‘No racism’ in Agriculture Minister’s comments, says PM

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Agriculture Minister Montgomery Daniel “should have soften” his remarks about the origins of the nation’s African, East Indian and Portugese population but “there is no racism in this statement”, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said yesterday.

Daniel, speaking at a Unity Labour Party (ULP) rally in Sandy Bay on Sept. 25, emphasised that he is “born of Carib descendants” as he responded to an alleged taunt by a farmer.

“I born right here, … no boat ain’t bring me here in chains and I did not come here in indenturedship,” he said.

The farmer allegedly commented about Daniel’s race at a protest in Kingstown two days earlier, where farmers called for the minister to resign for his ministry’s inaction on the black sigatoka disease, which has ravaged banana here.

Some sections of the Vincentian public have described Daniel’s statement as racist and have called on him to apologise even as others say that he should resign because of his ministry’s lethargic response to the crisis.

Daniel has not retracted or apologised for the statement. He has, however, said on radio that he hopes “that the public will understand” that he “did not intend to disrespect or disregard Vincentians” and that he hopes “that we do not try to divide St. Vincent”.

He has received support from some ULP supporters, including Afro-Vincentian Dr. Jerrol Thompson, a former minister of telecommunication, who said on radio last week, that he would not have respected Daniel if he had taken the protester’s “slur” sitting down without saying anything.

Gonsalves’ response to the development came as he spoke to the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture in an address broadcast live on radio yesterday.

“It is true that some of us born here and some, like ‘Gomery’s father, came here on a ship from Africa,” the Prime Minister, who is of Portuguese descent, said to laughter.

“And some, like my fore parents, came here in 1845 on a vessel from Madeira. But we are all one,” he continued.

“As I say to my partner ‘Gomery, … ‘Well, the way things are, half of you staying here because your mother is a pure Carib but the other half of you is back to Africa,” Gonsalves said to more laughter.

“You know, that is why we are such a good people. We can laugh – the point is this, some people have been making a lot out of these statements,” Gonsalves further said.

“… you might say the comrade, having made the point he made, should have soften it a little by saying, ‘Listen, I don’t mean to insult anybody.’ But you know that there is no racism in this statement,” Gonsalves said but noted he was “not defending what [Daniel] is saying”.

Minister of Agriculture Montgomery Daniel.

Gonsalves said he had discussed the issue with Daniel, who also attended and addressed the meeting yesterday.

He further said that the nation’s Garifunas and Caribs “have been the most marginalised and despised people historically and up to the present time”.

“You know that; I know that. We know that the persons of African descent were enslaved. But when you talk about marginalisation, even in the modern world people use to look down … on what you call them ‘Cariv’; not Carib, ‘Cariv’.

“So he made a statement. After he spoke he could have put a caveat to it; he could have polished it off another way. He didn’t have any polish,” Gonsalves said.

He further said Daniel “is a good and descent man who love the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, love the farmers, love the people in his constituency”.

“And they know that. That’s why they return him three times [in general election]. So, there is nothing malignant about him. There is nothing ‘involving race’,” Gonsalves further said, noting that Daniel’s wife is of African descent.

“His comrade leader’s fore parent came from Madeira. Without me, he ain’t a minister. … I can’t go back Madeira. I am a Vincentian; me navel string born here and so on and so forth.

“I make all of this to say sometimes we analyse on pars about some thing is as though we want to go off on something when what I want us to do is to keep our eyes on the main issues at play. How are we going to increase production? How are we going to make the farmers increase their income?” Gonsalves said.

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18 thoughts on “‘No racism’ in Agriculture Minister’s comments, says PM

  1. “The farmer allegedly commented about Daniel’s race at a protest in Kingstown two days earlier, where farmers called for the minister to resign for his ministry’s inaction on the black sigatoka disease, which has ravaged banana here.”

    Where is this here? Are you even in St.Vincent and the Grenadines?
    Aren’t all these posts a matter of hearsay or “what I heard on the radio but did not witness”?

