DPP looking into Matthew Thomas’ ‘guerrilla war’ statement

Talk show host Matthew Thomas (Photo:

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Collin Williams is said to be examining controversial statements made by radio talk show host Matthew Thomas to see what, if any charges, should be brought against him.

But Thomas last night again repeated the statements about “guerrilla warfare” if Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves receives any of the EC$250,000 in damages a court awarded him because of slanderous comments broadcast on NICE Radio eight years ago.

Thomas first made the comments during his “Stay Awake” programme on NICE Radio last week Monday.

And last night he noted that he was never accused of rape nor was taken to court for theft.

Two women previously accused Gonsalves of sexual assault but both cases where taken over and discontinued by the DPP.

“So, when you jail me, you are jailing me for another reason. And I said it last week, I expect you to jail me,” Thomas said

“I will be behind bars directing the show. If you go beyond jailing me and you kill me, which some of you willing to do, you would never get the chance to sing at my funeral you do it your way,” he further stated.

“You kill me; the seed is sown already. And, these are the kinds of things we have to understand as a people. Life is a struggle; there is nothing new under the sun. “Anything man does now has some connection to man in the past,” he further said – comments that echoed his pronouncements last week.

Director of Public Prosecution Colin Williams (Internet photo).

Junior Bacchus, who co-hosts the programme and who was in court yesterday in relation to a lawsuit brought against him by Gonsalves, said on the same programme last night, “We cannot feel comfortable that we are free when we see the destruction being done to the people and the abuse to others in this country.

“Somebody has to stand up. The record of history is replete with number of people who made the sacrifice.”

He further stated, “Nelson Mandela did not spend 25 years in prison for nothing. He sowed the seed while he was there.”

Thomas last night said that some Christians regard Judas as the worst person to have ever lived, because of his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

“You had to have Christ’s blood but you had to have a Judas to give you. And now Judas presents it to you, he’s the worst man? Well, if Judas can’t go heaven, nobody else can. That wouldn’t be a fair God,” Thomas said.

“… Judas was a character and his part, deemed by God, was to betray Christ; get his blood for sinners. So, if yo’ can’t appreciate the man for that, you want go heaven and he ain’t go. Life really ain’t fair boy,” he further stated.

Thomas was a long-standing member of Gonsalves’ Movement for National Unity, which merged with the St. Vincent Labour Party to form the Unity Labour Party in 1994.

Both Thomas and Bacchus were instrumental in bringing the ULP to office in March 2001 after political unrest, common known as the “Roadblock Revolution”, the previous year.

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17 thoughts on “DPP looking into Matthew Thomas’ ‘guerrilla war’ statement

  1. Yep, Matthew done gone and put both his feet in his mouth this time!

    Posted by Supa | November 22, 2011, 08:04
    • DDP Williams appears to be an operative and a member of the club of oppressors in SVG. No part of his performance seems independent. He would have wasted his time and money in obtaining a law degree if he is not abiding by the very principles he learned in law school if he consistently gives a pass to his club members. Why did he drop the rape investigation of Prime minister Gonsalves? Its nice to wear a robe representing justice- but it is just him representing- not practising the law. The Thomas case is just another blatant example of his club status.

      I like the fact that Douggie Defreitas, Matthew Thomas and guys like Friday are standing up to the Gonsalves regime.
      Keep the pressure on.

      Posted by julia | November 23, 2011, 11:36
  2. DPP you must lock up both Thomas and Bacchus, we cannot be the only full ALBA member without political prisoners.

    Time for the police to round up all the people who so much as sneeze, lock them up fill the Gulag at Belisle, satisfy the ALBA quoter of political prisoners.

    Lock up all NDP.

    Just look at Cuba and Venezuela, they got good record of locking up political prisoners, they got full quoter’s.
    We should congratulate them on their success of meeting the ALBA quoter.

    If our police need any advice, ask the Cubans and Venezuelans, they are experts.

    Lock the up, lock them up, don’t forget we are looking for new hero’s, police chief and DPP can apply.

    Posted by Peter | November 22, 2011, 10:00
  3. Meanwhile, Collin should look into the PM threat to let loose his political “pitbulls” on the NDP’s election consultants from England. He should look into Hans Kings threat to kill Brian Alexander. He should looking into Arse-ta-fan’s claim that there is a possiblilty the DPP will “nollipros” Vini’s the case against Ralph if push comes to shove, albeit he did not have any proof of that will happen(Yeah right!). Mathew has committed no crime. One of these day some people will put their hands on their heads and bawl in the country! Yo’ all go ahead with this “shti”

    Posted by Olbap | November 22, 2011, 10:36
  4. Wrong is only wrong when a person is perceived to be NDP does that wrong. If only the putogee could chance the Webster Dictionary.

