SESSION on his COUCH, because you are most DEFINITELY in need of it, so-called PROF. DASILVA.

    Again, there is nothing about you being NEUTRAL, INDEPENDENT or a VINCY PATRIOT

    See you around BUB.

    Posted by vincypowa | January 4, 2012, 19:59
  20. 1.
    Poorlunatic fella Vincy Power you lost your discussion with me concerning your supposed Uncle Daniel affairs related to ” matters like a Road rage war”.You lost for the simple fact that you have Proven to the Public that you didn’t know that there is a word exist called SIMILE and since you didn’t understand it you couldn’t comprehend my comparison, hence you failed that first comprehension test so badly with an F GRADE. You were so ashamed that you quit challenging me. Now you naughty boy want to retaliate as you think you have something to show me down but you wrong again.

    2. Now you want to decide for me which political group I am supporting. You are a foolishboy. YOU CANNOT DECIDE THAT FOR ME, UNLESS I HAVE TOLD YOU SO. Even you brother who you claimed is a pyschologist cannot make that decision. So you who are a known psychopath think you can such a decision.

    3. You still have not supported that empty foolish mouth of yours. I told you ,you need a brain transplant and now you need a mouth transplant. You need to have your surgeon puy your mouth where your anus is and viceversa your anus where your mouth is located. You give Websites from 1998 to 2008. Fool that is only one decade. As a reminder since you use CONSTANTLY words like alzhiemer and don’t know what it means,your challenge or assignment had begun from this point: As for you Boasting comment”CNN is one of the Most respected and trustworthy MEDIA NETWORK ON PLANET EARTH FOR DECADES”. Therefore prove CNN creditability for at least 20 years to at most 100 yrs.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 6, 2012, 23:48
  21. (Continuation due to technical problem.) Now fool if you see any typo error or grammer is because I wasn’t finish due to technical problems so DON’T GO AGAIN BROADCASTING MY ERRORS LIKE A MORE FOOL FOOL. (Now to continue). You could not go back to DECADES AS YOUR BOASTFUL ANUS KNOWS HOW TO TALK.(remember now it supposed to be where your mouth is located.) Always remember IDIOT THAT DECADES MEANS 20YRS AND UP. Again your boasting words were for “DECADES” which means “two ten years period or more’. And clown I know you like to rewrite the dictionary,this is directly from my head instead of the dictionary.
    AS for using the word DANCE I don’t know where you get that so you are the one with the alzheimer. AGAIN AND AGAIN I TOLD YOU THAT YOU DONT KNOW A DAMM THING ABOUT ENGLISH LANGUAGE,I TOLD YOU WHAT COURSE TO TAKE TO IMPROVE BUT YOU TOO SHAME TO DO SO. Imagine you don’t know that the word “Network” and “System” mean the same thing. I think that either you are a school drop out or you never did too well on you GCE or CXC I could bet you were never an honor student. lETS BET DO YOU WANT TO BET ME? I am not going to explain the meaning dumb boy. All I will say is, think about the ‘nervous system’ and a’fishing net’ then go back to you dictionary as usual. SHAME AGAIN ON YOU MAN.!

    1.Stop worrying about my typoerrors, this happens when a technical problem arises.
    2.Take the comprehension course, YOU MUST NOT AVOID THIS.
    3.STOP assuming what is on people’s mind,you will never find out that way.
    4.Accept otherspoint of views as you want others to accept yours.
    5.Stop making what people say offend you so much, it make you sound non democratic.

    Posted by Prof-Dasilva | January 7, 2012, 00:51


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