    Posted by goodstudyluck | October 7, 2011, 06:13
  2. Words can be like bullets Daniel’s words were clearly insulting , he should recant but it will be a cold day in hell before our leaders do the right thing. Do not expect Ralph to scold any of his ministers or supporters. In fact we are so fragmented ULP will say there’s nothing wrong!!
    We need to be more responsible with our words!!

    Posted by Kay Bacchus-browne | October 7, 2011, 07:20
  3. Kay Bacchus-Browne, the only thing that is EMBARRASSING is READING comments from you and the rest of the usual NDP suspects.

    You and the USUAL SUSPECTS were the BLACKS who CHAMPIONED the NO VOTE in the referendum exercise, so that this nation could RETAIN a FLAWED and OUTDATED CONSTITUTION, given to us by our FORMER COLONIAL MASTER, BRITAIN, in 1979, with the QUEEN of ENGLAND as OUR HEAD OF STATE, as the FUNDAMENTAL LAWS that should continue to GOVERN US.

    Yet, you and these traitors of their own ANCESTORS have the NERVE to say Minister Montgomery words were INSULTING.

    Insulting to whom, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, a descendant of INDENTURED SERVANTS from Madeira?

    What is INSULTING was SUPPORTING a FLAWED and OUTDATED constitution given to us by our former colonial master, Britain, which delayed the DEEPENING of our INDEPENDENCE and DEVELOPMENT as a PEOPLE and a NATION!

    When you’re in your rocking chair reflecting on your contribution to the development of our nation, SUPPORTING the NO VOTE will forever HAUNT U and the others.

    Posted by VINCYPOWA | October 7, 2011, 14:12

    Posted by KALINARGO TO ME HEART | October 7, 2011, 19:16
  5. SO-CALLED KALINARGO TO ME HEART, what was the RESPONSE you’re WAITING to HEAR from the GOODLY GENTLEMAN, and why were you voting ULP in the FIRST PLACE?

    Oh yeah, from now on, you and your so-called 11 members of your family will be VOTING for the GREEN PARTY regardless if Ivan O’neal and his party have absolutely no chance of governing this country or to develop your constituency.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | October 9, 2011, 12:17
  6. Ralph why not take the Daniel boy on a holiday to Iran, they love tourists there, specially Christian tourists. They have given the death penalty to an Iranian Christian for refusing to denounce Christianity.
    Take your Canadian friend with you also WKW, he will not be able to hide behind his alias there. In fact why not charter a 747 and take all the government for a jolly up. You can take a tour to see the putting to death of the poor Iranian Christian.

    Posted by Peter | October 9, 2011, 19:58
  7. You know VINCYPOWER every time you come on these sites, you do not help Gonsalves, you do him immense damage, because the World can see what kind of people support him.

    Keep the good work up, I understand now exactly what you are doing, well done.

    Posted by Peter | October 9, 2011, 20:02
  8. PETER, yes, the WORLD can see what KIND of PEOPLE SUPPORT HIM, so they will LOOK at your RAMBLINGS and DISMISS them as just that, RAMBLINGS.

    By the way, PETER, you stopped your PRATTLES about MARXISM and BADMOUTHING VINCENTIANS in the DIASPORA?

    Yes, we know who has been trying to cause “IMMENSE DAMAGE” to Dr. Gonsalves and his PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT, but has FAILED MISERABLY because he is STUCK in ZONE that TIME and VINCENTIANS have FORGOTTEN.

    Yes, Peter, you’re the one who was PRATTLING about wanting to go back to the days of SVGLP when the NDP used to DEFEAT them ELECTION after ELECTION.

    You’re the same person that Dr. Gonsalves couldn’t come the LEADER of the country if it wasn’t for OLD LABOUR.

    So in CLOSING, a SIMPLETON like U cannot FOOL a DOOR NOB much less people around the GLOBE.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | October 10, 2011, 11:07
  9. Keep it up VINCYPOWER your doing a great job, when you have finished your Gonsalves style destruction of truthful criticism get your head back in Ralph’s trough.

    Shame on the people and shame on those in Diaspora who support this gang of Marxist’s.