    Posted by Vexalways | November 22, 2011, 11:56
  5. Come on Colin, step up and show some guts….. lock up Matthew and while you are locking up, get Hans King as well.

    Posted by vincy in bad shape | November 22, 2011, 12:41
  6. What are you all talking about, only NDP are eligible for political prisoners in Gulag.

    Don’t you all understand the game set yet?

    Posted by Peter | November 22, 2011, 17:02
  7. Miller must send the three criminals in the force to arrest Matthew and Junior. Oh… and don’t forget to lock up the caller on Star Fm who would have given Brian Alexander some 2×4, and the other caller who would have done Brian in…. rather than making the threat as Hans did.

    Posted by George | November 22, 2011, 19:05
  8. Olbap real talk lock up Hans Kings threat to kill Brian Alexander but nah colin come on dude what world you living in stone age yes matthew stand firm

    Posted by cherry | November 22, 2011, 19:33
  9. No one in SVG feels threatened by Matthew’s statement. “Let the jackass bray”- Dr Eric Williams.

    Posted by Adolphus Faure | November 23, 2011, 10:12
  10. Don’t forget chain of command, COP, DPP. PM.

    Posted by Peter | November 23, 2011, 11:53
  11. Gonsalves give the order to arrest these people, lets have some fun. The other ALBA members will then realise that you have arrived politically, because you haven’t convinced them yet.

    Long live ALBA, home of the political prisoner.

    By the way have all the ALBA signatories stopped talking to you since the WIKILEAKS saga, where you supposed to have mouthed off and upset those delicate Marxist colleagues.

    Sorry about the New Constitution yes vote failure, I know how much simpler it would have been to get into the political prisoner program, but here is another route, grab the opportunity and lock them up.

    DPP listen to PM and instruct COP.

    Posted by Peter | November 24, 2011, 10:51

    Take a BREAK from the INTERNET, because it seems like your BRAIN is FRIED.

    Posted by vincypowa | November 24, 2011, 14:15
  13. Sorry VincPowa, but because of your association with SVG Marxist’s, your blog has not been selected for comment.

    Posted by Peter | November 28, 2011, 21:11
  14. Matthew Thomas, you will be pleased to know that you are invited to a break at Buccament Bay Resort, whilst there why not ask them if you can establish a Guerrilla Warfare Academy.

    VincyPowa will join you if you ask him nicely, he is a ULP hero. He talks a load of Marxist crap so wear earmuffs.

    I’m not sure that VincyPowa can come to SVG at the moment, can you travel to SVG VincyPowa, can you.

    Check out the following website.

    Posted by Peter | November 29, 2011, 21:46
  15. Ah hear the COMMISSIONER OF POLICE still eagerly salivating over this badly delayed DPP “Examination”.

    Seems that GUERILLA has lately become a BAD-WORD in Ralphie country. An OBSCENITY. politically.

    WHAT was YOULIMO really talking about all those years, in backing SOVIET AND CASTROITE MILITARY AND SUBVERSIVE INTERVENTION around the world ? And, what was ralphie’s relation to Youlimo ?

    You telling me that it is no longer popular, sheik, or “revolutionary” to talk about “Communist GUERILLAS” ?

    But, then again, didn’t Ralph BOLT THE “LENINIST” YOULIMO, AND FORM Movement for National Unity (MNU) ?

    Are we forgetting that:


    JUNIOR BACCHUS was a front-row MEMBER OF RALPH’s KITCHEN CABINET, soon after the 2001 General Elections ?


    Why doesn’t the long-time MARXIST-LENINIST champion, Ralphie, giving the COP AND DPP some much-needed Guevera-esque INSTRUCTION in THE TWO BASIC TYPES OF GUERILLA WARFARE – – – and which type Mikey was ideologically pracitising in the teachers’ union ?

    Tell the SVG youth : WHAT IS GUERILLA WARFARE.

    Sad to see a Castroite trained reporter, in another section of the press, was shocked to see or hear the use of this WORD in 21st Century S.V.G. Or, was it glad, he was really glad ??!!

    HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. SO SHOULD ‘GUNNY. Why continue to politically FOOL the SVG people ?


    Are the CUBAN paramilitaries and “minders” in S.V.G. to STOP and REPLACE our S.V. G. workers ?


    Is the COPYCAT Communist strategically creating the objective CONDITIONS FOR GUERILLA WARFARE in S.V.G. ?

    Posted by STEVE_HUGGINS | June 18, 2012, 17:07


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