    Posted by Peter | October 10, 2011, 13:59
  10. Yes Peter, I know I am DOING a GREAT JOB of DEALING with those who don’t want to see this NATION called St. VINCENT and the GRENADINES DEVELOP and MOVE FORWARD under this PROGRESSIVE ULP GOVERNMENT.



    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | October 10, 2011, 19:12
  11. “forward ever, backward never” was one of Maurice Bishops Marxist battle cries.

    You see my friends all over the world who read this, this man VincyPower is part of the Marxist crap that is sinking SVG.

    Like the rest of the ULP he is pulling the wool over your eyes, SVG is broke, with the help of VincyPower.

    Posted by Peter | October 11, 2011, 20:55
  12. Peter, you’re TRULY DELUSIONAL and IGNORANT.

    You do not even KNOW what the GRENADIAN REVOLUTION was about or what the PHRASE “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER” meant or means

    It is BEST that you KEEP your FINGERTIPS off the KEYBOARD because you’re not only EMBARRASSING YOURSELF but you’re EMBARRASSING SVG as well.

    When I see the NONSENSE that you post, I understand why the NDP and EG LYNCH can still USE SILLY PROPAGANDA over the AIRWAVES, because they know there are still IGNORANT VINCENTIANS like you who can be EASILY EXPLOITED..

    Instead of wasting your time on the INTERNET making a FOOL of yourself, why not use the INTERNET to EDUCATE your MIND on MATTERS that you CLEARLY do not know anything about? Example, the GRENADIAN REVOLUTION or the term “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER” used by one of the GREATEST LEADERS ever in the Caribbean, the late great Maurice Bishop?


    Your leader, Arnhim Eustace, is not even RESPECTED in his own country. The man is not FIT to MANAGE a MAUBY SHOP much less GOVERN SVG in these times.

    Moreover, he cannot TIE the SHOELACE of Maurice Bishop’s when it comes to LEADERSHIP, CHARISMA and INTELLIGENCE.

    That said; I will leave you with these VIDEOS, because it is CLEAR as DAY that you’re CLUELESS about the GRENADA REVOLUTION.
    Video 1
    Video 2

    Video 4

    How RELEVANT are those VIDEOS to today’s VINCENTIAN SOCIETY/ECONOMY? It is VERY RELEVANT, because we can IDENTIFY with practically EVERYTHING issue noted in the VIDEO.

    MAURICE BISHOP was way ahead of his time.

    Grenada was CLEARLY WAY AHEAD of her time when one grasp the content of the VIDEOS and see what was TAKING PLACE back in 1980’s.

    I know PETER is just a BACK AH BUSH VINCY, whose MIND is CORRUPT with PROPAGANDA from the 80’s, so I will EXCUSE his IGNORANCE.

    However, it is hard to EXCUSE some of these so-called EDUCATED VINCENTIANS, if wasn’t for this GOVERNMENT, they would not have gotten DIRECT or INDIRECT ASSISTANCE to FURTHER their EDUCATION , whose STATEMENT of MIND, unfortunately, are very SIMILAR to that of PETER’S, because they should know better.

    Some of them know better, but yet they continue to EXPLOIT the VULNERABLE in our SOCIETY instead of LIFTING them up. Basically, they’re doing what James Mitchell and the NDP did to their parents and relatives, and what Arnhim Eustace, EG LYNCH and the NDP continue to do the vulnerable in the society, brainwash them with propaganda.

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | October 12, 2011, 02:30
  13. Thank you for your confirmation of being part of the Caribbean Marxist crap. You really are a fool of the first order, do you think that anyone is impressed by your stupid support of all the Marxist scum. The making of Bishop into a hero is all part of the Marxist conspiracy to change history.

    To see what Bishop was about I invite everyone to look at the public records held in Grenada, with micro-fiche copy’s held at the Public Records Office in Maryland USA.

    If anyone asks me here, I can give you all the descriptions and reference numbers of every public record.

    Maurice Bishop closed down the newspapers and periodicals.

    He imprisoned most of his friends, and enemies alike, in fact anyone who talked or whispered about him.

    He was convinced by the Russians and Cubans that the Peace Corp was riddled with CIA operatives and decided to get rid of them.

    He was also convinced the St. Georges Medical College was riddled with CIA operatives and tapped telephones of students and lecturers.

    He was advised by the Cubans the Catholic Church was a counter revolutionary organisation, he persecuted them, jailed prominent followers.

    Bishop told his Central Committee that they must learn to keep two sets of books and bank records to deceive the IMF and World Bank when applying for loans and grants.

    Bishop promised the Rasta’s prior to the coup that he would allow them to legally use the herb if they supported him. They did and were the greatest part of the force that overthrew the then current regime. Very shortly after he got power, he imprisoned thousands of Rasta’s and forced them to cut their childrens hair before they were allowed to attend school. He also made the Rasta’s cut their own hair if they wanted government jobs.

    He nationalised many farms and estates.

    He wrecked the economy and people were going hungry.

    Hundreds of women and children were hungry because their husband and father’s were languishing in prison.

    Hundreds were in prison without charge or trial.

    The Cubans were in every government ministry, they were even at ministers meetings and OK’d or rejected decisions made by the Grenadian government.

    Ralph Gonsalves has frequently said, ” I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop.

    Gonsalves was in Grenada during the very early days of Grenada’s revolution, riding in his car and helping with Bishops speeches.

    There are a hundred other things that Bishop did, he was an evil Marxist scum bag. Its all recorded, the one thing that Bishop did was to record everything, all those recorded records official and personal are available. Also all correspondence and agreements with Cuba, East Germany, Russia, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Libya, North Korea, and many other rogue communist states.

    The new airport at Port Saline [now Maurice Bishop International Airport] being built by Cuba was for military use, evidence is in the public records.

    Its all there.

    Posted by Peter | October 12, 2011, 21:32
    • Peter, when one looks at your POST, one is only left to think if the author is a loon.

      Here is your homework, Peter, provide the EVIDENCE to SUPPORT your claim that airport built by CUBA was for MILITARY use and not for the DEVELOPMENT of GRENADA.

      Using Peter’s logic, the airport at Argyle is being built for MILITARY use because the Cubans are BUILDING it.

      As for the rest of your DIATRIBE, it is not even worth addressing, because when you can state that someone is an EVIL MARXIST SCUMBAG, yet cannot PROVIDE SUPPORTING EVIDENCE to BACKUP your claim, like I said, the author is a LOON.

      Peter, do you know what is a REVOLUTION?

      Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | October 13, 2011, 09:54
  14. Well VincyPowa it seems you accepted all my listings against Bishop except the airport issue. If you require the information about the Port Saline airports use as a military airport, you will get the opportunity to buy the book after April 5th 2012.

    Everything I before mentioned is found in the 14 tons of records captured by the Americans, including Maurice Bishops diary’s.
    The original records are in the Grenada Record Office, Micro Fiche copy’s in the Record Office Maryland USA.

    All the evidence anyone needs is in the records. They are all open to the public, anyone can take a look and see.

    The book will have extracts from all relevant documents, Bishops speeches, Bishops diary, Government minutes, government reports, agreements with foreign governments, list of people in jail, records of visits to Cuba for indoctrination training, list’s of Military weapons acquired [enough to fight several wars in several countries, and lots more. About 500 big pages, a large book with all public record numbers and locations of all records referred to. This is not a novel, more of a timeline and factual findings of records.
    Maurice Bishops childhood, schooling, University, meetings with C.L.R. James in London, his meetings in London asking for support of a revolution in Grenada, meetings with other Caribbean Marxist’s the agenda and agreements. His meetings in Moscow and other East European countries. His first trip to Cuba, and his meetings elsewhere with the Cubans.

    Ralph Gonsalves features in a number of ways in the book, also Renwick Rose and a number of other Vincentians.

    Regarding your comments regarding Argyle airport, I neither expressed or implied that the Cubans are looking for a military airport in St. Vincent. Its hopeful that they have reformed.

    Posted by Peter | October 14, 2011, 21:30


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